Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hyde FC v Luton Town - first shout

... as ever trying to be the "journo" (as in "get summat up for the morning after" !!)  A 2-1 defeat for the home side, but that's certainly no disgrace - taking the lead (Blinkhorn ?) as well.  Talking to a Tiger' in the "Sportsman" pre-match (yes my public transport plans factored in a quick pint of Rossendale Brewery "Sunshine" !!!) he reckoned anything less than a three goal defeat would be a bonus - and they certainly got a bonus tonight.  A very even first half - although Luton certainly had more of the chances - and then Hyde taking the lead (I believe I've a crap OOF picture of the shot) !!  However (in my humble etc etc), it seemed like a double-edged sword, as Hyde then seemed to revert to long-ball tactics whilst Luton certainly stepped up a gear.  Two goals from the visitors (the second goal "made" by their keeper Tyler who came 20 yards outside his box to clear a Hyde attack - and his clearance led to goal number 2), but even then Hyde pressured late on - but to no avail.

If I were a Hyde fan, I would not be unhappy with that performance (although maybe tactics might be worth looking at - when Hyde were pressuring Luton were certainly worried).  Another pointer for Hyde in this "new" league - I noticed a lot more elbows/pushing/shoving blind-side of liners when the ball was being moved upfield - whether that's just Luton or not I'm in no position to say. Didn't take that many pics tonight - I tried to be "pro" up to a point, but my trusty stool finally gave up the ghost (I don;t take it out that often - but it went to Wembley in 2009 for the FA Vase Final, so it's a bit of a bereavement).  

Unfortunately - for me anyway - there were a few "issues" with security as well tonight - hey ho no big deal but it does restrict one's piccy taking a bit.  Three years ago the Football Conference issued "Photographer's Licences"(which included snapper's having to take out £2million public liability insurance).  Even then though there were no "passes" - all you had was a licence number.  This seems to have died a death (they used to e-mail me for renewal etc) - but if you've got an "access all areas" type of thingy that you can wave at some of these "jobsworths" it might help.  I still even now keep paying for the £2m liablity thingy ... just in case - because it works both ways.

Anyroad up - still to go through all the pics properly (hence the "first shout") but I've picked one out for now - you might take loads of pics (I don't - tonight the princely sum of 100  - just checked !)  - but you do know when you feel you've took a good'un  - and here it is ...

... will sort the rest out later - but need bed soon as work calls later today before heading up the hill to watch Mossley kick off their Evo-Stik campaign against Bamber Bridge ...

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