Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wet Night @ Stalybridge - UPDATED

More tomorrow morning - deadlines etc ...

UPDATE - It's now tomorrow (or slightly later today if you look at time of original post !).  I each team about 45 minutes each, to be fair - here's the "best (?) of the rest" ...

Stalybridge Celtic 0 Boston United 1

... a few unhappy Celtic fans last night - words/phrases like "tinkering", "best on the bench", "didn't turn up", "coo .. innit wet !" and the like were being bandied about.  Patience is a virtue ... but it seems to be wearing a bit thin for some ...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Clattenburg = Clueless

(To be a "touch" fair - pic NOT from today's game)

Now as you regulars know ... I'm not a great fan of the over-hyped, overpaid stuff that is Premiership football - but I do tend to find myself in pubs now and again with it blasting out on big screens/HD etc etc. (my excuse today was having done the painting - mentioned in previous - I needed "a break" - and having suffered the Man City game last night, 'twas only fair that I kept one eye on t'other side of town this afternoon).

But if that's the state of refereeing at the highest level - what hope have we got ???  Down "at the bottom" of football, we've seen some duffers - but we've also seen some good 'uns who have made it through to the very highest level (think best example here was Uriah Rennie who I watched go up and up - and he was a good 'un). 

However .... Clattenburg has got previous, as they say - and today he ruined a keenly contested game with two highly "iffy" red cards (you wonder if he's getting free chewing gum off Fergie - just a thought).  Trust both of those red cards will be appealed - and maybe rescinded - but obviously it's too late for Chelsea who having got back from 0-2 down to 2-2 - thoroughly deserved on the immense pressure they exerted - saw their chances of going on to win extinguished by the clown in charge.

IMHO - this guy wants sacking. End of.

Mossley v Lancaster City

"Workmanlike", "dour" - a couple of the words that have been used elsewhere to describe this game - truth be told it's not a bad description of the photographs either !!!

Still - if a team can come away with the three points even when playing in second gear most people will go home happy (except the noisy Lancaster contingent - big up to them for turning up in force despite the chaos on the railways between Manchester and Huddersfield ).  Shame to see a once strong team - as Lancaster have been for a number of years - struggling like they are.  In the end though it was a couple of "poky goals" that saw Mossley come out on top, and with other results going their way, the Lilywhites now have an eight point cushion at the top of the Evo 1 North.  The "dour and workmanlike" pictures can be found at

Mossley 2 Lancaster City 0

A midweek break now for Mossley - which gives me the chance to head down to Bower Fold on Tuesday night to see Stalybridge Celtic play Boston United (who have asked me to "do for them" as well !).  Got to go now though - some more of this new plaster needs a primer coat on it !!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just for the Hell of it ...

Mossley's win comes later ... but I thought these might be interesting ... my thought at the time ...will the digital readout go through to three figures ....and yes it did ...

So the answer was "YES" - meanwhile Mossley beat Lancaster 2-0 - pics later ...

Belting win for Hyde today  ....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kendal Town v Ashton United ...

A rare "charabanc trip" for Smiffy on Tuesday - fortunately it was a "chara with a loo at the back" !!!Having decided late on Monday that trains to/from Wakefield were too tight to be safe I went for the Ashton United option up to Kendal Town.  A smooth - and surprisingly fast - journey up saw time for a wander into town, find a cash machine and a couple of pints of Hawkshead Bitter in the "Ring O'Bells" before heading back to the "CosySeal Stadium" (aargh !!).

Kendal - in my humble - just about edged the first half and went in a goal to the good, but in the second half the introduction of Matt Kosylo made all the difference - more width for Ashton and both Kosylo and Johnson took full advantage and the equaliser by Burns was richly deserved.  However that "30 seconds after a goal" moment kicked in and Kendal went back in front.  To be honest they should have wrapped it up from there but they managed to miss a sitter before Ashton headed straight back down the other end and gained a penalty in about the 92nd minute - coolly converted by Aaron Burns.  A good point for Ashton in the end.  Some pics from the game at

Kendal Town 2 Ashton United 2

Fast journey home - quick whizz thru pics in case there was anything Ashton could use for their Saturday programme (well you never know !!) before bed and early start today ... and another bloody grueller !!!  Seems to be the thing for Wednesdays at the moment (they're always bad - tis the day that all the weekend internet activity finally gets to arrive in the mail bag - but the last couple have been particularly painful !).  Home - cook tea - eat tea ... and then it was putting a coat of primer onto the newly plastered front room ceiling - aargh my back !!  Finally sat down about 2230 to sort pictures out properly - and now this ...

