Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Postman's Holiday Number 2

Following our 70 odd mile walk along the Ridgeway not that long ago - it was a 50-ish mile jobbie along the Cleveland Way last week - and in a break between football, I've sorted a few snaps out from same - at

 All caught up now with pictures - time to get the tea on before wandering up the road to see Mossley take on Altrincham in another pre-season friendly - wonder if Damian Reeves will get a game for the away side tonight ?  It was sad to hear about his and girlfriend's personal tragedy recently - and they both have my every sympathy (it's somewhere that Mrs Smiffy has been - it's not nice).  Great to see all the messages of support on the Altrincham Message Board -I quote from "sweetfa" - "family can be a great help, and Alty is your extended family" - and you can be sure that everyone out here in messageboard/bloggerland feels the same way.  If you're up at Seel Park tonight - even the Mossley fans will be right behind you ...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Day at the Olympics ...

Oooh look - a "Mexican Wave" - tell-tale sign of boredom usually !!!

... a jolly day out at Old Trafford (with 66,211 others) to watch a couple of games - arriving a touch late (I missed the New Zealand opening goal) - blame public transport/security checks/me not catching the earlier train (!).  Once Egypt equalised they were definitely the better side.  NZ were hanging on at times, and the last five minutes or so was a comedy of missed chances by the Egyptians ... with almost a "smash and grab" by the All-Whites at the death - NZ should be happy with a point.  During the break between games I tried for food - and failed (although apparently they DID re-stock later, but it would have meant missing 15 minutes or so of the second game).  The second game - Belarus started the brighter and even took a shock lead - but then Brazil upped it a gear (although I don't think they got out of third gear all day) and two classy finishes - a Neymar free-kick and a third from Oscar (which came after a cute back heel from that man Neymar again) - saw the Brazilians run out comfortable winners.  Some pics from  Block W202 Row 4 Seat 250 at

After the game ... transport back into Manchester was a "bit of a problem" - so much so, that I reckon I'll give Wednesday's game a miss - don't fancy missing the last train home !!  ("20 Minute Later" Update - I must have been in "Stupid Mode" - the game kicks off at 1700hrs so it becomes more a question of when I finish work, get home get down town etc. - we'll see !)

Back to work tomorrow - hey ho ...and I might get round to those holiday snaps sometime this week as well ...

Curzon Ashton v Blackburn Rovers

Well I got there on time  anyway (after getting home not much more than one hour before kick-off - so a bit of a bonus really).  Not being lazy - or maybe I was (only took about 60 pics all day !) - but here's a small selection from today ...

A good comeback by the home side after going 2-0 down - an excellent second half performance against a youthful Rovers team (noticed no anti-Venkys turnout by the Rovers fans either !!) with some rather useful performances by a few of the newer signings (?) as well - Stuart Cook certainly caught my eye - hope that Curzon have snapped / will snap this one up ... other results from today include Mossley winning 3-1 at Bacup Borough, Ashton United drawing 1-1 at Warrington Town and Droylsden drawing 1-1 "away" at Stockport Sports - I say "away", but believe it or not this game was played not 5 minutes from my front door up at Seel Park Mossley - had I known this I'd have probably been there this afternoon - the perils of a "week off") although I have managed to update all the friendly results from my week away ...)

Back in the football mode anyway after a week away - and later today it's off to Old Trafford to take in some of the Olympics (a double header with Egypt v New Zealand @ 1200 and Brazil v Belarus at 1500).  Having done loads of checking - and double checking (!!!) I'll be taking the camera ... with a lens less than 30cm in length (apparently that's the rules that I can get away with but I'll be taking a copy of the official e-mail reply in order to make sure I get past whatever security will be there - G4S, Army, Navy, Air Force or MI5 - I dunno  !) and making sure I turn up 24 hours early due to the security - at least I have the ticket in my sticky hand - whilst "oop north" this week I heard some horror stories of fans not getting into St James' Park Newcastle until 10 minutes before the end of the Mexico game - despite having tickets !!)  ... so watch this space ... and having heard some nightmare stories about the football @ Old Trafford on Thursday (as in running out of food and drink rather early !!!) I hope that it will all work out OK.  The holiday snaps are uploaded on the pc, but that's about as far as it goes at the moment (but for starters here's "Sunset over Saltburn-by-the-Sea" from last Monday ...)

We (GB) appear to be medal-free after Day 1 as well - but having watched the opening wotsit on Friday night in the Haybiurn Wyke Inn just outside Scarborough (whilst supping copious amounts of Daleside Bitter) I reckon Mr Bean should receive gold for his marvellous one fingered efforts during the "Chariots of Fire" interlude !!!

