Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Radcliffe Borough v Mossley

Off to Radcliffe straight from work - believe it not it's easier than struggling back to Mossley from Cheadle Hulme only to have to leave for Radcliffe five minutes before I get home. So with a song in my heart (Wolfmother via mp3 player) and a head full of Oracle Report Writing (training course), I headed for Manchester Piccadilly. A short stroll through town to Victoria and I was on the tram to Radcliffe.

The Metrolink "extensions" are big in Manchester - one might even come our way (well Ashton) by 2009, but experience of the existing system makes you wonder if it's gonna be worth it. Single from Man Vic to Radcliffe was £3-10 (one reason why I walked to Vic rather than getting on at Picc). 20 minutes to Radcliffe - it's bumpy, it's noisy and certainly not as comfortable as a "real" train. Oh well, wristy got his exclusive pix !!

It was a 15 minute walk from the tram station up to the "Inn2Gether Stadium" - well it doesn't sound as daft as "KitKat Crescent", but I think the last time Mossley played there it was just plain Stainton Park. £7 in and £1-20 the programme (one of the better ones this season - glossy and with something to read !).

I then went to the Social Club - or should I call it the "Bombsite Bar" - going back to the 1990s when we last went the club was closed for renovation - and it looks like they're going full circle. Tony Robinson and the "Time Team" would have had a field day - a DNA analysis on the tiled beading in the gent's bogs would have probably revealed 1988 I'm sure. And to make matters worse the keg Boddies was served in PLASTIC GLASSES !!!

Twas certainly a night for "celebrities" - Ian Senior (ex-Mossley, ex-every other club in the Western Hemisphere !), Mark Halsey (Prem ref), Danny Meadowcroft (ex-Mossley, now lording it with Conference Morecambe), Tony Coyne (ex-Mossley - still ginger) - and Paul Challinor (ex-Mossley now at Ashton United - lives round the corner - last seen 24 hours earlier at Hurst Cross) all there - a veritable night of the stars....

To football - Mossley were certainly "out of the blocks" early, pushing Radcliffe back and after 7 minutes a great ball to Joe Shaw (well offside I thought - in fact they had an extra raffle in the club at half-time about "how far" !) who put in a great low cross for Peter Wright to turn in for Mossley to take the lead. Instead of building on this there was a period of relaxation, and 5 minutes later Ian Kearney scored "one of those goals" - lovely deep cross that was met with an absolute bullet header that gave Trueman no chance. It was "wake up" time now and the rest of the first half was a farly even affair - Radcliffe had more of the possession, but chances were few and far between.

The second half continued in the same vein - but then with about 15 minutes to go, Mossley suddenly thought "we can win this" - and starting pushing on - and playing a bit of football. A corner from the Mossley left saw Melford Knight steal into the box to plant one past Danny Hurst for 2-1. Five minutes later sub Steve Burke started to cause havoc down the Mossley right which culminated in Christian Cooke getting felled in the box. Peter Wright steeped up to put the resultant penalty low to the keeper's wrong side - at 3-1 the game was safe !

The penalty - honest (resplendent with ghostly images and general "blur" !) Now you see my problem vis-a-vis night games and an old digicam...

Better - but unfortunately only a distant Mossley substitution to see !!

Cadged a lift home back to Mossley - thanks to Lynn and Andy - and a quickie in the "Rag" made it all "all-keg" eveing for me - but a satisfied football punter for the second night in a row. A much better performance from Mossley which dragged thenm out of the bottom three and has hopefully instilled as much confidence in the team as there was in the massed ranks of Mossley fans who applauded them off.

Curse these ju-jitsu exams - no seaside trip to Whitby, or any other football on Saturday (unless by some miracle I get back to Tameside in time for something - even if it's 20 minutes of Stalybridge Celtic Reserves vs St Werburghs in the "Cheshire Something Cup"), petrol to and from Fazakerley - a 30 bills for the grading as well !

Remember - it's not just football ....

"I Need More Pixels" crisis ...

Will have to do full Radcliffe write-up tomorrow - the camera is starting to show its age -especially at night matches - after all it's more than three weeks old - therefore obsolete.

In short Mossley won 3-1 - "yippee !!!" comes to mind.. more tomorrow

Monday, September 25, 2006

Ashton United vs Burscough

No ju-jitsu taxi service tonight - the "sensai" is on holiday - so after rustling up a quick egg fried rice with prawns for the troops, it was the 1925 bus up to Hurst Cross to see if Ashton could better Mossley's performance against Burscough.