Note Mossley's 6-1 win at Wakefield yesterday has moved them six points clear at the top of Evo 1 North what with Skelmersdale and Clitheroe drawing their respective games.  Wakefield now have a "James Bond" home record  ( you work it out - it's late !).  Hyde's FA Cup replay at Harrogate Town was called off due to a waterlogged pitch - apparently Harrogate have installed new drainage ... and it's "not quite there" at the moment (4 games called off already this season).  So Torquay United still await a winner ... game apparently re-arranged for next Tuesday.  Good to see Belper doubling their league wins with a 2-1 defeat of our old friends Newcastle Town, while Curzon Ashton were denied by a 90th minute equaliser at Farsley.

Received my copy of the "Cambridge News" as well today - apparently it was a busy weekend football/rugby/horse racing-wise so just three pics on page 5 - I'm happy though !!  Reckon it's Mossley v Lancaster on Saturday - it'll be interesting to see bring this amazing away form back to Fortress Seel Park.  Next Tuesday it's Stalybridge Celtic v Boston United - and I've been "asked to do" for Boston - unsure whether programme or paper but - whatever ... have camera will travel ...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Picked the Wrong 'un ??

So ... I eschewed the perceived aggravation of going to Wakefield in exchange for an "easier ride" - up to Kendal on the team bus to watch Ashton United.

Mossley win 6-1 ...

Hey-ho, never mind - a late late penalty by Aaron Burns earned Ashton a point up at the "CosySeal Stadium" (Parkside Road as far as I'm concerned still !!) - and here's the pen ...

... promise more tomorrow ...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Football this midweek ...

... locally ... bugger all.  Only realistic option (and I say "realistic" having checked out the train times - and it's bloody tight !) is to head up to the mighty Wakefield Wildcats Stadium to watch the less than mighty Wakefield take on the "mighty" Mossley.  Easy getting there - tis the return that involves running/jumping/taxiing etc etc.

What the hell ... it's football ... and it beats that cr*p on the telly ...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lens Rage !!

... one story I did enjoy from a few days ago - the dozy bugger that dropped a Canon 70-200mm (IS I believe as well !) into the Polar Bear enclosure at Nuremberg Zoo ...

Love to see the insurance claim form - I don;t reckon stupidity is a valid argument ... although there's plenty of photographic evidence (via Nikon cameras !) to back it up.  More pics here !!!

Next time ... be more careful !

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Droylsden v Histon - 20Oct12

... well I got there in the end !!!!!

A good grafting morning - and afternoon saw me finish work at about 1450 hrs - straight home in car - throw off RM fleece - throw on coat - grab camera bag (all prepped !) and drive straight down to Droylsden arriving about 1520hrs.

Just in time to get sorted and catch the Histon penalty (and the build up before).  I'd already decided to "do the game" from a Histon viewpoint because Droylsden have Degsy to do their piccies - in fact we compared notes just before half-time, as he's similarly upgraded to a Canon 70-200mm f2.8.  "How many pics have you taken ?" was one question ... I'd taken 22 ................ he'd taken 257 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  One thing at least - he told me it was 1-1 (as I'd missed the Droylsden opener due to late arrival) - and 1-1 it was at half-time.  I then spent 15 minutes avoiding the bar (well I had the car - and I'm good like that !) - it's a bit of a pain as I always reckon a pint (or two !) before the game helps my shutter finger  - but needs must on certain days I guess.

A strange game really - a lot of chances at both ends but the quality finishing was missing (maybe explains the positions of both teams in the league table) - but Histon took the lead with a cracker and then it was cut and thrust at both ends ... the board went up for 5 minutes added on - and some really concerted pressure from Droylsden - corner - cracking save - another corner - led to a late late equaliser from Nat Kerr.  

So - pictures - from a Histon viewpoint - to be found at 

Droylsden 2 Histon 2

(and in the interests of fairness - I'll put a link here for Degsy's pix when he gets them sorted).  Attendance ... 187 - oh dear ... no way of staying at this level of football with those sort of crowds ...

Now ... I'm going to cook my tea - after game it was drive home dump car and run (OK walk fast) to pub for that "shutter finger beer" - OK I had three - and then we had to sort all pics and this stuff out.  Tonight I will be mostly eating bacon, egg, sausage and mushrooms with a large slab of tiger bread - because I'm worth it !!

One for Sharing ...

Made it to Droylsden ... starting to go thru pix now ... but I knew this was a good 'un, so I'm banging it out early.

Adrian Sear has just put Histon 2-1 up - and I think he's a touch pleased !!!!

More later - promise !!!

What a Bunch of ...

... nice tea (pizza) - just checking e-mails etc on return and I find this pile of cr*p in my inbox ...

Dear Mike Smith,

An all-star cast of senior UK bankers assembled at the British Bankers’ Association’s annual conference in London this week to debate the future and culture of their much-maligned industry.

