Saturday, March 29, 2008

Quick !!! Tidy up !!!

Mrs Smiffy back today - where's Henry the Hoover when you need him - you never know he might be at Stalybridge today - which is where I'll be "laying my monopod" ...

Must dash - come here Dyson !



Just can't do my reply to Nosmo ...

Friday, March 28, 2008

A Bit of Fun - before .....'s the magic pic from Stalybridge Station this morning ...

...when I go to "holes in the wall" for cash - their 'downtime' tends to be betwixt 0200 and 0400 - unlike the railway system who decide to f**k it up during rush-hour..........

Enjoy the "ha ha" - I've done the football agonising last night - leaves one story that's still very near to my heart...

I'll leave you with this from earlier this month ...

..there's much to go through today before I say my piece - Sophie's Mum in the MEN tonight - "... respect, compassion and tolerance ..." - what can anyone else say after that ?

I would have to promise to try and be as well-balanced as I can - I used the phrase "the bastards should swing" in the earlier thread - I need to think about that as well. Check out ..

and the comments below the story - it's hard for those who write - it's hard for those who read ...


Thursday, March 27, 2008

This Saturday - Tough Decision - Decsion Made ...

Newcastle Blue Star v Mossley is not for me...

I've been agonising over this for a while - Monday's "second half capitulation" against Rossendale obviously didn't help, but after a few beers - hey relax - so I did check out train times and costs. Stalybridge to Newcastle - Day Return - will cost £55-80 (yes fifty-five pounds eighty). Hmmm - some tweaking - perfectly legal (known in the trade as "ticket splitting") saw two tickets (Stalybridge to York - Day Return - and York to Newcastle - Day Return - coming in at just over £40 - yes forty quid). Fifteen quid better, but still obscene .... plus there's a bit of travel on the old "TyneandWearMetro" (Kingston Park does have it's own station very close) once you get to Newky - poss another fiver or so.

In fact a couple of seats on the coach appeared on Monday - with "provisos" (viz no "drinkies" on the outward journey) - but "a couple of seats" will not accommodate the full "shedhead crew" - we've had some good train trips out this season with a dozen or so of us. There are a few cars going up as well - but with my "old man's problems" the A1(M) would be awash with urine !!!! [Bet you all wanted to know that - it's an exaggeration anyway !! ]

I love travelling on the train to a game - always have, always will. The "Long Good Friday" last week was a grrrand day out - marred only by one result at Bradford PA and a landslip at Brighouse - and a reasonable price as well - so it's always my first choice - obviously night games can be a pain - but Saturdays ..... it's great, and you often get to meet like minded footy fans (both league and non-league) who are also in it for the "holy trinity" of beer, foootball and train - not necessarily in that order !!

With it being "skool hols", Mrs Smiffy has wandered off to Bristol for a couple or three days so time is not a problem - and one little voice is reminding me that this is probably Newky BS's one and only season in the Unibond before they run kicking and screaming back to the Northern League, blaming (and here's the irony) the cost of travelling !!!!

But are Mossley challenging for the championship - or a play-off place ??? I'm afraid not, otherwise there would be none of this "Shall I / Shan't I ??" rubbish. As I think I said in a txt to "Dydo" - "Unlike L'Oreal - I'm afraid they're not worth it" - it's sad that it comes to this - but £40/45 goes a good way towards the camera bag I want/need - Ashton United are at home on Saturday - Stalybridge are at home on Saturday (more likely than Ashton - because Ashton are at home on Monday night, and with it being "skool hols" - no ju-jitsu for boy..)

And remember - that £40/45 is before a ball is kicked in anger - or before a beer is slurped "not" in anger, but in enjoyment - or before a "Burger King" is eaten "in desperation". A fan of a Premier League team may well be able to justify this kind of expense - or even a Droylsden fan 'for this season and this season only' (and no I'm NOT taking the p*ss here - remember I know a lot of Derby fans going through the same "enjoy it while you can because next season .... experience" experience).

Thinking it through a little more - given the parlous state of Mossley's finances, I'm sure the club would rather me spend my money at home games anyway ........

So ... as a simple Mossley fan I've got to say ....."Not this time"....

