Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bank Holiday + Bad Weather + Internet =

... like this - but twice as full  and using an elastic band as 'buckle extender' !!

 ...a heavy day at the mail-face (or should I say parcel-face).  The long weekend online shopping frenzy finally hit us today ... bulging sacks (oo-err) being the norm - and naturally loads of peeps not in !  Never mind - we'll soon be able to "officially" leave packets with neighbours (see here), unless of course you "opt out" of the scheme.  Personally I reckon this idea is "back to front" - it would make more sense for people to "opt in" to the scheme - but hey what do I know ...

Just spent a happy hour stripping wallpaper in preparation for some plastering work that's to be done - "farewell old woodchip - you held the wall together so well" - proper Victorian stuff with horsehair and all that stuff.  Waiting for car to arrive so I can go out and buy exotic stuff like PVA, Bonding and Multi-Finish - happy days ...

Curzon Ashton v Northwich Victoria ...

... in the FA Cup replay - a really really good game to watch was this.  Talking to a few Curzon fans before the start, they expected the home team to 'walk it' following the first game - reckoned Northwich were very poor.  Not what I saw on Tuesday night - they took a well deserved lead - twice - before being pegged back by a Curzon team who - once they fell behind - started to shift into gear.  At 2-2 it could have gone either way ... but it went into extra-time.  During extra-time it could have gone either way ... but it went to penalties.  Cometh the hour cometh the man - as in Curzon 'keeper Josh Ollerenshaw.  Two spectacular saves meant that Curzon went through 4-2 on penalties - with Maltby Main being the visitors to the Tameside Stadium in the next round.  Pictures from last night's game (including ALL the penalties !!!) at

Aaah the pictures - as mentioned before, I did the first half with new lens on old camera ... and even with the tiny tiny screen I was satisfied that the whole "kerfuffle" was NOT a lens problem.  Second half - and beyond - saw new lens on "newer" camera (with some different 'calibration settings') - and I think I'm finally happy - although comparisons are never perfect.  One more daytime game (Saturday natch - but where ?? dunno yet) should confirm everything.

We wait ... we see ...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ashton Utd v Nantwich Town

A 2-1 victory for the home team keeps their 100% record this season - all the better for grabbing the late winner when down to 10 men as well.  Two good teams on the pitch, and it could have gone either way in my humble ...

Some pictures at

Still got problems pictorially - but I'm fighting it/working on it etc etc  - see how tonight goes at Curzon Ashton ...

Problems Problems ...

... of the new lens variety - aargh !!

One from Saturday ...

... and one from yesterday ...

... using centre-point focussing as well.   Between the two games I did try using the "microfocus" option on the 50D but it hasn't made much difference.  Next attempt tonight !! (one idea that I has spotted on the web is to "get rid of the cheap filter" - also looking at the two sets, it appears I was actually 'closer' on Saturday than I was yesterday.).  I'll get yesterday's pics up sometime soon - I did manage to get a set together from Saturday's game - although there just seemed to be more OOF pics than normal.

Obviously - it's not just a case of "strap it on and shoot" - in fact the problem might even be with the camera body - might just try "half and half" tonight with the old 20D camera first half and the 50D after the break.

Aaah the mysteries of calibration ... any assistance gratefully received as well !!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"The Bullet" has been bitten ...

... either that or "I succumbed to the temptation" !!! 

Got an e-mail yesterday evening about 2000 hrs - offering me 10% of all the Canon products they were selling ... sooooo ... £100 off a lens that I've been umming and aahing about for a few months (yes the Canon 70-200 f2.8 non IS) - I couldn't really turn it down - so three hours later ... I didn't !!!!!!!!

Hopefully arriving tomorrow - so I can make a pr*t of myself on Saturday (safely outside the "Six Tame Sides" zone !!)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stalybridge Celtic v Gainsborough Trinity - Take 2 ...

... after a bugger of a day at work (got a sore foot now and the alcoholic anesthetic ain't really working !!) - pretty much the full 10 hour jobbie !!

Looking back at last night - I may have been a "touch harsh" (not as harsh as some of them buggers on the Celtic Message Board mind !) ... a new team will take time to blend - certainly the "full-on" pass, pass, pass wasn't quite there - the reversion to long ball didn't help either - it'll come I'm sure.  It'll certainly be a baptism for some on Saturday when Celtic take on Droylsden - not only the "local derby" syndrome, but the Bloods will still be smarting big style from their 1-7 reverse at Guiseley last night (the seventh nail incidentally coming from ex-Celt Stephen Brogan ...).  I shall watch Twitter etc with interest ...

