Monday, April 30, 2007

10,000 visitors - THANK YOU ALL !

..and 9,000 of them were not me updating/checking the site !

Thanks to all for your visitations this season - starting from scratch at the end of August, and as you've probably noticed, changing tack ever so slightly towards the end of the season with the arrival of the "new" camera (i.e. less chat, more pix) - it's been a laugh, some good stuff some crap stuff, some controversy, some music (even some lambs and ducks !) - it's not just football you know !! As the weeks went on 10,000 looked like a good number to aim for - bang in a few controversial posts here and there - gets the numbers up - and of course those controversial bits are straight from the Smiffy heart - witness the "goings-on" on the Ashton United message board this weekend - unfortunately (??) at times "I say what I see" - and that doesn't half upset some folks.......and here I go again ..

No idea whether I'll keep this on next season - come 30th June, I may well be throwing my lot back in with the new regime @ Mossley - although I make no promises after an "initial post" by one of the "new" directors which, rather misguidedly (I hope) sounds like more of the same. I post this link purely for information - although in true Smiffy style I'll probably get accused of stirring it - probably cus I think this is predominantly aimed at one person (who I know and it's not me - for a change) - unfortunately you DO have to be registered on Mossley forum to clock the thread..

Football will of course continue as long as is possible - had an e-mail at work today from Mrs Smiffy which said "working till 8-30pm tomorrow night" - which knocks the Witton v Matlock play-off on the head (didn't fancy the drive to Northwich anyway if the truth be told)

So ... Wednesday it is - at Edgeley Park (now advertised as "Home of Sale Sharks" rather than Stockport County - now that's sad) - yes it's the Stockport Senior Cup Final betwixt Woodley Sports Reserves and Cheadle Heath Nomads (Linotype I think still comes into it somewhere !!!) - hey I've not been there since they built the new stand -so it'll be worth a peep - and I get a couple of hours o/t at work (viz Cheadle Hulme) befor getting the train direct to Stockport !!

Cus you won't find me down at the "ticket only/photography pass required" Tameside Stadium on Thursday night for the NWCFL Cup Final twixt Curzon Ashton and (you guessed it) FC United of Manchester - had it been Bacup Borough v Castleton Gabriels - I fear it may have been a little more relaxed .. my thoughts will of course be with Curzon - a win would round their season off nicely ..

I might get a game on Saturday (down in Derbyshire) if - Cammell Laird lose their play-off semi and Eastwood Town win theirs ,, there may be other options "daarn there" - but I still haven't got an NLP (Pimlotts in Cheadle Hulme let me down today !) ..


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ashton United v Fleetwood Town

Not fannying about too long here ....

sums up the game. Although apparently police brutality is a situation that should be left to lie... we don't want people going on message boards alleging that the police are heavy-handed.

MIght say more later - but I'm not a booze-fuelled moron - yet

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Woodley Sports v Bridlington Town

Too late for too much... a few pix only for now ..suffice to say.. - monopod made a dirfference - plus being firm about shutter speed !!! again time dictates - no chance of messing with Photoshop either !!

There's more but .....I have "real work" in 7 hours !!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Quick Postie thing - blah blah blah....

Daft really - I bog off to Belper for the weekend - when there's a veritable plethora of footy on the old Tameside door step - but when it's a family thing - and it's the wedding anniversary weekend - one puts up and shuts up - and is thankful to get any sort of game in !!

So Droylsden up - with a little help from Stalybridge - now that does take you back to one of the old Tameside Council slogans viz "Socialism at Work" (long since ditched since Blair reinvented Labour/Socialism more as the "New Tories"). I'm dead chuffed for the Bloods - and Manager/Chairman/Supremo Dave Pace - he's put his money where his mouth is - he's put his mouth there too - ruffled many a feather - but got there in the end. It may be a bit of a culture shock next season, up against 99% of full-time teams - but I reckon he's a few tricks up his sleeve. Droylsden may not turn out to be one of the crowd pullers in the "Blue Square Whatever It's Called" - but I'm sure they'll hold their own - in fact I'd check out the Blue Square site and put money on the Bloods staying up - no sweat !

Stalybridge Celtic are now all but safe - which pleases me too, as I've spent an above average amount of footy time at Bower Fold this season - and it's good to have alternative Tuesday night options, given my usual Monday/Wednesday "jujitsu" taxi-driving thingy type stuff - easy to get to from Mossley on public transport - Buffet Bar - etc.