Back later today ...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Coming Soon - Football ?

Yes - one week's holiday almost over - been walking the Cleveland Way this week (now you know the reason for "football free mode" !) - now sat in the Hayburn Wyke Inn near Scarborough after a 15 miler today preparing for food - and more beer. Home tomorrow - and hoping to make a game in the afternoon - and Sunday = Olympics at Old Trafford. S'pose we'll watch the thingy tonight as well ...

Saturday - 1400 hrs - HOME (so can now change the font !!!) - off to Curzon in a few mins for the PSF against Blackburn Rovers ...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two in Two

... some pics from the last 48 hours ...

... will add a few words later today - it's way past my bed time ...

SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE - two pretty good games in two days ...

It may have been a youthful Man City side but Celtic came back very well from 2-0 down at half-time - it probably helped when they actually put a couple of strikers on at half-time !!  I guess the City squad train full-time as well - both sides stuck at it for the full 90.  The first Celtic goal was a rather harsh penalty (in my humble ...) and the winner was a bit of a "pinball jobbie" - but they all count. Talking to some of the Celtic fans during and after the game, they thought it was a much improved team performance from the 0-3 reverse against Hyde six days earlier.

On Saturday Hyde FC put out a strong XI in the first half - but Mossley fought well after losing a bad goal ... again the equaliser was a touch fortuitous (a misjudged bounce - thank you very much !), but in the second 45 Mossley created a number of good chances and the Hyde penalty was a touch chaotic at times - but a promising performance from the home side nevertheless.  As the friendlies continue, no doubt the football will improve with players getting to know each other (and the fans getting to know the players !) - and others returning from holidays etc.  And hopefully the weather might improve as well ...

Right - off to the shop for a "Non League Paper" - and some spuds - tonight ... a roast beef dinner !!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Same as last night ...

... just back from Mossley's 1-1 draw against Hyde FC today - will do pictures later (once I've done Friday's Stalybridge Celtic pics first !!).  However .. - here's a "Flying Salmon" from today - as in Gavin who's scored the equaliser for the home team ...

Time to put the apron on - no it's not the Masonic Ball - it's the "Back Yard Barby" !!!

Will Catch Up Later ...

... just finished work - and now ON HOLIDAY !!

Went down to Bower Fold last night to watch Stalybridge Celtic come back from 0-2 down against a youthful Man City XI to win 3-2 - not yet sorted out pictures from that --- apart from this one ...

I call it "Haircut 1 Haircut 1" ...

This afternoon - up the road to watch Mossley v Hyde FC - followed by "back yard barbecue" (weather permitting natch, but looking promising so far !) - that leaves two lots of pics to do tonight - eek !

Laters ...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Isn't Photoshop Clever ...

Two pictures of the heron from last weekend's walk ...

When I checked 'em out I was cursing a bit - "almost - but not quite ..." was the cleaned up version !!  However a "bit of a play" with Photoshop ... and this was the result ...

... which cheered me up somewhat  !!  OK it's not "real" - but it'll do until the next time I get a chance !!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not showing off but ...

... Burnley did me proud with their report on the Mossley game (four pics and a credit at the bottom !!)  ...

Every little helps - one day ... maybe ...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Looks like I picked the right night ...

... a trip to Congleton was a "Beartown too far" to be honest - and then the word filtered through that Mossley's game against FC Halifax Town had fallen victim to the weather ...  so I cooked a posh meal instead (chicken, chorizo, leeks,potatoes, mushrooms tomatoes and green peppers) whilst listening to some of the latest EBay purchase which arrived today - a 5 CD set of

... OK I've got "Axe Victim" on vinyl  as well as some of Bill Nelson's later "Red Noise" stuff ... but listening to stuff like "Maid in Heaven" and  "Fair Exchange" brought back quite a few memories - first saw them back in 1974 (at the "Top of the World" in Stafford no less !) supporting Cockney Rebel - and they totally blew Steve Harley et al right off stage ... and they just got better after that. I reckon that's one of the beauties of being old - you're now in a position to fill all those gaps in your music collection ... the ones you couldn't afford to buy when you were young.

PS - Droylsden won 3-2 at Congleton ...

PPS - It rained at work today ... !!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Curzon Ashton v Hyde FC

Playing with "panorama" - takes y'mind off the football !!!