We'll see what Saturday brings.....and where we end up ....

Rio Ferdinand vs Dwain Chambers

Now there's an interesting one ....obviously football and athletics authorities have a different mindset.

Surely can't just be down to money ..... can it ??

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mossley v Rossendale United - Part 2

Pix now available at ...

..the word "crap" however is still 'running around my brain'.... job is to find a "reasonable" method of getting to Newcastle Blue Star next week - since the seats on the first coach of the season (albeit the players coach, therefore only about 20 pews) appear to have been "taken" - leaving the Mossley "hardcore" looking for alternatives ... several people not right pleased about this ...

Flying might be cheaper ...

Mossley v Rossendale United - Part 1

2000 hours ....

Now that was crap....
more to come ... hopefully

oh yes - 3-1 to the visitors ...

If You're in HMV today ...

... it's ...

"Do you have a copy of the new Novellos single entitled 'The Lady is not for Turning' ??"

"None in Stock" is not an acceptable answer..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend - words - Part 1


Extremely well organised – an A4 sheet awash with times, places and phone numbers – yes better organised than Bush’s invasion of Iraq – and much more justified !

1145 – Mossley Station – just me !! Then along came Stuart and his two “wards for the day”, Charlotte and Sophie. The train to Huddersfield was a touch late, so when we arrived with only 12 minutes to spare – the first variation kicked in – an extra half an hour at the “Head of Steam” – and a relaxing, rather than rushed, pint of Little Valley “Cragg Vale”. Off to Dewsbury – and the West Riding Refreshment Rooms – kept it simple – a pint of Black Sheep Bitter. Next stop was Dewsbury Bus Station and a 126 bus – here was the first flaw in the “Yorkshire Invasion Plan” – not knowing where to get off !! Fortunately our driver took us into Ossett Bus Station and packed us off on another bus, which pulled up outside the “Ossett Brewery Tap” pub – which for our sins we missed out. Down the hill and into the Cricket Club which was full of Youth teams preparing for their Easter Tour of Holland. One ham sandwich and a pint of Theakstons Bitter before we walked over the Cricket Pitch to the football ground. We’d decided to order a cab to get us back to Dewsbury, as the walk/bus was looking a little tight.

To the game – the scoreline shows Ossett Albion beating Chorley 2-0 – but I felt the better team lost on the day. The two goals came in the last 10 minutes, the first when the Chorley keeper “cocked up” to put it bluntly, allowing Catton time to wipe his boot etc before scoring. I’d have to say the wind – again blustery and pigging cold certainly had something to do with not only the first goal, but also the late late second from Dickinson – it fairly screamed in – carried along by a force 7 or 8. If I was a Chorley fan I’d feel a bit hard done by – well worth a point – but that’s the way it goes.

After the game our taxi arrived to get us back to Dewsbury Station with time to spare. Train to Leeds (Burger King stop !), train to Bradford. Then the next problem kicked in – had told me 2231 from Bradford to Huddersfield was our “train of choice”– I was a bit suspicious at the time, but it wasn’t until arriving in Bradford that I thought it worth checking – true to form, the landslip at Elland/Brighouse was still “slipped” and they could not promise that the “Rail Replacement Bus” would get us into Huddersfield in time for our “late one” to Mossley. By now we’d missed our bus to Bradford PA – so another taxi was called into service. The decision was made – we’d look for lifts back to Mossley, else taxi back to Bradford for the 2204 to Leeds.

I was still walking round when Mossley took the lead – bugger – fortunately SJNR got it on video …

Not for long though – an equaliser was followed by a red card for our Mike Fish was followed by some “extreme” rearguard action, with – once again – keeper Ashley Connor performing miracles – very topical for a Good Friday. Then just as we thought we’d got to half-time at 1-1 – we didn’t – bugger. No half-time miracles from “Gerry the Messiah” I’m afraid – and by 90 minutes we were a well-beaten – dare I say “crucified” at 4-1 down – although if that blizzard had started 15 minutes earlier – an abandonment would have been almost certain – and yes I have that on good authority from a Bradford chappie !!