Spent much of the first half stood behind the Ashton keeper Lee Bracey (recently signed from Mossley - an excellent keeper who I once had the privilege of voting "Man of the Match" when I sponsored the match ball at a Belper Town Town v Mossley game). He was soon called into action after about 9 minutes when he managed to deflect a "one on one" over the bar.

Lee Bracey "sets up" the first goal...

Four minutes later Matthew Kay scored a cracker following some great work on the ground with Ashton slicing through the middle of the Burscough defence. This did wonders for the confidence of the team - the few Burscough attacks were well repelled - and Bracey's mouth was working overtime keeping the defence in order !!

On the half-hour a pretty similar move - through the middle on the ground - saw Danny Forde make it 2-0 - and to be honest Ashton were cruising at this time. Cooney was working his socks off down the right whilst Garry Kharas was holding things up well up front - but where was Ciaran Kilheeney ?? He was stood in the crowd wearing a suit - because he'd just signed for (wait for it) Burscough !.

2-0 at half-time - a Burscough fan pointed out Ryan Bowen to me and I nipped over for a natter. You may remember that Ryan had a horrific collision with a concrete wall in the game at Mossley a few weeks ago - tonight he was sitting on a concrete terrace rather than head-butting it ! He said he was fine (apparently he'd been on the pitch for the warm-up) and is now back "available for selection" as they say - having seen the accident at Mossley it was good to see him up and about. He also reckoned he got the bill for the concrete panel - but I think/know he was having a larrff ! Other "spots" at half-time were Mossley Manager Jason Beckford and Coach John Murphy (a quiet word with someone "in the know" had told me that an alleged offer had gone in for Kilheeney from Mossley - but ...)

The second half started a little more evenly but then there was a wonderful comedy/farce moment when Burscough number 5 Farrell Kilbane was "sent off" following an injury - he waited ...and waited . and waited to return to the fray only for the ref to ignore him (for too long I felt). The Burscough bench were shouting, screaming etc to get him back on and finally the ref came over to "shut them up" and allow him back on. He then - rather stupidly - gave the ref an ironic round of applause. Oops - he'd been booked earlier - so a second yellow it was, and this time he was sent off for real !

10 against 11 is often tricky, and with five minutes to go, Byrne pulled one back for Burcough following a swift move down the left. But I reckon it would have been a gross injustice if Ashton had not got the three points tonight - and sure enough they did, but it was a sweaty last five (plus three added on) for the Ashton faithful.

A well deserved win for a team that tonight gave 100% commitment, fought for everything, admittedly tired in the last quarter, but held out for a valuable three points.

With the Ciaran Kilheeny transfer only going through today I've got to show you what was probably a "prophetic moment" from tonight's programme - courtesy Robin:

Now tell me Saturday's lottery numbers !!!

Home via Stalybridge Station Buffet for a couple of pints of Millstone "Three Shires" - and back to this...tomorrow it's Radcliffe Borough v Mossley - straight from work because I'm on yet another training course - it took us a couple of hours this morning to get the software set up - so we're a little behind schedule ... are you allowed to go to a football match in shirt and tie - if you're not an official ??

Sunday, September 24, 2006

"Blair Out" - Mossley "Down and Out"

Aren't Britain's railways a complete and utter shambles ? Started today with a torturous journey into Manchester thanks to the trusty "Rail Replacement Bus" and a sprint into Stalybridge Station to catch the express to Piccadilly. The station was awash with Watford fans on their way to Wigan - and the "London Contingent" of marchers were massing outside on the Approach. Had time to nip into Waterstones to buy book for October trip to Ireland - and a pint of Holts Bitter in the Ape & Apple just round the corner from Albert Square. We made into the Square in good time mind.

Welcome to Manchester Mr Smith !

In true demo style the speeches went on and on - we wanted to march but before long it had reached to point of no return - time to try to get back to Mossley. Caught the 1411 out of Piccadilly to Stalybridge - but the next "Rail Replacement Bus" to Mossley was not until 1502 (the normal service bus was 1504) - had to "make do" with a Pint of Copper Dragon "Golden Pippin" in the Buffet Bar while waiting - so it was back to normality - i.e. turning up late for the football. By the time I got there Mossley were one down, and within seconds of my arrival, Sturdy had made it 2-0 to Guiseley.

There had been much hope after the previous Saturday - but a changed team, a changed formation (Rob Edwards on the left wing ??) saw Mossley back to their old depressing ways. Also to rub insult into injury Channel M (local Manchester TV station) were filming the game - by heck they picked a good 'un (!)

If you release that on DVD it deserves a XXXX certificate ! (Channel M big camera)

Mossley huffed and puffed (a bit) but to no avail, and another defensive comedy of errors ("after you" - "no after you" - "ta very muchly") with 15 minutes to go allowed Smithard (nice name !) to make it 3-0. Deep into injury time Mossley's one 'ray of hope' this season (Joe Shaw) managed a consolation goal direct from a corner.