 ... my God that was grim - thank Christ it was only a friendly.  Hopefully the two Managers got something out of tonight's "spectacle" - because I'm damn sure the 190+ crowd (at a fiver a time) got very little (apart from the usual "Eeeh Heck it's a bit nippy on Ashton Moss ... even in July !!" sort of thing).  A 0-0 draw - I can say no more really - scraped together a few pictures for now at 

... and that was hard work too - tonight's jaunt means tomorrow @ Mossley (v FC Halifax Town) is now "out of bounds" - one can only do so many and keep Mrs Smiffy sweet !  Next stop (hopefully) is Stalybridge on Friday night (but I'll have to be good for the rest of the week mind !!!)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Evo-Stik Fixtures 2012/13

OK - ignore last post - three quick links ...

Now to the DIY ...

Blogging on the Move

Just downloaded Blogger for Android - damn sight simpler ...

HOME NOW TO EDIT - when I said simpler I meant simpler than trying to use full-blown Blogger on a moby !  Still need to check out fonts etc photo uploads etc ... but give me time - we're on hols next week (another walking holiday - this time Northumberland Coastal Path) so I'll try to get up to speed "'afore we go".

Meanwhile ... in football world the Evo-Stik fixtures came out today at noon - but I can't stop just yet - I've got some DIY to do first before heading off to Curzon Ashton for their PSF against Hyde FC ("Two Tame Sides" in one blow !!). If I'm efficient at said DIY (unlike some of those cowboys out there that you have to pay !!), I'll be back with links etc ...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Walk ...

Gotcha !!

... just a few pics from today - including however some of "that heron" (mentioned a couple of weeks ago when I only had cameraphone).

Fifteen minutes of glory now over - off to cook tea and get ready for work next week - weather looks decidedly iffy once again ... although it's been great today !

Potato Growers of England - RELAX !

... your livelihood is NOT under threat - from me anyway !! The "Poundland Potato Crop" has now been harvested ...

 The bag ...

The result ...

Total yield = 1kg

... and with a 1kg bag of Tesco Everyday Value spuds being knocked out at 69p ... I reckon I'm 31p down on the whole project !!!  Just about enough for tonight's tea I reckon !

Hey ho - let's hope for better profit margins on the tomatoes and peppers ...

... next - off for a walk down the canal with a small lemonade promised at the Diggle Hotel ...

Football Blogging Awards 2012

Results from same:

Best Male Blog - The 4th Official
Best Female Blog - The Liver Bird
Best New Blog - My Old Man Said
Best Veteran Blog - Six Tame Sides (whoo hoo !!)
Best Club-Specific Blog - Anything Palmeiras
Best Podcast - Chelsea Football Fancast
Best Comedy Blog - Fitba Thatba

... and a jolly good time was had by all (although I can't speak about the apre-ski down in the fleshpots of Deansgate Lock, Manchester - "veteran" here went home for a nice cup of horlicks (OK several beers - but you know what I mean ...).

Here's to next year !

Today's first jobbie I think will be harvesting my "Poundland Potato Crop" - seeing as there's a severe potato shortage in the UK due to the cr*p weather - I'll put 'em on EBay later !!

Mossley v Burnley ...

... have to be honest - 'twas another (IMHO)  thrown together Mossley team (cries of "who he"; "who he" were resonating around the ground) ... up against a Burnley "Development Squad" - as in last season's Youth Team who had therefore played together as a team for 12+ months ...

Whatever - it's a friendly - a "training session+" if you like - and the result is certainly not that important - but I'll tell you anyway; 'twas 2-0 to Burnley ... one very early goal and one very late goal.  In that sense therefore Mossley did well for a good 75 minutes, albeit mostly in a defensive role - which will explain the lack of pictures today - or the large amount of Burnley-based pics if you like !!! They're here anyway ...

Home after - shower/shave etc before heading down to Stockport for the National Football Blogging Awards evening ... and yes ...  I'm a winner !!!  Up for two categories (Best Male and Best 'Veteran') - I managed to get the "old codgers award" -(OK by Veteran they meant blog that's been going for more than 3 years !!) - a couple of pics from tonight - with me on the "other side of the lens" for a change ...

"Well - veteran - "Six Tame Sides" began as a fanzine back in 1991 - when 'cut and paste' meant scissors and Pritt Stick etc etc"- and so he wobbled on for a good 2 minutes - a proper 'acceptance speech' !!

Tonight's "Oscar" (with an unfortunate spelling mistake lower down - but hey - I'M A WINNER !!!!)