Post-game – we’d managed to “bunk in” with Secretary Bob, who scooted us back into Mossley in time for a drink or two – “the wards” were packed off – before retiring sometime after midnight (and I mean “some time”- can’t remember which one though ….


Not expecting football today – having “binged out” on Friday, me and Mrs Smiffy were due “walkies” – however with it being so cold, so windy and so “un-Easter”, walkies was curtailed and the afternoon suddenly became free !! A choice of two games – apologies to my friends at Hurst Cross, but I went over to Stalybridge Celtic to see if they could continue this fantastic unbeaten run that has taken them into play-off contention against Worcester City. So a train to Stalybridge – a quick one in the Buffet Bar – containing a large number of Worcester fans – and “mad Pete” and friends from Bradford PA who’d popped over the Pennines for drinks (didn’t tell him that Stalybridge cost twice as much as Bradford PA –he wasn’t going anyway !!). Managed to scab thirds of a cab up to the ground – I owe you one Jason !

Celtic were made to work for their victory – but few would begrudge it. My “Man of the Match” was the Worcester keeper Belford who kept his team in it with several good saves, and a well-organised defence. It was, after half-time, only a matter of time before Celtic scored, and score they did with 20 minutes to go following good work down the left from Chris Hall. 1-0 is always a bit “buttock clenching” though by then Worcester had just about “shot their bolt” - Celtic could have had a couple near the end – but Belford kept them out.

The “Invasion of Yorkshire” by the Lancashire duo of Chorley and Mossley hit the buffers – but Steve Burr’s Blue and White Army march on. Blimey, it’s already nearly Monday and weather permitting some more football.


Steps near the canal ...
We woke up in Mossley this morning with a goodish layer of snow on the ground – mostly melted now - and yes we had a walk out in it – fingers crossed for the Monday game at home to Rossendale United - with alternatives already in mind !!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Binge Football"

In the words of McMel - "You can tax my beer intake - but you'll never take away my ....FOOTBALL"
So - for now - here's three links to pix - which may or may not be there - but will be before midnight tonight....
..and I'll put some words together as well - honest !!
2130 - Ossett/Chorley pictures up ....
2230 - Bradford/Mossley pictures up ...
2330 - Stalybridge/Worcester pictures up ...
You have to remember - it's not all football - here's one taken this morning at Dove Stone Ressie - it was 'kin cold and 'kin windy - but the water was sooooo blue...

..and one from Stalybridge Town Centre after the game today ... hmmmmmmmmmmm ....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Good Friday "MasterPlan"

Mossley dep 1147
Huddersfield arr 1212
Huddersfield dep 1227
Dewsbury arr 1236
Dewsbury Bus Station Stand 6 dep 1320 (126) , 1330 (127) 1340 (126) about 20 mins to Dimple Wells to watch

Osset Albion v Chorley

Return bus to Dewsbury 1651 arrive Bus Station 1721
Dewsbury Train dep 1737
Leeds arr 1752
Leeds dep 1808
Bradford arr 1828Bus Station (stand G) 1840 (682) or 1910 (682)just over 15 minutes to see

Bradford PA v Mossley

Return bus to Bradford at 2144 arriving 2207
Bradford Train dep 2231
Huddersfield arr 2307
Huddersfield dep 2322
Mossley arr 2347

Exactly 12 hours !!

Return train ticket (Mossley to Marsden) £4-70
West Yorks Rail & Bus Rover £5-50

..and Morgan Computers on Mancy Picc approach let me down tonight - the Olympus VN240 Voice Recorder (i.e. dictaphone !) - none in stock ..... as I've been asked to do report for MossleyWeb as well as pictures - aargh !

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Glossop v Newcastle Town

Sorry guys - it's late - there's a whole story about trains tonight that I may - just may put up tomorrow(today) lunchtime - another shambles not helped by some stupid bastard customer - who should have been tied up and put on the f**king lines.

All I can do is this - a repeat of a post on the Glossop board - it's five to one and I need kip - so take it or leave it ....