I'd have liked to have seen more of Hyde this season - but the transport thing is a bit of a bugger when you want to have beer on a Saturday afternoon - and one thing I've noticed this season with the "Six Tame Sides" - every Saturday there's either 5 at home, 1 away - or vice versa - this hasn't helped much in the Ewen Fields area, as - from Mossley - it is the most awkward to get to via public transport (still haven't forgiven th damn busco's for Good Friday - grr !)

Ashton United - could still go down under the ludicrous "worst of the 4th bottom teams rule" - they must sit up at night even later than me (with better drugs !) to dream this sort of cr*p up - never mind - we've got the Unibond 1st Division reorganisation circus/roadshow to keep us entertained over the summer - who knows Mossley might end up in the Conference South - and I might win the Transylvanian Lottery ....there's a good crew up at Hurst Cross - the new regime at Mossley could do well to learn from these peeps about how to do it with minimum this and minimum that...

Curzon Ashton - a great season - great FA Vase campaign - should get promoted to Unibond 1st - but see comments above re reorganisation - we'll see - but on the games I've seen this season - they should go higher, and should hold their own as well.

Mossley - I'll hold my peace until the 30th June....

Started as a quick postie this - but then I do ramble some times - in fact on Sunday me and Mrs Smiffy were round Froggatt Edge....we bought a new tent as well - note it hasn't stopped raining since ! Football tomorrow/today - United on the telly ? No chance - back to Lambeth Grove to see Woodley Sports take on Bridlington Town - and if it all works OK - I might sneak into Stockport at lunchtime to pick up a monopod for the camera, to try and get a handle on this night stuff "sans shake" - this assumes Stockport Jessops have a Manfrotto 679 in stock ! And it could be another "tea towel night" looking at the weather forecast - and yes Tim, I've seen that fancy "condom type" thing you pointed out - I may well go down that road for next October/November/Wettember etc !!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Belper Town v Chorley

Another trip down the A6 - maybe the Chorley team coach should have gone the same way (!) - after all Chorley IS on the A6 as well. As the Smiffymobile was pulling into Belper I (driver) spotted Darren and Nellie, i.e. "One Man and his Dog", who had walked it from Chorley over a four day stretch. I pulled baby camera out of pocket and passed to Mrs Smiffy (passenger)'s Darren and Nellie less than 300 yards "from the finish" (together with bits of Vauxhall Astra - and the car behind !!).

I believe they've raised well over £1,000 for the club - if anyone out there would like to donate, you should be able to get in touch via ....

I leapt out of the car in Belper (it was going to Derby to pick up daughter, and a first stab at moving some of her "Stuff" back from university) - a quick beer in the George and Dragon before arriving at the Meadow. When I arrived there was a large bag of balloons on the pitch - then I noticed the officials having a wander round as well - oh the juxtaposition !!! If you're unsure the match officials are in the top right hand corner - the balloons are red....

As you've gathered from the first sentence, the Chorley team bus was stuck in traffic, which led to the kick-off being put back 30 minutes - so you're guaranteed that phrase "they were still getting off the bus when Belper took the lead" as Chorley's 345th goalkeeper of the season Threlfall fumbled a shot, and Stevenson finished it off.

1-0 to Belper ..... Lee Stevenson "wheels away" ...

Ten minutes later however Chorley equalised - yes they'd "got off the bus" - a very dodgy goal this one, with offside players everywhere - still if Belper 'keeper Ogden had connected with his original clearance.....anyway 1-1 it was.

Chorley's equaliser was a "Tale of Two Adam's" - Roscoe & Ogden.

Belper regained the lead just before half-time when Paulo Piliero got on the end of a corner - the second half - it could have gone either way, as there was next to nowt between the two teams - however with about twenty minutes to go, a ball into the Chorley box was "not dealt with", and in the ensuing melee, Danny Hudson was fouled - Rushbury converting the resultant penalty.

Bodies everywhere - penalty the only outcome ...

Chorley might well be in one of the automatic relegation places as the moment - but we still have the close-season and the "Unibond re-orgainisation" - anything could happen.

There are some other (bigger) pix to be found at....