Home - more celebratory beers - sort football pics out - and this - best call it a day 

Other results from today:

Curzon Ashton 2 Denton Town 3 
Darwen 2 Ashton United 1
Stalybridge Celtic 0 Hyde FC 3
Irlam v Droyslden called off due to damaged sewer pipe at ground (!!)

Gone no further than that tonight - will find out all the goss later today

Friday, July 13, 2012

Beer of the Month !!

Just for info - this has been on at the "Britannia" in Mossley for the last few days ... and it's GORGEOUS !!!  I offer up ...

Incidentally - it's now official - as in on the "Britannia" web site - regarding the "Trans-Pennine Rail Ale Trail" - basically it's by "appointment only" after 1900hrs.  'Twas only a matter of time - I know I've mentioned it a few times on here, but what started out as a proper 'real ale' trail has descended into a cheap and nasty stag do/hen party/glorified p*ss-up turning good local pubs into 'no-go areas' for the locals at the weekend (even Stalybridge Buffet Bar serves real ale in plastic glasses on Saturdays !!! Would you drink real ale out of plastic ?? I certainly don't anymore)  Good to see honesty and integrity winning over the "fast buck" option - to be honest I can see this happening at other places as well ... it's certainly happened in other places such as Dublin and Riga - idiots and gobby loud-mouthed drunks (as most are at 1900hrs having been on the pop for 7+ hours) are just no fun at all ... some interesting posts on here as well.

Anyway ... my celebration of a top beer has 'gone off the rails' a bit ... it's Friday night - and I stayed dry for most of today - onwards to a very busy Saturday ... unless I think of something else (or find out some scoop) later.  Time for tea ...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Doodson Cup Draw ...

... well the first couple of rounds ...

Preliminary Round - 6th November 2012

Salford City v CURZON ASHTON

1st Round - 27th November 2012

Lancaster City v Salford City/CURZON ASHTON
MOSSLEY v Warrington Town

The "big boys" (i.e. Ashton United) come in later ...

"Moby Dicked"

... as in "Nice Phone - Shame about the Network" - aargh

weird last night at football - talking to other O2 users who said "No problems here !" - let's see what happens as the day continues - my message to all callers is "... honest I'm not ignoring you !!"

Mossley v Oldham Athletic ...

... and the weather stayed nice ... all Day (as in even when I was working !!!) ... so all my doom-laden predictions from last night went right out of the window !

... word was - this was a very strong (almost first-choice) Oldham team (they're working on a much smaller squad this season - as are many teams at that level I would guess).  Not sure of the pre-season training start for either team, but the Latics certainly looked the sharper on the night.  OK ... one penalty, one smart finish and one crazy rebound-type thing, but they looked like they'd played together - unlike Mossley.  Not that it's so important - a good workout for the home team and some good touches as well (although I don't recall one shot on goal in the 90 minutes !!).  Good to see some of last season's squad returning as well - although a few faces were missing - and listening to the "Ultras", chants, maybe they know something that I haven't yet picked up on !!!  (THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE - Tom Denton trialling at Alfreton Town - played a trial game for them against Sheffield FC on Tuesday night - scored 1 made 1 in a 3-3 draw - now we know !!). A very good crowd as well - obviously it's not just me who's desperate for football then !! 

So ... 3-0 to Oldham Athletic - well deserved on the night - and it was good to see that the "footy lens" is still working OK as well - didn't go "overboard" tonight, but some pics from tonight at

Next stop will be Mossley v Burnley on Saturday afternoon - my apologies to all Stalybridge and Hyde fans in advance (they're playing each other on Saturday for the Ray Stanley Memorial Shield) ... but it's a family thing (as in daughter's "chap" is a Burnley fan - and he's bringing reinforcements down as well !).  Before game - work obviously - after game - wash and brush-up before heading down to Stockport for the National Football Blogging Awards evening - must write a "winner's speech" - just in case ... !!!

Anyway ... 2012/13 is now definitely on the move ...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And so the summer continues ...

... another day out in the wet (squelch etc.) ... Belper Town's PSF @ Worksop Parramore postponed due to "pitch conditions" ... starting to panic about the Mossley game tomorrow night to be honest !!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Emptying the Babycam - Food and Drink !

Some "rubbish" from the past 7 days or so ...

A Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding "Happy Meal" created for small boy (who was "eating later") !

Me trying to be creative with cucumber (oo-err missus !) on Saturday.

Love the name - wine from Saturday night (please be assured - I was drinking beer - although I DID try it - a touch sweet I thought !).

"Pimms o'clock" this evening (please be assured - I was drinking beer !!)