"It's late so excuse whatever - you lost 1-0 - taken apart in the first half - second half soooo different - Newcastle seemed to retreat not just into "their shell", but into a niggly , time-wasting, football spoiling shell. If any Newkies reading - me (neutral) NOT impressed with your second half - if you'd have played like in the first 45, you'd have won comfortably - but no you made it hard for yourselves - and hard for the fans (and yes it was pigging cold again tonight).
Oh yes Smiffypix available at ...

Not the best (I struggled with the lights as well as the sub-zero temps !!) ...but get the picture ;D "

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday ...

Just been on "" - OK the website - and it seems many people are expecting me to be at the Ashton v Matlock game tonight - I reckon it's something to do with online betting because people are "Googling" the Ashton game from France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Rumania - and getting this site - I kid you not !!!

It's Monday - it's ju-jitsu for the boy - and I'm the taxi ....yes I'd have probably chosen that game over the Curzon Ashton v Harrogate RA game (although Curzon could do Mossley a bit of a favour tonight ....) - I did see 25 minutes of the Birmingham v Newcastle game - well I'm used to watching bottom-of-the-table stuff !!!!!

So this week - down a league but up in the top 8 - we are mostly doing Glossop North End vs Newcastle Town tomorrow night - a train to Stalybridge and a 237 up and over the tops ... it'll be nice to see Newcastle again - we (Mossley) had some good tussles back in the North West Counties days - things I remember - like losing my wallet on the car park at Newcastle - and it being found and returned - John the secretary who used to get oatcakes for us when we went down - catching the train to Stoke, the bus to Newcastle and a walk down the Lyme Valley Way ... and stuff like that...

Watch it get frosted off !!!!

Good Friday - Mossley at Bradford PA with an evening KO - and yes it CAN be done by train - last train out of Bradford is at 2230, change at Huddersfield, getting us back to Mossley for 2347-ish ..... I now find myself thinking about doing an extra game as well - if we're going to West Yorkshire, the "train day return ticket to Marsden plus a West Yorkshire Bus & Rail Rover" option opens up the possibilities of Ossett Albion v Chorley in the afternoon - there's also this crazy streak inside me that's saying "Sheffield FC v Belper Town ???"

We shall see - I was hoping if I kept writing I may get tonight's scores - but it ain't happened ...

2155 - Update - the Ashton United v Matlock game never started !!! Floodlight/Power failure in the Hurst Cross region - wonder if any hot-footed it down to the Curzon game ??

2300 - Curzon beat Harrogate 1-0 - which certainly helps Mossley insofar as that's one game less in hand for them (Harrogate) - still two points ahead of us mind !!!

Doug Peacock - RIP

Learned today that Doug Peacock has died after a short illness at the age of 66. It's probably not a name known to many of the "young 'uns" - but he worked for a good many years for the Manchester Evening News during what I would consider were the "Good Old Days" - by that I mean:

- Doug Peacock was THE non-league correspondent - 6 days a week;

- We had a Sporting Pink at about 6-15pm every Saturday;

- It contained loads of non-league stuff - and I mean loads.

It's going back somewhat - but I believe we did meet a few times in the 80s - I'm pretty sure he would not have been that impressed with the non-league coverage by the MEN these days - all this fawning over FC United in the actual paper by the Mathieson / Brennan / Glennon triumvirate. Furthermore just take a look at the MEN web-site and the link actually says "FC United/Non-League" - click on it and it's 90% of 'yes you've guessed it'....

No doubt people "in the biz" like Mike Pavasovic from Hyde United or Tony Bugby from the "Chron" will be a little more eloquent about Mr Peacock than myself - in fact I'd hope for something in the "Chron" and on the "wireless" this Friday....!!

In the meantime - RIP Doug, and my condolences to his wife, son and daughter.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mossley v Wakefield ... 0-2 ... aargh

...two mistakes - two goals - and that really was all that was between the two teams - OK they hit the bar - they could have scored more - but they didn't....

Some pix at

... very very frustrating to watch - we were playing "the wrong way" (i.e. towards the Park End in the first half) as well - but there was so little penetration (oo-err missus) up front in 90 minutes. I'd baulk at saying "we made them look good" - cus we didn't - but we didn't do ourselves any favours either.