Last word however goes to "Nellie" - after a 90 mile walk - this looks like a good option !!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Droylsden v Flixton

Manchester Premier Cup Final @ Tameside Stadium

It was an 3-0 win for Droylsden (Morris, Kelly and Jagielka) - and they didn't really get out of second gear to be honest. All thought of Droylsden Reserves was banished from the off (although some serious strike force members were rested allowing the "injured" to return - Benham and Danim - or something like that !). Flixton were not disgraced over the 90 minutes - though I think if they'd have scored, the Bloods might have found a little bit more...

Have put some pix on...

Twas a good evening out - just wish the Manchester FA would take this competition a little more seriously though - programme was an absolute disgrace - yes I could do better without trying too hard - bet the advertised "Senior Cup Final" between Blues and Reds has a glossy number....and although it's a cracking stadium (Curzon's), you'd always expect a County Cup game to be played at a League ground - last time Mossley got there, those buggers from Droylsden nicked it at the death - the game was played at Boundary Park however (that's Oldham Athletic for the "don't knows" !!)

Anyway here's an exclusive "Six Tame Sides" picture of the cup - and some Droylsden knees and other associated body parts .....

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Away from Football - for a while ...

Walked up the canal/over the hill from Mossley to Marsden today - about 9 mile for a football-free afternoon...finished up at the Riverhead brewery Tap in Marsden before ringing daughter to bring us home - very relaxing indeed...
spring finally appears to have sprung....

Woodley Sports v Belper Town - and other stuff !!

A beautiful day - and a day when much would be decided in the football world - at all levels. I found myself on the 1157 train to Stalybridge for a quick "Hi !" to the Alfreton Town fans on one of their "If we're playing within 276 miles of Stalybridge, We'll Detour to the Buffet Bar" trips - although I missed Wozza, as he was apparently hunting for cash machines deep in the fleshpots of Stalybridge.

A 389 bus was the one for me - taking me down to Woodley to see their game against Belper Town. A quick pint of Robbies in the Railway before cutting through the estate to Lambeth Grove, meeting up with Tim, the Belper "Snapper" - who's been great with doling out hints and tips for the new Smiffy camera (well it is his old one !!).

For such a beautiful day the crowd was an abysmal 76....

Belper started much the brighter team and were starting to look threatening - until after 17 minutes when a major defensive howler allowed the "man with the wide shirt" (aka Daniel Douglas-Pringle) to slide the ball past Adam Ogden to give the home team a thoroughly undeserved 1-0 lead. That was the score at half-time, when I repaired to the bar to check out scores from around the country - no problem getting served either !! Droylsden 1 up Kettering 1 down jumped off the Sky videprinter for starters - and then the Unibond games started appearing - as in Ashton 1 up Leek 1 down - got the call from Welly - Mossley were 0-0 at half-time - there was still hope. However within minutes, it started going pear-shaped all over. Witton took the lead against Mossley (obviously another classic "half-time team talk") - and a cast-iron penalty for Woodley gave Gavin Salmon (ex-Mossley) the chance to double the lead. Ten minutes later a weird one - Salmon had dinked the ball over Ogden and it was heading for the net as he fell over the keeper - however a last-ditch clearance kept the ball out - so the ref presses "rewind" and awards another penalty - Salmon duly made it 3-0.

There was time for a late Belper consolation from Alex Steadman, but it's only 3 wins in the last 12 for the Nailers - safe enough from relegation, but still 2 wins off the "55 point figure" put out by the Managerial duo of Andy Carney and Danny Hudson, who took over towards the end of last year. Other news was filtering through now - Ashton win - Mossley lose - which officially condemns the Lilywhites to the Unibond 1 next season - whether it's Unibond 1 North, South, East, West or even "North by NorthWest" - we have something to muse over while those "In Charge" make the informed decisions.

A quick natter after the game before heading straight to Manchester and the Royal Exchange Theatre to meet up with Mrs Smiffy and friends to see "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf ?" - very long and very heavy - just made the last train out of the 24 hour city (still makes me laugh !) back to Mossley.

Some pix from today available at:

But here's some exclusive "Six Tame Sides" tiddlers as well...starting with a leaping Salmon...

....followed by "the first penalty"

....followed by some midfield action-type stuff

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mossley - the end is nigh ???

Yep - it's a "no pix post" - and it's straight from the ....

This weekend could see Mossley relegated - if Ashton United win, and Mossley lose, that condemns the Lilywhites to 3rd bottom - unless they win their last three games 45-0 and Ashton lose similarly.