"Spot the Ball" Competition - Joe's goal.

Doom and gloom in the clubhouse afterwards - not really, because the majority of people just buggered off to wash hair, watch paint dry and do other more pressing things. The result puts Mossley down into 19th place - just one above the "auto-relegation zone" - ouch.

The T-Shirt applies to Tony Blair - but ...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Blair vs Guiseley

Tomorrow should be busy - "Blair Out, Troops Out" in Manchester, followed by Mossley vs Guiseley. Problem being lack of trains between Mossley and Manchester Victoria due to engineering works - a government plot if ever I saw one !

We'll manage though - we always do - and if I turn up 20 minutes in and Mossley are three up - hey ho.

Camera's at the ready for goals, more goals and police brutality - not necessarily in that order.

Plus I've been to the theatre tonight to see "Mary Barton"(yes Smiffy does do culture !) - set in the 1840s when the rich mill owners used to sh*t on the impoverished - and the impoverished used to die through hunger and disease. Furthermore I also obtained (from Jonald at work) a copy of "Grave of the Fireflies" - a Japanese Studio Ghibli animated cartoon which apparently is up there with "Schindlers List" as a classic anti-war film - I'm a great anime fan - "Spirited Away", "Howls Moving Castle", "Princess Mononoke" etc - but this will be the first non-Miyazaki for me - I shall be watching it on my own I feel - probably with a large box of tissues.

(Same DVD also contains "Kiki's Delivery Service" - a Miyazaki that I've not yet seen).

Remember - there;'s more to life than football ..................

Monday, September 18, 2006

Why do teams play on Mondays ???

Well tonight's plans all went totally to cock didn't they - and big style. Trains back to normal but delays in the home life (food, ju-jitsu taxi service, cleaning up sh*t after the weekend away, ensuring clean, dry, ironed clobber for work - I could go on) meant there was absolutely no chance of me getting anywhere tonight - and by God I've missed some good'uns.

6-1 - Droylsden beat Stalybridge - and this was my "choice" for the evening of course ..

4-1 - Hyde beat Moor Green

3-1 - Curzon Ashton lose to FCUM

16 goals in Tameside on one night - that's got to some kind of record ? I might miss the odd one with "toilet breaks" - but to miss 16 (OK , 7, 5 or 4) is a bit of a bugger.

But that's life isn't it ? And with Saturday's events to come - see earlier posts - I may even be reduced to watching "Match of the Bloody Day" in order to get any sort of "fix".

For those looking for any sort of match report tonight I can only d'you think I feel ?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mossley "Lovely Legs" Competition

The Guiseley game was played in rather warm conditions to begin with - and these were found on offer:

Picture A

Picture B

One pair belong to Colin "The Butcher" Broadbent - the other to our local "stinks teacher" - "Quiet" Grant.

You decide .... be thankful no socks were involved ...

Guiseley v Mossley - amongst other things

The day began with the Mossley faithful (well 9 of 'em) meeting up for the 1146 train to Huddersfield - however as all the trains were still in cock-up mode following vandalism earlier in the week we went backwards to Stalybridge to pick up the express straight through to Leeds. There was some filming going on at Stalybridge (starring Simon O'Brien of "Brookside" fame so we attempted to get in the way by doing some unseemly sound level checks. We went back through Mossley about 50 minutes after we'd left and arrived in Leeds at 1315, meeting up with the "York Branch" of Martin, Simon and Emma. A few pix were taken for the "Wristy" blog before taking the train to Guiseley. The ground was only 5 minutes from the station - adjacent to the cricket ground where Guiseley were playing Knaresborough. £7 in and £1-50 for a glossy (but barren) progremme which had us down as "Mossley Town" !

Mossley who ?

The bar had handpumps ! Well it mattered to me, and after a few beers and the odd glance at tthe cricket, it was off on the "Road to Cardiff". Mossley more than matched Guiseley for the first half-hour but were undone down the the Mossley right when an incisive run and cross found Gray with far too much room - 1-0 to Guiseley. Just before half-time Joe Shaw had a great chance to equalise but was denied by a cracking save from the Guiseley keeper.

The second half was as even as the first I felt - but with chances at a premium. Kenny Mayers put one glorious chance wide, and Steve Burke did the same on 75. However, recently arrived sub Christian Cooke did some great work down the left before crossing to Steve Burke for the equaliser.

The equaliser.

However it was disaster two minutes later when major cok-up on the defensive front let Hall in to score probably the easiest goal of his career. All that good work undone in a moment of pure farce !