So having missed the heroics of last Saturday, this result means the pressure is still on in the lower reaches of Unibond 1 North - maybe there will be no relegation - but the pressure is still there until the "suits/blazers" make a decision ...

No idea what's to do next midweek - in true fixture style, Monday night sees both Ashton clubs at home - and boy at ju-jitsu - grr.... Easter weekend sees a Good Friday evening KO at Bradford PA - now that goes down as a serious "bugger" travel-wise - we'll see if it can be done vis the public transport option. Easter Monday sees Rossendale United at Seel Park - they're "just above us" - but what does that mean anyway ....

The play at the Royal Exchange was hard work - interesting story - but came over really badly - you need good dialogue if you're going to have two characters on stage talking to each other for 20 minutes at a time - putting it into football parlance, they took the best (most animated/interesting) character ("whistle blower" Mary) off at half-time, and the expected (by me anyway) "push forward" did not occur in the second half - they "gritted" themselves through it - and it wasn't that pretty for us speccies.

And then - the last train back to Mossley was filled not only with the usual drunken detrius - but also Westlife fans - now can you understand the "aargh" at the top ??

I leave you with an STS "exclusive" - Mossley sub Arron Kirk - or is it actually Dickie Ticker ??

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Music Update ...

click here to buy ...;2;65;-1&searchType=12&label=SOULOFNORTHSTAFFS

Does this bring Tears to your Eyes ??

..cus it bloody well should try hiding your tears while listening to this at work - it was hard - I don't think anyone spotted me - on Thursday or today (yes why did I listen to it again ? I don't know - I just felt I had to) - this story has really really got to me this week ... I remember it from last year it's time for justice...$plit/C_71_audio_1000921_clip_list_clip_list_item_0_clip_file.mp3

and for those outside "ManchesterZone" on ..


Having had a son whose jaw was broken by similar lowlife late last year (although similar lowlife is still at large due to "lack of evidence" - viz cowardly witnesses) stories like this really really get to doubt there will be Mums and Dads crawling out of the Bacup woodwork really really soon soon saying "He's a good lad really" - and other such platitudes - I need only refer to the murder of Gary Newlove in Warrington by similar scum - and similar platitudes by their scum parents. If my kids ever behave like sh*t - I'll happily tell the world - I guess I'm fortunate in knowing that they won't ...

Going back to Bacup - the bastards should swing - discuss .....

I know you're all looking for a Mossley v Wakefield preview - but this is just one story that ... - I needed to get this out of my head somehow - having wept all over Mrs Smiffy, it's time to weep all over you ....

So tomorrow we look for a last minute winner over Wakefield which will give me just enough time to say "Happy Birthday Bob" before shooting off to the Royal Exchange to see "The Children's Hour" ........

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bridge v Alfreton - 24 hours later ...

Well here are the pix ...

To the day/night - well you've all read about the miserable buggers @ Stalybridge Station acting like bloody Londoners. Well life improved I guess after that - and after slagging off various users at work trains seemed to work in the evening - I got home, quick change and out on the 1857 back to Stalybridge - I knew the game was on cus Rob Gorski said so (!!!), so a quick pint of "Silver Tally" (Prospect Brewery) at the Buffet before off up to Bower Fold - via the Hare and Hounds of course - got into the ground a couple of minutes late (having been presented with raffle ticket 494 - "in case of abandonment") - but a couple of minutes is all it took for Steve Torpey to put Celtic in front. It was a touch breezy (and bloody cold on the old shutter finger !) - and there was a "bit of a squall" part way through the first half - but Celtic looked good - very good - playing it on the floor (well they were against the wind first half). Winn scored a cracker just before half-time making the score a little more realistic...

Half-time - a pint and a warm before coming back a couple of minutes into the second half - and that bugger Torpey had done for me again - apparently a "Beckham" - using the wind from 40 yards out to lob everyone !!! 3-0 up and comfy. There were more chances, but eventually it was "down a gear" - and why not when you're comfy. Alfreton did get one back with 15 to go, but it was only ever going to be a consolation.