12 months ago we were "limping across the line" to the Unibond Division One Championship - oh yes we celebrated - but the cracks were already there - things were just not right on the pitch and off the pitch - the club was not a community club - the days of interaction between fans and management were long since passed. yes there were a few of the players who were listening - and answering back (!) - but it just wasn't all there.

This season - well you tell me.....

Actually I'm going to cancel this post as of now - and try to put together a more thoughtful/thought-provoking bit of gabble, hopefully "getting it on" before Saturday. I won't be going to Witton - if it all goes pear-shaped I may well say/do something not necessarily that I may regret - but something which won't look/sound good for Mossley AFC - and despite all the sh*t that has been going on this season (and much happened last season too I'll have you know !) - we "the disloyal", we "the argumentative", we the fans, we'll be the one's left clutching onto the bows of the sinking ship when all the rats have run off with the life rafts ........

We all know it's going to change at the end of the season - our backers are all but certain to pull out - and when the money goes so will Manager and Assistant (who've sucked a good percentage of the weekly budget for themselves) for starters, and surely the better paid members of the squad. Naturally no official announcement has been made up to now - which gives the remnants/left-overs even less time to recover/regroup/find alternative methods of funding for season 2007/08.

Ashton United are at home to Lincoln United on Saturday - a team with nowt to play for - so you'd tend to err towards three points for the Robins. Meanwhile as noted above Mossley are away at Witton Albion - a team vying for automatic promotion - so hardly likely to be handing out any favours......

I'm going to watch Woodley Sports on Saturday - a team with tiny support, a team with a tiny budget - but a team that has always managed to get no less than 110% effort out of each and every player - plus they're playing Belper Town and it gives my new camera a chance to say "Hi !" to its previous owner - Tim the BTFC "snapper" - also gives me a chance to pump him for info to try to make my snapping even better !!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Ashton United vs Leek Town

Now here's an interesting one - Mossley away at Kendal - just can't do it (holidays, family connected sh*t) - so we best be going to the next best thing - a match with so many bearings on the league - on doorstep - that will have so many bearings the game up the M6 in the Lake District area.

Today - wake up - it's raining - so much for the Easter weather - I was offered a place in one of the KendalKars - but - hey some things you just cannot do over a public holiday - knowing full well I could get a pass out up to Hurst Cross - knowing that if Ashton won, the league would be over as far as Mossley were concerned.

Rain - another interesting test for the new camera - maybe I'm overreacting but I went onto th'interweb this morning with the phrase "wet weather protection" for cameras - picked up some good stuff - (includng one chunk of advice which said "stay indoors" - how about f**k off you soft Yankee !) - plus I remember a few times before Christmas seeing Carl from Droylsden with a towel wrapped over his lens now shown ...

Here's Carl at Bower Fold for the Bridge/Bloods derby over Christmas...

So I took the train to Stalybridge - with camera in bag - inside rucksack - with rucksack containing one old tea towel (in plastic bag) plus one hand towel (inside plastic bag) - praying the drizzle would didn't. Couple of beers at the Buffet Bar (one Ossett, one Millstone) followed by the 1345 408 bus up to Hurst Cross. The mood amongst the local fans (OK one who I talked to on my way into club at 1415 - no names no pack drill) was pessimistic verging on suicidal - boosted my confidence no end (Mossley hat on remember !) One last beer in club - before - going for next camera test)

So - set up camera (as best I thought) - and headed into the wetlands - I used a rather tasteful blue and white check tea towel and the pix start now..... try these for starters.

Eyes on ball - not camera - and you keep your shirt tucked in laddie !!!

All the 7s - Phil Cooney and Ant Danylyk (Belper reject ?!?).

Leek open the scoring............and after that all I tend to find are celebratory pix at the "Leek end of life" as in..

MacPherson gets number two....

and smiles to the audience


penalty makes it three ....

and smiley faces after number four.

Yes Ashton did get one back - and they missed a penalty (we Mossley fans are so used to that scenario) - but there was only going to be one winner today - and they've now took GIANT strides out of the bottom end of the Unibond Prem.

Need to cheer up the Ashton crew somehow.. can' think how..

I could post a pic of the Ashton penalty miss - but that sort of thing is a Mossley thing and tends to get "swept under" ....

Friday, April 06, 2007

Mossley v Fleetwood - 2

I'm well chuffed with these two .. for starters anyway ..