Anyways - pics from last night now up at

Plans for the weekend have changed somewhat - early idea was to cover Droylsden Reserves (a favour for a mate) - yes I know it's FA Cup day (bravo to the FA for putting a round of the Cup on the Saturday before Bank Holiday Monday - so if there are any draws, bang goes most clubs Bank Holiday "local derbies" - really though that one through haven't they ??).  So ... I'll be missing the obvious game for me anyway (as in Mossley v Bootle) ...  Mrs Smiffy is on hols in Cornshire at the moment ... but will be returning to Belper on Saturday - I have car so I'll be heading down that way to courier her home - suppose I'll have to go and watch Holbrook Sports v Belper Town in the FA Cup then ... whether I get there for kick-off is another thing - Holbrook might be just a couple of miles from Belper (and also where Mrs Smiffy's sister lives - she's also been on the Cornwall jaunt) - but I do have to "go workies" in Saddleworth first.  Might just have to take a "change of coat" to hide the RM uniform !!!

One thing I've noticed this season ... there's a fair few goals going in, both in the Conference North and the Evo-Stik - 8-0, 6-0, 7-0 7-1, 5-3 etc (not mentioning team names ...) - got to be a tempter for the floaters/couch potatoes eh ??

Stalybridge Celtic v Gainsborough Trinity - First Shout ...

... yep I'm in "catch-up" mode as usual (when there's two games in 24 hours).  A disappointing start for the home team (when I say start I mean first home game) in more than one way - a 380-ish crowd is poor - as is a 1-1 draw really ... but hey ho they're off the mark and I'm sure Boss Harvey knows where the problems lies (as do the 380-ish crowd ... viz "need a strike force up front" !!).  One pic for now of Joel Bembo-Leta opening the scoring tonight ...

Promise more tomorrow - but it might be late - today I've had three phone calls from work ...

1 - Can you work your day off - 4 hours 48 minutes
2 - Can you do an extra half round - 2 hours 30 minutes
3 - Can you come in and prep - 3 hours 0 minutes

Why not ???

Curzon/Garforth Pics from last night ...

... are now up and running at ...

It would be cruel to say it was men against boys - because it wasn't ... Garforth gave it their best shot - but once they went behind in the 14th minute (as in "BUGGER" - my Golden Goal ticket said 17 !!), it was a case of damage limitation up to a point.  Young Danny Greaves may have shipped six goals  - but he kept a similar number of chances out as well - so no disgrace there.  Turning up with only two subs doesn't really help the cause either.  When Kris Dennis scored his fifth (and Curzon's sixth) he was subbed - I'm sure it wasn't the "sympathy scene" (?) but Curzon went totally off the boil  after that - and I'm sure it wasn't the  "sympathy scene" (?) either ...

When you think of the Garforth Town team that turned up at Curzon at the end of last season for the play-off lottery - and took it to the penalty shoot-out - it's sad to see what's happened to them over the summer.  I've no intention in getting involved in the "Simon Clifford" debate (see elsewhere on t'internet) - other than he appears to have 'ditched' his team whilst keeping his "Brazilian B*ll*x" going - obviously more money in that side of things - sad, sad sad  ...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garforth hit for Six !

More tomorrow - but I did miss goal number 5 !!


"Always look on the bright side of life" ... Garforth's 'under-fire' 'keeper Danny Greaves

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mossley v Bamber Bridge

No happy returns for ex-Lilywhite Steve Settle - just a bloody nose !

 Always nice to start the season with a win - although it took two tremendous saves from Mossley 'keeper Martin Pearson, and an 86th minute penalty from Kayde Coppin to secure the points.  A fairly even game I thought with few chances at either end - although as mentioned earlier Pearson did well on two occasions to keep the home side in it ... and one first half thunderbolt from Gary Gee nearly took the crossbar off !!!  The penalty was hotly disputed by the visitors, but from where I was stood (OK crouched !) Madeley was clearly pulled back by his shirt (no photo evidence though I'm afraid !).  Coppin stepped up to the mark and confidently converted.  Pictures from the game at

A quick troll around the other "Tame Sides" - obviously Hyde went down 1-2 on Friday against Luton Town; Droylsden lost 0-1 at home to Boston United - with Bloods' 'keeper Paul Phillips keeping the score down apparently; Stalybridge Celtic had a bugger of a start - losing new 'keeper Andy Ralph with a double leg-break inside the first ten minutes ... and going on to lose 1-4 at Workington;  Ashton United featured in a high-scoring game at home to Worksop Town, coming out 5-3 winners (this game also marked the debut for Ashton snapper Jez's new lens - results here !!); and finally Curzon Ashton gained a 1-1 draw away at Salford City, who played the last 15 minutes with 10 men.