3-1 at the end - up to third for Celtic and the news from Workington gave everyone a little "extra" in their step down Mottram Road (I speak figuratively of course - most drove/caught bus/went in H&H !!). I walked it down to the mighty Tesco (had been given a short shopping list before coming out !!) - a quick one (two ?) in the Buffet before home. Too tired to do owt much - hence the "24 hours later" thingy.....

Now need to see if Derby are pummelling Chelsea (y'never know - ask a Barnsley fan !) - and that'll do until Mossley v Wakefield on Saturday.....

Stalybridge Celtic v Alfreton Town

All comments, photos etc are severly delayed due to high winds.... well every bugger else is using it as an excuse for incompetence - so why not me !!

Stalybridge won 3-1 mind .. second goal to be found here ..

Ashley Winn

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stalybridge Commuters are Miserable Toads !

Yes - that's you lot who got on the 0730 to Manchester Victoria this morning - having first let the dozen or so "Change for Piccadilly" people off the train ..... WITHOUT TELLING ANY OF THEM THAT ALL TRAINS TO PICCADILLY WERE F**KED !!

You be pleased to know that we spent a pleasant 60 minutes on Stalybridge station freezing our extremities off thanks to your kindness /commuter team-spiritedness. And why is that bloody "Quick Stop" never open when it's needed ?

So for me - left Mossley @ 0724 - arrived Cheadle Hulme 0915. D'you know - I've a good mind to withhold my £10 into the coffers of Stalybridge Celtic this evening .... but then again it's football.

Must go - it's 1010 and I've only just warmed up .....

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Crisis at Breadsall Priory ?

No no - the wedding went well - it was just this sight at the bar ...

So - a pint of Leffe it was instead..for the princely sum of £5-80 - I kid you not ...

Fortunately the free vino kicked in later (as did the poncy photgraphy !) ....

.. as did the half-time txt from Jules and the full-time call from Colin - a win at last for Mossley - what else could I do but carry on celebrating - although I did have to cut back to the keg Boddies at £2-85 as the night wore on and the free vino started to dry up.

A good day all round then - our very best goes to Amy and Andy - and the "wet men of Mossley" (yes I've seen the pix and vids on SJNR's site). This week (Tuesday) sees Stalybridge Celtic (anoth winner on Saturday against "bogey team" Workington) at home to Alfreton Town - assuming everything dries up there over the next 48 hours and we manage to avoid the winds, hurricanes, typhoons, tempests and general sh*te that is heading towards the South of England - hellfire I forgot - the "South of England" - this naturally makes it a crisis of Global Proportions if anywhere South of Watford cops for it (remember the "3mm of Snow Crisis" of 2003 - questions were asked in the House I believe !!) - bloomin' jessies ....remember ...THIS is a crisis ...

..not a bit of wind and rain ...

Going back to weddings - our oppo at work - Jonald - went off to China with his Chinese lady friend a couple of weeks ago - and returns to work tomorrow. Predictions have been made of him coming back "in the married state" (and maybe even bringing back the Mother-in-Law) - I had a txt yesterday from someone telling me it was all over Facebook as a done deal (don't know about the M-I-L though !). When I leave this - I'm going to have a look !!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Tomorrow's "Match"..

Mossley v Chorley... at Seel Park ?

I'm afraid not - tomorrow's big match is the marriage of Amy and Andy ... at Breadsall Priory near Derby:

Slight difference eh ?? Yes I'm sure you've all spotted that the Priory does not have floodlight pylons and a pie hut...

Fingers crossed that the Lilywhites can get something out of their game against another team below them - yes it's another "must win" and it's about time they won one of these "must win" games - but it is against a team who stuffed us not so many weeks ago up at "Victory Park" or whatever it's called now .... the news of Newcastle Blue Star's "self-relegation" from Unibond 1 North may cheer many up - but knowing the way these League Commitees work, I'd almost guarantee that the North West Counties "Blazers" will say to the Unibond "Blazers" - "We'll give you three of our teams - but we want one of yours in return" - or some similar lunacy.

I will be in touch with events at Seel Park via the beauty of the moby - but we must spare a thought for others - like Stalybridge at home to "Wukkie" (to stay in the play-off zone); Belper at home to Shepshed (to stay in the play-off zone); to name but two (viz. "I'm lazy and poor at research" !).