So the "Road to Cardiff" is now closed for Mossley - found out later that both Curzon Ashton and Ashton United had progressed.. A quick pint in the clubhouse before dashing for the train back to Leeds.From here I was off to Derby !

Spotted on Leeds Station - apparently he was "charging his phone".

Caught the 1910 to Derby - having missed the 1810 ensuring that the 1810 to Stalybridge was not missed by the "Mossley faithful" - OK so I got a pint of Everards Tiger out of it on the Leeds Station Bar ! The boys were back in Mossley about 2000 - I was still negotiating Doncaster ! Got to Derby to be greeted with the words "Rail Replacement Bus" to Belper. Nipped into the "Riflemans" for a quick beer in Belper and a quick chat with Brian Rudkin (ex-Unibond ref - ex-Belper Town secretary - now at Alfreton Town - before turning up at Mother-in-Laws about 2230.

Sunday dawned with a couple of jobs for M-i-L. Fit new door lock, fit new loo seat. A brisk 5 mile walk round the Derbyshire Dales near Ambergate before home to Mossley for 1800.

Football tomorrow - two choices - Curzon Ashton v FC United or Droylsden v Stalybridge. Got to be the latter I think (although I need to take young boy to ju-jitsu first before dashing back for bus to Droylsden - all a bit tight - his Mum can bring him home though !) - and that'll be that for the week.

Saturday - another pain - boy has ju-jitsu grading - we have to be in Fazakerley - yes Liverpool - for midday - and God knows what time it finishes. It might be a last 45 at Mossley - who play Guiseley again, this time in the League (they should win this one I feel) - or it might be nowt.

Aah family life ...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Road to Wembley - or somewhere in Wales

The FA Cup starts for Mossley today - OK so some 397 teams have already been knocked out in the "Extra Extra Read All Abaht It" Preliminary Round - but the "Road to Somewehere" starts for Mossley in a place just outside of Leeds that is famous for Harry Ramsden and his "chippy chain".

I won't overdo stuff here - I'm sure Stephen has done a much better pre-match review on

But it's one of those days in "chez Smiffy" - trains to Huddersfield, Leeds, Guiseley - football - back to Leeds, and then I veer off to Sheffield, Derby and finally Belper.

We'll see how it all pans out ...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Night is ....

...probably more "eurotrash" on satellite (and Five) - I've given it a miss.

have to admit though I've seen a bit of so-called "big football" this week. With Mrs Smiffy being at her wedding over the weekend, I slipped out and saw the first half of the West Ham v Aston Villa game on Sunday afternoon - and Martin O'Neil seems to be doing good work at the Villa -very tidy football front and back - and they were winning when I left !

Monday and Wednesday (now skool's back) sees me taking youngest lad (see hair earlier !) to his ju-jitsu lessons - so I tend to "wait" for him in the "Railway" pub in Greenfield - so this week I saw both sides of Manchester. City didn't look all bad on Monday - they just don't know how to score goals ! Plus it was a bit like a funeral parlour - and that was WITH the City fans in there (eternal pessimists all !!). Wednesday's game between United was much more open - 2-2 when I left with two crackers from Celtic and one dodgy pen and one lucky break for United.

It certainly makes you realise that you have taken the correct route in life, i.e. Non-League - plus I suppose that when your first ever football game was whilst in your pushchair with Grandad at Stafford Rangers in the late 1950's - it does help to mould the future I'm sure..

Saturday's a-coming - I'm erring towards Guiseley v Mossley in the FA Cup 1st Qual - even though I'm probably "persona non grata" with the Mossley Management after speaking my mind on their message board this week (fall-out from the Matlock game on Tuesday).

Think "Tony Blair and Cabinet" - or "George Bush" - you should get the idea ....

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One for EBay maybe ??

Just a quickie - on the way home tonight (last night) "Gaz the Quiff" at Stalybridge Buffet bar showed me this:

I'm sure I've seen one of these before - and I think they date back to the late 1940's - couldn't find anyone at the game tonight who could date it (although Olwen promised to have a look through her Mossley stuff).

Any clues would be gratefully accepted - I offered Gaz "a couple of pints (!!)" - but 'he knew that I knew' as they say - and decided to hold fire !! If anyone knows anything - let me know....

Mossley v Matlock Town

Usual stuff - got there just into time to hear a roar from the crowd - however it turned out to be from the sizeable Matlock contingent as Lukic put them into the lead before 10 minutes.. Early "worst thoughts" were dissipated when, five minues later, Mossley number 10 Steve Burke went on a fabulous run only for his shot to slam against the bar.