Right ... that's the weekend's football done and dusted - time to do "other stuff" (OK I DID muse over sneaking over to Yorkshire to watch Wakefield and Skelmersdale United - yes Mrs Smiffy away (!) - but the thought soon passed ...)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hyde v Luton Pictures ...

... now up and running at ...

... next job - today's Mossley/Bamber Bridge efforts ...

J*s*s Ch***t !!!

.... just got back from the Mossley game - more soon natch !! But checking out the Evo-Stik website ... 

Ossett Albion 0 Trafford 8 (eight)

... with ex-Mossley's Mike Oates scoring 5 (five) 

That's some start to the season !!!!!!!!!!!

(Late 2210hrs Edit - having seen the sentences handed out to some Russian GirlyBand - who no-one has EVER heard of - title has been suitably "tweaked" - who's to say that there's THAT much difference between the Putin and Cleggeron regimes !)

Hyde FC v Luton Town - first shout

... as ever trying to be the "journo" (as in "get summat up for the morning after" !!)  A 2-1 defeat for the home side, but that's certainly no disgrace - taking the lead (Blinkhorn ?) as well.  Talking to a Tiger' in the "Sportsman" pre-match (yes my public transport plans factored in a quick pint of Rossendale Brewery "Sunshine" !!!) he reckoned anything less than a three goal defeat would be a bonus - and they certainly got a bonus tonight.  A very even first half - although Luton certainly had more of the chances - and then Hyde taking the lead (I believe I've a crap OOF picture of the shot) !!  However (in my humble etc etc), it seemed like a double-edged sword, as Hyde then seemed to revert to long-ball tactics whilst Luton certainly stepped up a gear.  Two goals from the visitors (the second goal "made" by their keeper Tyler who came 20 yards outside his box to clear a Hyde attack - and his clearance led to goal number 2), but even then Hyde pressured late on - but to no avail.

If I were a Hyde fan, I would not be unhappy with that performance (although maybe tactics might be worth looking at - when Hyde were pressuring Luton were certainly worried).  Another pointer for Hyde in this "new" league - I noticed a lot more elbows/pushing/shoving blind-side of liners when the ball was being moved upfield - whether that's just Luton or not I'm in no position to say. Didn't take that many pics tonight - I tried to be "pro" up to a point, but my trusty stool finally gave up the ghost (I don;t take it out that often - but it went to Wembley in 2009 for the FA Vase Final, so it's a bit of a bereavement).  

Unfortunately - for me anyway - there were a few "issues" with security as well tonight - hey ho no big deal but it does restrict one's piccy taking a bit.  Three years ago the Football Conference issued "Photographer's Licences"(which included snapper's having to take out £2million public liability insurance).  Even then though there were no "passes" - all you had was a licence number.  This seems to have died a death (they used to e-mail me for renewal etc) - but if you've got an "access all areas" type of thingy that you can wave at some of these "jobsworths" it might help.  I still even now keep paying for the £2m liablity thingy ... just in case - because it works both ways.

Anyroad up - still to go through all the pics properly (hence the "first shout") but I've picked one out for now - you might take loads of pics (I don't - tonight the princely sum of 100  - just checked !)  - but you do know when you feel you've took a good'un  - and here it is ...

... will sort the rest out later - but need bed soon as work calls later today before heading up the hill to watch Mossley kick off their Evo-Stik campaign against Bamber Bridge ...

Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Thursday Night Out ...

Again - no monkey - lost in Hartlepool allegedly !!!

... Mrs Smiffy has run off to Cornwall !!!  Back to the "Railway" in Greenfield to see the music  - and it was Harp and a Monkey ... roll back (almost) three years and they played at Mossley AFC Social Club (pics here !!)

Tonight ... slightly less space (as in no stage etc) - but I had a go ...