Meanwhile I'm sure you will all join me in a glass/can raising to Amy and Andy (who is part of the extended "Derbyshire Mrs Smiffy clan") - Cheers !

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mossley v Brid - in glorious "OMyGodColor"

Yes the pix are now available at ...

If only those two woodwork strikes had gone in early doors (you'll notice I missed them both !) ... hmmmmm ... and Belper hit the play-off zone in Unibond 1 South last night as well with a win at Stocksbridge ....

Mossley v Bridlington Town

Saturday's word was "cruel".....

Tuesday night's word has to be "shocking" ... and I'm not just talking about the miserable attendance ... or the 30 minute delayed kick-off ...

Last night's first half performance - in one stock picture ....

I got home last night - and just couldn't put "virtual pen to virtual paper" ... got the pix upoloaded onto pc - but they're not open to "public view" until I get home tonight (Wednesday)- think the best one might be of Brid's number 9 (McGarry) surging forward - which probably sums it up.

I sit here at work waiting for the Oracle Database to create - and the best I can come up with is, "At least we won the second half 2-1".

Some user is going to pay for last night's debacle today ......

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Wakefield vs Mossley

Cruel - that just about sums it up ... for now - pix at

1759 - I'll be back after tea....

1953 - like now ....

The weekend started early with haircuts for me and Peter – we’ve a posh wedding to go to quite soon, so it’s best bib and tucker type sh*t – those in the Derbyshire area may well know something about Breadsall Priory – for it is there we are going …suitably “haired”, we hared back to Mossley, I picked up bag and managed to grab a quickie in the Britt before joining the 1147 to Huddersfield. While we were all in the pub we got a txt msg “New Signing that will shock you will be playing today” – we’d found out who before the train had got to Greenfield !! Despite a 20 minute “change” in Huddersfield, we missed out on the two real ale emporia due to Topsy’s “bad leg” – we stayed in the Waiting Room near Platform 6, drinking canned beer and moaning about the “automatic doors” that stayed open just that little bit tooo long.

Arrived at Wakefield Westgate 15 minutes late (but then we all come to expect this kind of thing haven’t we ?) Armed with a few scribbled notes and a photo of the Tourist Information map on my baby Fuji we marched off – in the wrong direction. Fortunately the York Branch arrived quickly and thanks to the beauty of the mobile phone, we were soon heading the “correct” way through Wakefield, stopping at the “Six Chimneys” for that “Wetherspoon experience” – and then walking past the “Red Shed” to the ground.

The club outside looked OK (apparently very big in the Jazz world) – but we were told there was a bar on the ground so in we went – yes keg beer, but (even worse) plastic glasses !! And there was Adam Morning warming up on the pitch.

What can I say about the game that hasn’t been said already – we didn’t take advantage of the wind in the first half – apart from the “straight in corner” mind !! Second half – under the cosh a bit, Wakefield equalised, and as time ticked on we were thinking “This is a good point earned here” – and then …well you know the rest. It was very very cruel – but as has been said elsewhere, probably the best performance of 2008, and one that should give us all hope for the next of the “must win” games at home to Bridlington on Tuesday night.

Walked back into Wakefield (past some interesting hoardings - the "Dyslexic Building Company" - or is it because of "legal stuff" in case shops decide not to get involve ?) for a slurp (Black Sheep Bitter) in the “Elephant and Castle” opposite the station. I was heading for Derby – and after having found out the cost of a single – absolutely f**king criminal – I headed to Leeds for a sulk before getting a train – going back though Wakefield - which had a lot of brassed-off Newcastle fans on it ( we compared notes about late goals – and drank canned beer of course !) - to Derby. As the trains to Belper at that time are like – scarce – I nipped over the road to the Brunswick and had a pint of the house brewery’s “CherryB” – and rather nice it was – I’m not a great fan of sweet beers, but this was very very tasty – so I had another….

Train to Belper – sleep. Today – a quick walk down the Derwent (see my jolly "panorama pic" on the Belper message Board) before “lunch out” and a drive home. Take-away tea tonight (disaster !! “Spice of Life” pizza machine is broken !!)….

….and now this …bring on Tuesday …