Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stalybridge Celtic v Gainsborough Trinity - Take 2 ...

... after a bugger of a day at work (got a sore foot now and the alcoholic anesthetic ain't really working !!) - pretty much the full 10 hour jobbie !!

Looking back at last night - I may have been a "touch harsh" (not as harsh as some of them buggers on the Celtic Message Board mind !) ... a new team will take time to blend - certainly the "full-on" pass, pass, pass wasn't quite there - the reversion to long ball didn't help either - it'll come I'm sure.  It'll certainly be a baptism for some on Saturday when Celtic take on Droylsden - not only the "local derby" syndrome, but the Bloods will still be smarting big style from their 1-7 reverse at Guiseley last night (the seventh nail incidentally coming from ex-Celt Stephen Brogan ...).  I shall watch Twitter etc with interest ...

Anyways - pics from last night now up at

Plans for the weekend have changed somewhat - early idea was to cover Droylsden Reserves (a favour for a mate) - yes I know it's FA Cup day (bravo to the FA for putting a round of the Cup on the Saturday before Bank Holiday Monday - so if there are any draws, bang goes most clubs Bank Holiday "local derbies" - really though that one through haven't they ??).  So ... I'll be missing the obvious game for me anyway (as in Mossley v Bootle) ...  Mrs Smiffy is on hols in Cornshire at the moment ... but will be returning to Belper on Saturday - I have car so I'll be heading down that way to courier her home - suppose I'll have to go and watch Holbrook Sports v Belper Town in the FA Cup then ... whether I get there for kick-off is another thing - Holbrook might be just a couple of miles from Belper (and also where Mrs Smiffy's sister lives - she's also been on the Cornwall jaunt) - but I do have to "go workies" in Saddleworth first.  Might just have to take a "change of coat" to hide the RM uniform !!!

One thing I've noticed this season ... there's a fair few goals going in, both in the Conference North and the Evo-Stik - 8-0, 6-0, 7-0 7-1, 5-3 etc (not mentioning team names ...) - got to be a tempter for the floaters/couch potatoes eh ??

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