Home ... and now I'm charging up batteries left right and centre in preparation for two matches in two days ... yes,  football's coming soon !!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another Rail Fiasco ...

... following on from my slagging of of Theresa Villiers last night after her "comments" regarding the ridiculous inflation-busting train fare increases ... today we see First Group taking over from Virgin on the West Coast Main Line franchise - because they bid more money !

Now I've been a firm believer in re-nationalisation of this country's rail network (John Major - another tosser - thank you so much for all your hard work in the mid-90's).  However - since the privatisation, only one franchisee has actually stood out; and that's Virgin.  Branson has promised so much - but unlike others he's actually DELIVERED.  Here's a guy who actually offered to run the National Lottery on a "not-for-profit" basis ... but no - it was given to Camelot who are no doubt taking a tidy slice for their bloody shareholders.  I've no doubt that governments both past and present, Labour and ConDem are scared of Mr Branson - because he shows them up to be the lying shysters that they really are ...

Two political rants in two days - obviously not enough footy around ...

(Nice goal from Jagielka mind ... OK I'm sat in front of telly (with volume at 0 !) whilst 'laptopping' )

Snook out last night ..

... at the last minute - went up to Stalybridge for the annual "Meet the Manager/Players/Usual Suspects" Night - some photos at

Good to see Hyde keeping their unbeaten run with a 0-0 draw at home to Barrow last night- not too much to read about at the moment, but it seems it was a fair result - shame to see on the Stalybridge "shout box" that they're comparing the Tigers to the Droylsden team that "hit the Prem" a few years back and ended up with a paltry 19 points (comments such as "only 17 to go" etc etc).  Unnecessary I feel - Hyde will do a lot better than that - guaranteed !

Tonight - a night in ... England game - you must be joking - banging out a friendly minutes before the season starts is little more than ridiculous ... but I suppose it helps to pay off the "Wembley Stadium debt" in some way - next thing you'll tell me is that they're doing an FA Cup round on the weekend before August Bank Holiday - thus creating the possibility that Bank Holiday Monday 'local derbies' get cancelled due to cup replays - oh yes that's what they ARE doing - well done F.A. - another winner - NOT !

QUICK UPDATE AT 1812 (!) - apparently it's not at Wembley ... it's at that stadium in Switzerland which makes many people giggle a little bit ...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Theresa Villiers ...

Complete tosser ...

...normally I would have replaced the letter 'o; with '*' ... but she's not worth it - totally out of touch with the real world.  

Here endeth tonight's party political broadcast on behalf of the "less than rich" ...

Ashton United v Rochdale

... friendlies pretty much over now - but last night was a good test for Ashton United and despite losing 1-0 they gave a very good account of themselves.  I think I mentioned after the Curzon game that a few tweaks might improve the team ... and it looks like Danny J (Ashton boss) is heeding my advice (!!!!!!!!)  Looking very tidy at the back - and there's bags of promise up front ( I reckon the re-signing of Ben Deegan is a master stroke) - add to that some "tigerishness" (is that a word ?) in midfield (Burke, Kosylo), and there's something there for the 2012/13 season.  A few pics from last night at

Hyde FC kick off their Blue Square Prem home season tonight against Barrow - seems they're going for the segregation option as well - some "miffed peeps" on their message board, but I see it as a "test run" for the Luton game on Friday night.  I'm sure Barrow won't bring that many down tonight, so it'll be a useful "run out" for the off-pitch people.  All the best for tonight from me - I won't be there - but will hopefully get down on Friday for the Luton game (anything to get my head on TV - even if it's a "minority channel" !!).

Backlog ...

... and slowly catching up - some pictures from Llangollen and Dunham Massey from the "weekend away" at

(quite pleased with the "wild deer" efforts !!)

... and got pass-out for tonight's game between Ashton United and Rochdale - a 1-0 win for the Football League side but I saw plenty of positives for the Robins - as did many others there tonight I'm sure.  Interesting to note Godwin Abadaki (at Hyde last season) playing for the visitors !

... and here's one pic to prove it ... believe this is Matty Burke getting a shot in 

More later ...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

48 Hours Away ...

... doing some walking around Llangollen (and Dunham Massey today - came back to England to escape the rain ... unfortunately it followed us !!).