Football pictures coming soon - promise (better not be rained off on Wednesday night now- Mossley v Oldham Athletic that is !!).  Tomorrow's jobbie is to dust off the dust/charge up the batteries/buy a new scribbly note book - only then can season 2012/13 REALLY begin ...

Monday Stuff ...

... seems that there may be a delay in the publication of the Evo-Stik fixtures for 2012/13.  Apparently the compiler is going through some serious "family problems" which may mean that the fixtures will not appear this Friday as originally hoped.  Thoughts go out to Glenn Thompson - at this time, family definitely comes first ... work a distant second.

... extra friendly announced for Mossley - at home to FC Halifax Town on the 17th July (kick-off 1945hrs) ...

... one on - one off ... the Stockport Sports v Stalybridge Celtic friendly on the 17th July is now OFF ...

... apparently Stockport Sports drew 1-1 with Llandraeder FC on Saturday - apart from the phrase "a dominating performance" I can find no more (did notice also that they've managed to re-sign Ricky Anane for the new season - on what I saw of him last season, that's one very good player in my humble etc etc) ...

... Hyde FC are on the telly !! Their home game against Luton Town has been moved to Friday 17th August to be shown live on the "Premier Sports" channel - apparently Luton fans not well chuffed (sure they could always fly up - they are sponsored by Easyjet after all !!) ... oh - and not forgetting ... in their first friendly of the season they drew 1-1 at Rhyl (report here)

Well - it's something for now ... give it 48 hours and we'll have some real football to watch/photograph/talk about ... huzzah !!

Friday, July 06, 2012

It's July ... It's Summer ..

my arse !!!

(and a point for Mr Blogger.com - it's very annoying that you apparently CANNOT manipulate photos like you used to be able to do - sizing, positioning etc)

Yes - I'm on "early doors" at the moment (0645 start) - and after 3 hours inside it was 4 hours outside - aargh !  Regular readers may remember a couple of weeks ago we cancelled a camping weekend due to impending sh*t weather - 'twas re-arranged for this weekend - you can guess the rest !!! As it stands - it's July and our gas fire is on desperately trying to dry out coat/bag/pouch bags/trousers in time for similar cr*p weather tomorrow  !)

Football tomorrow - only two I know of are Rhyl v Hyde FC - and Stockport Sports v Llanrhaeadr - however ... it might be ex-Woodley Sports, but the game is being played in bloody Skelmersdale

Woodley Sports/Stockport Sports ... it's one of those teams that are just outside the "STS Radar", yet with a 3G pitch was always an option when all else failed.  However Woodley Sports are no more - we now have a completely new brand called "Stockport Sports" - they may have been relegated down to the North West Counties League - but no matter ... we're going full-time - we're appointing Peter Withe as full-time Manager - and a "full-time cook" allegedly (whilst still begging for various 'football-important' posts to be filled "on a voluntary basis") - huge amounts of money are being spent on "Stockport Sports Village" (twas a bombsite last season even when it was still "Woodley Sports" - obviously all a done deal even then) - they've even had the gall to rename the stadium (many may have known it as Lambeth Grove - but we all knew it as the Neil Rourke Stadium ... and to remove Neil's name is to me and many others an absolute disgrace - by all means re-invent a club -- but NEVER repeat NEVER lose the history)

No doubt I'll get down to Woodley sometime this season - yes 3G has it's advantages - but I'm a little unsure about the WHOLE set-up as it stands.  I know of a certain chappie (no names - no pack drill !) who is probably more up to scratch with developments - worth checking out other areas of the blogsphere for that ...

Anyway back to thread - drying out nicely - pizza has arrived - off to watch "Bourne Ultimatum" on +1  ...

Some Early Cup Draws ...

... were issued today - here we go starting with ...


Preliminary Round - 25th August 2012 (Winners get £1,750)

MOSSLEY v Bootle or Alsager Town
Northwich Victoria v CURZON ASHTON

1st Qualifying Round - 8th September 2012 (Winners get £3,000)

AFC Blackpool/AFC Liverpool/Prescot Cables v ASHTON UNITED
 MOSSLEY/Bootle/Alsager Town v Staveley MW/Hall Road Rangers/Bamber Bridge
Northwich Victoria/CURZON ASHTON v AFC Emley/Chadderton/Cheadle Town/Maltby Main


Preliminary Round - 15th September 2012 (Winners get £2,300)


1st Qualifying Round - 29th September 2012 (Winners get £2,550)

FC United of Manchester v MOSSLEY
Goole FC/CURZON ASHTON v Worksop Town


Preliminary Round - week commencing 3rd September 2012


1st Qualifying Round - week commencing 17th September 2012

Lancaster City v Marine/STALYBRIDGE CELTIC
Prescot Cables v CURZON ASHTON

Tasty game for Mossley @ FC United in the FA Trophy - prize monies are damned useful for all teams, but a 1,700+ crowd at Gigg Lane - divided by 3 is also a useful grab !!