However early "worst thoughts" were then "undissipated" when Barrowclough decided to waltz his way through the left hand side of the Mossley "defence" to make it 2-0 to the Gladiators after about 17 minutes. I managed to watch most of this from the relative safety of the Matock end - they'd bought a few - and a flag - and I heard one guy on his moby being very emotional and almost sounding like a match commentator - so I snapped him:

"Matlock's Motty" - sans sheepskin !

Got chatting with "Flagman" behind the goal who told me that this very same commentary was being relayed to "Peak 107 FM" (Chesterfield radio station). Must have been tricky because - in true Non-Legue circumstances - if you bring a few fans away you attract the local "Club 12-14 chavscum" -theye are definitely there behind the Matlock fone, fans and flag - and they were a real pain in the a*se - but to be fair we get the same in most grounds we go to as well.

Anyroad up 2-0 at half-time - gave me a chance to run to the Co-op for money and fags - no time before the game for the usual reasons - 1841 from Stalybridge to Mossley was 12 minutes late and it was dash home, eat tea, get changed and run up the hill - hence late arrival mentioned earlier.

Oh and on the way back from the Co-op I wandered back past the famous "Mossley Market Place Toilet Block" - it has a 24 hour loo that is always locked and on one side is a Mossley "timeline" telling the history of the town - cop for this major cock-up - or was I dreaming throughout 1980 ...

Cup, Trophy, Vase, Saucer - hey !!!

At least Mossley were kicking "downhill" second half - but did it make a difference - did it hell. Melford headed just over from a free kick early on (a free kick !! a set piece !! this is where all the Mossley goals come from !! - not tonight Josephine....)

Ten minutes in, Mossley keeper made a great save - but Barrowclough snapped up his second from the "afters" - and Matlock's third - and that was basically it. There was more chance of Matlock getting a fourth than there was of Mossley getting even one...

The lure of PSV v Liverpool on the Social Club telly (or was it just the alcohol) tempted a few away from pitchside and for those hardy few who stuck it out, it all petered out into a ...(fill in the missing words)

Believe it was getting on for 45 minutes after full-time before any Mossley players were seen in the bar - which gave the victorious Gladiators first shout at the food (and second and third shout too).

We discussed the commentary situation following the earlier spot - and decided to try to get Kate Adie to come to Mossley - after all she's been in several war zones, so Seel Park should be a cakewalk for her in her natty camouflage combats.

We had "sombre" on Saturday after the Matt Gadsby story - a different kind of sombre at Mossley tonight. Thoughts moved to Saturday and the FA Cup 1st Qualifying game away at Guiseley - to me an easy trip by rail (Mossley-Huddersfield-Leeds-Guiseley then five minute walk to ground). However it's "Take Daughter back to University" weekend - depending on how much we need to cram in the car it's either Mrs Smiffy does the business and I get to go to Guiseley - or we both go down and I go to watch Belper Town v Westfields in the very same FA Cup round (daughter at Derby Uni - mother-in-law in Belper)

We'll have to see....not even looked at a league table after tonight's results (saw most on Sky though - Ashton whipped 5-1 at Witton was the "local interest"). It's going to be a long hard season at Mossley - that's for sure...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hyde Game - The Picture that Got Away !

The Gainsborough number 6 waves to his good friend the "Assistant Referee" - who responds in his usual manner.

Hyde v Gainsborough

Well it's after midnight - 'twas not a nice evening what with events at Harrogate but I'm sure Matt Gadsby would want us all to "get on with it" - so I

Saturday morning was a bit of a mess - too much to do with too few hours - which basically saw me failing miserably to get back to Mossley in time for the North Ferriby minibus - so Hyde v Gainsborough it was.

Here's the hair cut mentioned in ealier posts (Peter - beware - he's a black belt at ju-jitsu !)

Got to Stalybridge in time for a beer before the massed ranks of Alfreton Town fans turned up (they had a 24 seater - Mossley's was only a 15 seater - such is Conf North !)

"There is a place in Stalybridge that will be forever Alfreton" - outside the Buffet Bar

A couple of beers later (after a natter with Wozza from Alfreton) saw me on the bus to Hyde (exclusive bus ticket pic on the wristy blog site) and it was into Hyde (cheapest Conf North ground in Tameside - only £9 !).

Met James the "Tannoy Man" (apparently now relegated to the reserves games) flogging predictions sheets in the bar - another nice touch in the bar was the retailing of "Tiger Beer" - I liked that !

A lovely sunny day (just like the last time I was at Hyde on the Mossley sponsored walk) saw Hyde kicking off towards the "swimming pool end" where the stand is actually outside the perimeter wall (!) - it looked a poor crowd (later - it was - 300 ?).