Early catch-up ... from Thursday night when I wandered back over to Greenfield to see some Bluegrass at the "Railway", kindly provided by Tony Auton and the Cheyenne Social Club - yes took camera as well !!

More to come from the rest of the weekend later on I guess ...

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Curzon v Robins ...

The rest of the pics now up at

It was a bit of a stroll for the away team really - Curzon appear to be missing something "tall" at the back at the moment - apparently one's injured and one's working in China - I'm talking about Andy Watson and Graham "Goose" Kay.

Still - it's only a friendly - even though there WAS some silverware at the end of it all (which I missed due to reasons explained in previous ...!) - and I'm sure John Flanagan (Curzon boss) knows where he's going.  On the other half of town though I'm sure Danny Johnson (United boss)is well pleased ...although I can see a few "bits and bobs" that need refining a touch - but that's just me - and I'm no bloody Manager !!!

Football over for the week - I've got Friday and Saturday off work - and so am off to do - yes you've guessed it - a bit of walking ! This time on the Offas Dyke Path in the Llangollen area (bits that we missed all those years ago (as in "pre-blog" time !!!)

Ashton Derby - early shout ...

Well it IS 0010hrs ...

Just a couple from tonight's game at Curzon ... Ashton United won 4-1 - and it was pretty comfortable in the end.  Curzon came out after half-time like a house on fire - but it didn't last I'm afraid.  Didn't stop for the cup presentation as I had to get to a supermarket before 2200hrs and then catch train at 2218hrs - all successfully done (and many thanks to the - unfortunately no name - Ashton United fan who gave me the lift to the supermarket !!).

Here's a couple from tonight - trying to be impartial like !!!

I'll do some more tomorrow - promise !

Apparently I missed some "kerfuffle" up at Mossley - not only did they beat FCUM 2-0 (so I'm told - as yet seen no official confirmation), but apparently they played for a while under 50% floodlights when one side "went out" - no doubt find out more later ....

... and for those who may see me tomorrow in Greenfield/Uppermill - not only will you suffer the RM Shorts ... but I also have a "Hamster" on the right side of my face - a bloody abcess that's "exploded" over the last 15 hours - hopefully it will properly "explode" soon - otherwise it's a trip to emergency dentist - or dox for some anti-bios - we'll see ...
Enough for now anyway.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Suffering Thrush ...

... sounds worse than it actually is though !!!

Wandering around the TV room today ... "Jenny" ...

Late last night the boys returned home with a bird ... of the feathered variety.  Found on the street, and the problem was it was not "wandering the streets".  Home it came then.  With small boy only being the "Lizard King" it was time to phone up the "Birdlady of Mossley" (aka Shaz) who came round, checked it out and found a cat bite/scratch under the wing.  So ... bird spent a jolly evening in our TV room in makeshift nest (Tetley beer box with a "Metro" for bedding !).  Boys took it up to the vets today - no infections etc. - still in some shock mind - but when I saw him/her today, it was a lot brighter than yesterday (i.e. moving).  Vet says "a couple of days and it'll be fine to release".  Another victory for Animal Rescue !!

On way up to vets in makeshift bird carrier - entitled "100% of your cat's daily needs" !!!!

Got a "touch moist" at work today, but fortunately it wasn't too heavy - I'll be dry in an hour or so - irony is that the sun is blazing down now !! BBC tells me that the next few days will be tropical however, so the shorts may come out for an airing tomorrow (advice is to avoid Greenfield and Uppermill !!!).

Football tonight - contrary to popular belief, I'll be giving the Mossley v FC United friendly a miss in favour of the Curzon Ashton v Ashton United 'Arthur Clancy Cup' friendly.  I need to drop some photos (OK CDs of photos) off to the Ashton United crew ... and I'm sure FC United will have their normal 27 photographers present - all better than me and with much better kit (!).  So I'm sure you won't go short ...

Now - carry on drying ...

(P.S. One Olympic observation ... reckon Phillips Idowu feels a right plonker this afternoon following all the "Is he/Is he not fit", "training camp avoidance" and the "sounds of silence" - and then failing to even make the final - reckon he owes Charles van Commenee an apology ...)

MIDNIGHT UPDATE - "Jenny" (now apparently a female blackbird !!!) flew out of the window (after flying into the window first !) - but then did nowt for a while - so was coaxed back into the house for another night of Bed and Brekkie and rehab ... another night without TV for me  - s'pose I'd better get a couple up from tonight's football ...