Danny makes cracking save ...

Turls gets involved ....

The game in short - "we wuz robbed" - despite getting rid of our two lousiest penno takers in Peter Wright and Chris Ward we still contrived to miss one today - when a goal could have changed the whole complexion - as they say...

137 more pix to sift through - probably a blessing in disguise that Greater Manchester public transport failed me - just hope Hyde won !

Other pix (bigger versions) now at

Fleetwood Game -1

Today is coming in small chunks...yes we've had our probs at Mossley - but the Fleety boys have had their own "diferences of opinions" with certain peeps.

Meet the Blackpool Gazette vs Docs ...

Apparently the guy is not too enamoured with the Fleety boys ................

Today's "double header" - failed ...

OK Mossley lost - but I dashed home - downloaded pix from this afternoon - caught the 1757 to Stalybridge - had a beer in "Q" - went for 1905 bus to Hyde - it left early !!!!!!!!! Caught one to Ashton hoping to catch a 330 to Hyde - apparently they don't run after 1900 on Bank Holidays... Caught a 389 ending up back in Stalybridge at 2034 - thought b*ll*x - go home .

I'm a great supporter of public transport - but public transport is obviously not a great supporter of "users" - will get some Fleetwood stuff on later.............

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Stalybridge v Hinckley - a few more ...

Still not "all there" on pc but hey ...these looked quite good...

Now where shall we go on Friday ???

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Stalybridge Celtic v Hinckley United

Just for starters - no room on pc (too much boy music - hey I bought a 100 spindle of CDs on Monday night - over to them !) - therefore can't load Photoshop stuff for cameras- blah blah blah - we WILL get stuff sorted sooner rather than later.

Bridge drew 2-2 - probably about right in the end (said my piece on Celtic messageboard - as in..

"Came out of the blocks really well - I'll be honest, it shocked me, Bridge SOOOO much the better side. 2-0 at half-time would have been great - but the defending/wall set-up for that free-kick was absolutely woeful - always the wrong time to lose a goal - and I reckon he scuffed it in anyway . Second half - didn't look as comfortable playing "uphill" - and the defending for their equaliser - you tell me - let's all stand and allow the ball to go aLL THE WAY ACROSS - not brilliant. Yes Hinckley "mixed it" a bit - but I felt the ref got some severe/uncalled for sh*t from the sides (I did smell "frustration" here).A point's a point - be honest - what were you expecting tonight - what were you wishng for - I reckon a fair result in the end - if that late late pressure had got a goal for Bridge - I would NOT have liked to have been a Knitter."

(I'll have a crack at these pix - problem being - no disk space - no software loaded - blame the kids ) - here's a couple of pix that have been thru Microsoft Piccy Manager - well it's a start..


For more stuff from Sunday see the "professionals" - as in

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Matt Gadsby Memorial Match at Hinckley United

Let's just go with the pictures today - a thoroughly enjoyable day out for over 1400 people - for a very worthy cause.

Wherever you may wander - ref always gets in the way - Andy Mac and a small platoon from the Shepshed BWA !

The "Hands of God" - Matt le Tissier does a Maradonna - and doesn't get away with it !

Le Tissier lets his feet do the talking...

My Man of the Match - Garry McAllister.

Only one winner in the half-time "Penalty Prize" competition ...

...and that's the winner...

Dave Regis keeps his eye on the ball !!

Hard work this Sunday Football !

Despite being named in the programme - Peter Shilton keeps his suit on !

There's a few more pix to look at yet - if any are worthy , I'll bung 'em in a photobucket folder - watch this space. And this week's midweek game is of course - Stalybridge Celtic v Hinckley United !

Stalybridge Celtic v Lancaster City

Too bloody late to be too bloody clever - here's some pix from today - must get to bed soon - off to Hinckley tomorrow for the Matt Gadsby benefit - and then on Tuesday - might well be watching same @ Bower Fold !!! Here goes - new camera - still haven't loaded Photoshop - still cropping and compressing via Microsoft Picture Manager - give me time - I'll get there !

Early Celtic pressure

Wish I'd got the attacker's head here !!!

Gorblimey - Lancaster have just equalised !!!

The bench ....

Ellington scores number 2

Ellington scores number 3

The Lancaster "Barmy Army" - they never shut up - respect !
He had a Scottish accent - one of the "Glasgow Celtic" branch ?????