After about 10 minutes a long ball broke loose for Dale Johnson to neatly round the keeper and put the Tigers 1-0 up

Dale Johnson - 1-0 - note small boy (happy)

It was an interesting half - Gainsborough certainly seemed to be playing the better football whereas Hyde were mostly reduced to the long ball - but it was Hyde who were getting the better chances - and there was a fair shout for a penalty when Johnson went down just after the half-hour - not given.

1-0 at half-time - clocked a few scores in the club (got the 0-0 at North Ferriby phone call too from Stuart !) - Stafford 4-0 at Stevenage - eek ! Also met Gav from Hyde for a quick chat .

Second half started gently - David Eyres was subbed after 10 mins (well he's getting on a bit !) - but the game continued pretty much in the same vein - Gainsborough trying to work it into the box and Hyde sticking with the long ball out (although must say - Dale Johnson and Gareth Seddon seemed to be quite OK with this style of delivery).

It looked like Hyde were "hanging on" for a 1-0 win - until it all exploded in time added on when Seddon scored with a "belter", closely followed by a third from Dale Johnson - in the end I guess 3-0 was somewhat flattering - but hey it's Hyde's first win of the season and that'll do their confidence the world of good.

Seddon's "screamer" - and the keeper still hasn't hit the deck !

The Tigers fans were certainly "roaring" at the end - just what they needed !

After the game I slipped into the "Sportsman" (best real ale pub in the locality) and bumped into Paul who used to work at our place (Simon Carves Cheadle Hulme - you know the place - see earlier posts !) - discussed real ale for a while before I returned to sunny Mossley (having also found out via the good phone that Mossley - 1-0 up with 5 to go - had lost 2-1 - aargh !).

Then found out about Matt Gadsby - which put all football stuff on hold for a time of contemplation - and a few tears I admit. I don't like to hear of such happenings - 'cause it hurts - even when you don't know those involved - at this level of football we're "all family" really so to lose one is not nice. Rest in peace Matt Gadsby.....

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Forget Football Today ...

I should be discussing my day today - which involved missing the minibus to North Ferriby v Mossley and watching Hyde United v Gainsborough - that will have to wait because of a real tragedy today that transcends football as we know it - read on:

HINCKLEY United Football Club regretfully announce the tragic death of Matthew Gadsby. The 27 year-old collapsed midway through the first half of the Conference North game with Harrogate Town at Wetherby Road on Saturday. Paramedics treated the central defender on the pitch and worked on him for over an hour after he suddenly collapsed on the field of play. No other player was involved. He was taken to Harrogate Royal Infirmary but failed to respond to treatment. Chairman Kevin Downes said: “This is an absolute tragedy and our thoughts are with Matthew’s family and friends. “Incidents like this put everything into perspective and no-one can quite come to terms with what has happened. “The medics were out on the pitch within seconds and their treatment was first class and they did everything they could along with the staff at the hospital which was next door to the ground. “Matthew had made a big impact on the football club during his time at the Marston’s Stadium and he will be sadly missed by everyone.” Sutton Coldfield born Gadsby began his career as a trainee at Walsall before breaking his way into the first team and making 23 first team appearances. He then moved to Mansfield Town and Kidderminster Harriers extending his Football League experience before he dropped into Non League football with Forest Green Rovers. Swadlincote based Gadsby – a builder by profession - signed a one-year deal with Hinckley United in the summer and had been in outstanding form. Mr Gadsby leaves behind a young daughter, and a wife, Sarah. Hinckley United’s game away at Moor Green on Tuesday night has been postponed after today’s tragic events. No further information is currently available.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Ryan Bowen update - latest from Burscough

Courtesy of "Jollylinnet1" (Burscough admin):

He is doing great. I have spoken to him a couple of times and everything is fine. Not sure when he will return as with his sort of injury I believe it is mandatory for him to miss a couple of weeks at least. He is feeling fit and ready to play whenever he is asked/allowed.

Good to hear eh ?

Football tomorrow..thank Frith !

Another week over - and not the prettiest of weeks either. Still the "official grievance" letter has gone in today - strange that making it all official takes a big load off one's mind - but it does !

Where to go tomorrow - things are slightly "complex" chez Smiffy - the heart says North Ferriby v Mossley, but:- wife's away in sunny Rutland for a Wedding, daughter's on the lash at the Witchwood in Ashton following an afternoon on the lager in Manchester - and working tomorrow (behind the bar at the "Railway" in Greenfield) - small boy's out with mates (and has a haircut appointment with me in Ashton tomorrow morning) - larger boy - I've not seen him since teatime last night - "Lodger Daffy" has just got back from work. A lengthy journey tomorrow might not be a good idea when taking home/family values into the equation - and by God I have to - I'm given enough rope as it is !! Remember there's more to life than football...honest.