Haven't mentioned work today yet ... but I'm sure I will ... later ... once I've dried out - just thought it wise to get the football info up first (especially as the eyes of blogworld are now on "STS" !!!)

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Pre-Season Begins ...

Tonight's PSF between Glossop North End and Abbey Hey has been postponed - waterlogged pitch ...

I can say no more ...................... !

THURSDAY EDIT - OK I can - and just for "a certain Blackpool fan" in the Mossley area - the "before and after" at Ramsbottom United ...


Monday, July 02, 2012

Let the Season BEGIN !!!!

Conference/BlueSquare/call it what you will (who remembers the "Alliance Premier League" ?!?) fixtures were out today - and all you need to know is here in one easy blog message ...

The Blue Square Prem starts the earliest - on 11th August ... and Hyde FC face a longish trip (OK here !) to face Braintree Town.

One week later the Blue Square North kicks in - Droylsden are at home to Boston United while Stalybridge Celtic face a trip up the M6 to Workington.

First "local derby" of the season sees Droylsden at Bower Fold on Bank Holiday Saturday 25th August - but it's looking at those early games for Hyde ...after the Braintree game it's four ex-Football League teams - OK Barrow and Southport were jettisoned last century but ... Luton Town will certainly be an early tester  - both on the pitch and off it (segregation/crowd control etc) - hopefully they'll be better organised than those twonks who were apparently in charge of the first of the Stone Roses gigs @ Heaton Park last Friday !!!

 Rest of August as follows:


21 Aug 12 - Guiseley (A)
27 Aug 12 - Vauxhall Motors (H)


14 Aug 12 - Barrow (H)
18 Aug 12 - Luton Town (H)
25 Aug 12 - Mansfield Town (A)
27 Aug 12 - Southport (H)


21 Aug 12 - Gainsgorough Trinity (H)
25 Aug 12 - DROYLSDEN (H)
27 Aug 12 - Colwyn Bay (A)

... and for those who want the 'full monty' ... I offer ...

and if you've the time and the energy ...

Full Conference Fixture List 2012/13

Next diary date - this Friday - FA Cup and FA Trophy draws ....

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Today's "Comedy Vegetable"

... it's 1830hrs - and I'm having a fag break betwixt cooking tea - for all you gourmets out there - it's roast duck with plum sauce, broccoli and roasted root veg - ducks in t'oven, plum sauce is reducing nicely and the veg go in after this short "blog break" !!).

And it's the root veg that gets today's award - on opening the packet of Tesco "Everyday Value" parsnips I came across one which made me think of something music based - what do you think ???

Roger Dean artwork meets parsnip - SNAP !

Tonight - I guess it's "Forza Italia" - at least England can then say they were "beaten" by the winners ...

(PS - new RM contract DID come through on Saturday - yep, another 3 months !!!)

Not Football ...

The bottom of a pint of "Hop Four One" ...

... but possibly the next best thing !!! It was "Open Day" at Greenfield Brewery today - so after finishing work in Uppermill I walked back to Greenfield to catch the train home to Mossley - change, get camera etc and get next train BACK to Greenfield.  A quick pint in the "Clarence" (Otter Bitter) - check camera settings ...


Settings fine - it was just the "No CF Card" message ...


Run back to station - train back to Mossley - home to get bloody card - next train back to Greenfield - walk back towards brewery (and another beer in"Clarence" - brewery IS a fair trek from station - so pee stop was necessary - oh yes and another pint of "Otter Bitter" !!).  I got there in the end !!!!  Some pictures at

Get this bloody football started - at least then I know I'll be properly prepared i.e. spare/emergency CF cards/batteries in both big and little camera bags - must have walked miles today ... and that's AFTER work - and I got wet - several times instead of "just a few" ! Home - then watched "our Andy @ Wimbledon" - and then this ...

Mrs Smiffy back home from Melton Mowbray tomorrow - now what to cook for tea ???

(and tonight's "DVD of choice"  whilst fannying around with pics has been Neil Young's "Rust Never Sleeps" - a classic !)