Sunday, August 05, 2012

#FootballFail ... Blame the Mail !

My worst fears for Saturday were confirmed at about 0745 in the morning when I saw the amount of mail arriving at Uppermill DO. It's been early start/late finish all week, what with covering for injured colleague - and added to that, a few weeks ago I'd promised a favour to one of the other guys (who was heading off on holiday and needed to finish early) that I'd "do a bit" for him as well on Saturday, so the time I was done (approx 1545hrs) and the time I got home (1610hrs) it would have been pointless heading off to Hurst Cross (and expensive too - i.e. taxi !) so I knocked it on the head.  Pointless he says ? - found out later that the game had gone to a penalty shoot-out so I might have JUST made it for that !!!  Still - not to worry - plenty more games in the sea ...  so it was a case of settling down and watching some runnin' and jumpin' instead - picked a good night for that !   We're now up to 14 new stamps to be issued by Royal Mail (the "Gold Medal Winners" thingy)

Remember Italia 90 ... ?

I mentioned "penalty shoot-out" earlier - sad to see that perennial "bĂȘte noire" of football on this 'scepter'd isle' rearing its ugly head again for poor old Team GB - that Stuart Pearce connection no doubt !!

Hey- ho ... it's Sunday, it's a day off to rest my weary legs - and the sun is shining at the moment.  Best go and buy that "Non League Paper" before the (predicted) rain arrives ... plus a copy of the local "Tameside Reporter" - apparently I'm in it (the Blogging Oscars thingy !) - also made it onto the "Saddleworth News" website - this 15 minutes of fame is stretching out !!

P.S. Excuse the tie !!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Stalybridge Celtic v Grimsby Town - Version 1.1 in the rest of the pictures (been lazy with the "post-processing" - well it was a friendly and it's been a busy week etc etc - hey ho, here y'go)

Back later ..

Stalybridge Celtic v Grimsby Town - Version 1.0

Another loooong day at the mail-face - this "overtime bonanza" is certainly eating into my eating/sleeping/drinking/football/getting to bloody football time !).  No time to check out all the pics from tonight's game - I've still got to try and sort last night's stuff from Ashton United out as well.  0600 kick off in the morning - and God only knows what time I'll get up to Hurst Cross for the Ashton United/Mossley Willow Wood Hospice Cup game - if at all (and I'm being serious here ...).

Still - tonight - a good all-round performance by Celtic against their higher league opponents - as with the Man City game a few weeks ago some half-time changes "up front" seemed to reap rewards in the quality of play - all I ca offer on pics at the moment are the two goals (or at least my take on 'em)

1-0 - Kristian Platt

2-0 - Mitchell Austin

Game finished 2-1 to Celtic - and a thoroughly deserved win it was ...

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Sunset @ Hurst Cross

... and I'm afraid the rest of tonight's pics are pretty much "copyright AUFC" - that is when I get round to doing 'em.

FRIDAY EDIT - OK ... apart from this one ... this "Player Profile" palaver can be toooooooo much for some (I blame the new (?) tattoo !!!)


Reputation on the line ...

Just spent 40 mins taking team and player pics for Ashton United (due to holiday commitments of the Robin's snapper).  Hope they turn out OK - or else I'm down to Five Tame Sides this season !

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Mossley v Altrincham PSF

A good 1-1 draw for the home team - who were certainly not overawed by their "higher level opposition" - in fact for long periods of the game it was Mossley who looked like the Blue Square North team - seriously !  As it was it was Altrincham who took an undeserved lead before a quickly taken free-kick by Kayde Coppin caught almost everyone unawares squared up the game.  Pictures at

... reckon the home team will be the happier on last night's performance ...

This week at work has turned into an "overtime bonanza" due to an injury incurred by one of my colleagues (slipped on a wet, greasy step).  However - a double-edged sword - no way was I going to be able to get home, get sorted and get down to Old Trafford to use up my other Olympic ticket tonight (so it's all MY fault these 'empty seats' !!!).  It will also cause a few problems on Saturday as well I guess - rest assured I'll get to the Ashton United v Mossley Willow Wood Hospice Cup game as soon as I can (but I shouldn't have a problem on Friday night though - Stalybridge Celtic v Grimsby Town) ...

Coming Soon .

Mossley/Alty pics etc - it's been a long day @ mail-face & I have tea duties first ...