Hyde's a bit of a bugger, transport wise, from Mossley - but I feel it's the sensible option - plus we've not been there this season and I'm sure/positive they'll record their first Conf North win tomorrow against Gainsborough (I've predicted 3-1 on their Message Board !) - bet Gareth Seddon gets a hat-trick !!

Plus I do recommend the Towers of London download - they were excellent at leeds ... plug over ....roll on Saturday.


Blood, Sweat & Towers

Blood, Sweat & Towers

Towers of London

TVT Records

Download "I'm A Rat" (MP3, 192kbps)


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Deer o Deer !

Givun my ongoin wurk crysis - I wunda if I cud get a jobb az prooof reeda four are lokal free paypa - hear's a sampul from tonites "Tameside Advertiser":

On par with the Ashton United "sponsers" banner I feel ...

Ever Been Sh*t Upon ??

No football tonight - believe the "gangly youth" did the biz against Macedonia (didn't even watch the highlights). Anyroad up it's "get it off your chest" time.

Seven year ago ago my oppo at work was offered the chance to forgo overtime for a several thousand pound uplift on his salary - I wasn't offered the same deal. Since then all overtime in our department has been revoked (I'd have had to have worked 15 hours o/t a week to get the same money anyway) and since then "accross the board" pay increases has seen me fall even further behind - I reckon 20% by now.

This year at job appraisal time I finally spoke up - result as follows - "there's a lot of staff with similar disparities" - the offer now is - paid overtime - wow !

I'm not the happiest chappie in the Smiffy household - although our "homeless lodger" Daffy (he's been "dossing" with us for a couple of months) came home tonight at 2245 after his first day in his new job - and thanks to Mrs Smiffy (who's had the time over skool hols) he is up for accomodation through a local housing association - should here by the end of this week. I'm sure we'll get our reward in heaven for our work to get Daffy sorted - but for myself I want (deserved) stuff in my pay packet on the 15th !!

God knows why I'm throwing this out on the net - I'm really pissed off about the whole thing - reckon it's time to go through the official "grievance procedure" - I am in the union (AMICUS) after all.

If you want to work for Simon Carves in Cheadle Hulme - come in as an agency guy - your hourly rate will be at least three times what a staff member gets - and you will be treated like royalty.

It's just the staff who get sh*t upon.

I need a proper football break - you don't need to read this sort of stuff - roll on the more can before bed.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Virtual Football - Part II

Tonight Mossley played away at AFC Telford United - and I managed to "watch" most of the second half courtesy of BBC Radio Shropshire who did a live commentary - had to fanny around loading Real Player onto the pc first though. I hate Real Player - it all but killed my old Win98 machine by cocking up Windows Media Player big style - fingers crossed with the new fangled XP model !

Apparently Mossley had one disallowed in the first half - and Telford hit the woodwork at least once - final score was 0-0 and Telford management were not best pleased with that in the post-match interview ..Mossley were though I'm sure. It was quite exciting to listen to however (all hail broadband with no "buffering" etc) - and a big up to the commentators as well - good to hear that sort of quality "on the radio" (they are BBC employees after all !!).

Got a phone call from Dydo - who went - shortly after the match finished - seemed to think we were lucky but - hey - after the Ashton/Telford game I saw a few weeks ago I was worrying (Immodium/clenched buttocks etc) - so a point away by a so-called "mid-table team" (BBC commentator not me) is certainly a point gained rather than two lost.

Now do I go to Hyde/Gainsborough on Saturday or North Ferriby/Mossley on Saturday ?? Watch this space ..

Curzon Ashton v Atherton Collieries

Rung the ground at 1830 - "Game on ??" - "Yes" - "No problems with the pitch ??" - "Oh no we've got a perfect pitch now" - good enough for me. Caught the 1857 train to Ashton, followed by a 15 minute walk to the ground. Only seen it from the outside before (Mossley sponsored walk), but this time, £5 in and a £1-20 prog.

It looks good inside - excellent facilities - with a nice bar as well (no smoking but hey - I can cope - maybe that's why there were only a dozen peeps in there before kick-off)

The Stand at Curzon
The other side - count the fans !

Anyway - to the game - after a fairly even first 10 minutes, a "good spot" by the ref (some may say harsh but..) gave Curzon a penalty which Mike Norton duly despatched. Once the ball went in though the tannoy blasted out "I Feel Good" by James Brown - AARGH !

Curzon were starting to get on top despite big Barrie Massey missing a good chance for an equaliser on 25 mins - and five minutes later a "route one" ball gave Steve Moores the chance to make it 2-0

Steve Moores makes it 2-0

Just before half-time Rio Nelson got the ball - he ran - he ran - he cut inside - he got a lucky deflection back to him - and made it 3-0 - persistence !! And at half-time the plastic tunnel was unveiled ....

Might have been 3-0 but the half-time bar still seemed very sombre !

Stood watching the second half at the top of the stand - great view (sort of thing Mossley can only dream of !) and within a minute of the restart Mike Norton got another "lucky break" on the edge of the box to make it 4-0 - a lucky break maybe, but you've got to take them !

10 minutes on and Atherton got a penalty - at least the ref saw it because no bugger else did ! Justice was done as it was duly screwed wide.

About 15 from the end Moores made it 5-0 after good work in the box by Nelson and 8 minutes later the Atherton keeper shouted "keeper !" - missed it and Mike Norton said "thanks very much" - 6-0.

Close to the end Curzon keeper Ashley Timms made a great save to keep his clean sheet and the ball went straight down the other end for Moores to make it 7-0.

What can you say after watching that ? very very impressive indeed - and this against a side who had a W2 D2 L1 record before tonight. The pitch - similarly impressed - despite the rain we've had over the last few days, it seemed quite firm, with a bit of bounce in it.

I've got to be honest - if Curzon keep playing like that - they should start to drag fans through the gate - no idea what the attendance was tonight but it must have been under 150 - they deserve more. And having finally seen the ground "from within"...well if only... Even so I'm now looking forward to my future trips to Curzon - their "biggie" against FC United of Bury (sorry Manchester) is on 18th September - now that will fill the popular side ! On tonight's showing though I reckon they'll give 'em a good game..

One point - lose the bloody music after each goal - James Brown x 7 was tooooooo much !!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tomorrow - Ashton or Ashton ?

.. as in Ashton United v Hednesford Town or Curzon Ashton v Atherton Collieries ??

Reckon it has to be Curzon Ashton - because I've not seen a home game of theres yet however with all the rain we've had - and the problems with the pitch at the new "Roy Oldham Memorial Stadium" - it may well be called off yet ! As regards visits (or lack of) the same has to be said of Hyde United (but I'm planning on going to the Hyde v Gainsborough game next Saturday)

Time to spread my wings a little further I feel ...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mossley v Lincoln United

It was wet, wet wet ...and an unlucky 13 (minutes) for Mossley as Lincoln's Wilkinson rose amongst a static defence to head them into the lead. (Golden Goal news - Olwen had 14 - bugger !). (Freaky bit - got text from Nosmo at Ilkeston - they too had gone one goal down - against Burscough - in the 13th minute). This goal did wonders for the Lincoln team who then managed to make Mossley look very ordinary - and more to the point very slow at the back. The next freaky moment came on about 23 minutes when the tannoy announced "Security to the front gate please" - some wag reckoned there were people trying to get out ! (twas actually some chavscum trying to get in). Right on half-time the Lincoln attack rang their rings round the Mossley defence only to be upended in the box - no arguments with that decision at all. Hawley duly despatched the pen for 0-2 at half-time.

Double whammy for Olwen this week - not only was she 1 minute out on the golden goal - there's some bugger with a brolly blocking the view (picture co-starring Anthony (son)) - and yes it's orange again !

And still it rained ....

The turning point was the substitution of Mossley skipper Melford Knight - a quick re-org at the back saw Mossley spend most of the last 20 minutes bombing the Lincoln penalty area. The Lincoln keeper then went down - he'd been shot in the elbow apparently from row D (we are talking Mossley here - we don't have a row Z !) - well it wasted a few minutes...

With about 10 to go Terry Bowker came up for a corner to power it into the net (another set piece goal for Mossley - think they all have been up to now this season - now there's a worry). At 1-2 people thought - who's got the "Get of of Jail Free" card this week ? However like Ilkeston a couple of weeks ago Lincoln managed to run the clock down and it was another home defeat for Mossley.

Lincoln keeper Mario Ziccardi after the game - "elbow - what elbow ??"

Missed the goal with camera due to battery failure (I'll never work for the press will I) - so went to Co-op for more - and got back in time to miss England's first against Andorra ! Still back in time for the exclusive pic above !!

Watched the rest of the England game in between natters/grumbles etc. I think we know where the problems may lie - fingers crossed the management have worked it out as well. Going back to an earlier comment made by me - somewhere (not on here I think) - we've got rid of some good players - have we got adequate replacements ?? You decide ...

PS Ilkeston managed a 2-2 draw v Burscough.