The chairmen of the five biggest banks headquartered in the UK spoke yesterday at an afternoon panel discussion entitled 'Banking 2020: A Vision for the Future'. Sir Philip Hampton of Royal Bank of Scotland, Sir Win Bischoff of Lloyds Banking Group, Sir David Walker of Barclays, Sir John Peace of Standard Chartered and Douglas Flint of HSBC, were interviewed by Laura Kuenssberg, the business editor at ITV News.
The panel focused on the familiar themes of regulation and pay in the UK banking sector, 
The panel agreed that the structure of remuneration in the City needed to change and that levels of pay would continue to fall.
Sir Philip Hampton at RBS said that pay had been “grotesque” in the past, adding: “It was completely out of line with pay in other sectors and completely out of line with shareholders returns.”
Bischoff said the industry needed to “get back to basics” to be able to justify pay and that it also needed to work harder to “explain what those basics are”. He added: “There is a mystique about banking, we have to demystify it.”
Walker said that focusing pay on revenue generation alone had been negative for the industry. He argued for bonus decisions to be made using a “scorecard approach in which revenue generation plays no part”. is still seeing trends with new candidates looking for more pay as they change jobs and successfully move to their next role, generally with more pay. Maybe the time is right to make that move before regulations about pay start restrict the hiring process.

To be honest I REALLY feel for Douglas Flint ... the only one without a knighthood ... nice to see the small (bad grammar !!!) endpiece from the recruitment company i.e. "get in now before the pay goes down" - kind of negates all the sanctimonious claptrap that went before !!

...and it's a fond farewell to Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell I see as well - maybe he'll have to join us "plebs" in the real world - somehow I doubt it though.

Apologies for the politics overload this evening ... but "we are all in this together" I believe - ha !! ... let's get work/overtime out of the way ... and Frith willing I'll get some "pleb sport" later today ...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Not looking good for tomorrow ...

... another godawful day - although not as bad as yesterday though.  Added to this there's problems tomorrow - so we're all "pitching in" to cover, which may make any live football a bit tricky (I'm being SOOO polite here ...).

We'll see how it goes ... even if it means just a second half ... even if it means "driving" to a game (aarrgh !!)

... and the Christmas rush has yet to start .................................

Nice to hear about Osborne trying to scam a first-class seat with a standard class ticket as well - oh yes "we're all in this together" ... and don't get me into the "taser a blind guy because his white stick looks like a samurai sword" ... what a crazy world we're living in ... never mind - unemployment's down - allegedly).  Politics head off - going out for tea soon.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aaaargh - Elections ...

.... twas the watchword at work today - turned in to find literally hundreds (OK I counted 470 for starters) of polling cards for the "Police Commissioner" Election wotsit in mid November - and that was only on the one half of the walk.  Plus getting absolutely hammered with packets made for a very late finish today.  Fortunately Mrs Smiffy was on a "late one" tonight (doing a training course until 1830), so still had time to concoct the perfect tea (pork with leeks, onions and red peppers in a beer - yes not cider - sauce and fry-lite potatoes and soy sauce steamed brocolli). 

And then we went to the pub for a couple of hours !!!

Weekend football ... I'm looking at two choices - either Stockport County v Stalybridge Celtic (FA Cup) or Droylsden v Histon.  Mossley are away at Salford City (another tricky one against a top 10 team) - but a change is as good as a rest.  The way work is going at the moment though the best bet is finding a local pub with dodgy TV, but I promise better than that ... somehow ! Plus I ain't been to Droylsden yet this season - and if I go there I can always get in touch with my mates at the "Cambridge News" - and get some more photographic exposure/kudos/etc (cus Degsy will do the "Droylsden end" - I could concentrate on the visitors  attack/Droylsden defence !!!).  So maybe praying for a Stalybridge draw - so I can do the replay (not unlike last season - although that was "only" the FA Trophy)

Interesting to see the BBC Price of Football Survey today - it worked out for me that the best/cheapest thing to do was watch a game at Montrose, buy a programme at Inverness CT, have a cup of tea at Alloa and a pie at Brechin - only problem with that was the petrol costs driving between the grounds - and that's not including driving "oop there" in the first place.  Think I'll stick local !!

And so to Friday - about 11 minutes ...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mossley v Skelmersdale United - 16Oct12

... well what a let down that was ... here's the pictures (my total for the evening was 52 - which says it all really)

Mossley 0 Skelmersdale United 2

Mossley well beaten on the night - no complaints.  On the upside ... I only had to go up the road - rather than to Warsaw.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big Game Tonight ...

Mossley (P10 W8 D1 L1) - top of the table
Skelmersdale United (P6 W6 D0 L0) - 4th

... says it all really ...

The only downside is the Poland/England game which is on "terrysteel" telly - and mark my words it's going to be a bit chilly outside tonight.  The upside of course is that television has reached Mossley - and it'll be on in the Social Club ...

... so why not ??? Best of both worlds ... if you're a bit nesh you can come through the gate (and give Mossley some dosh), stand in the Social Club (and drink beer and give Mossley some dosh) and watch Ingerrlund on the box and watch Mossley out of the window...

I know where I'll be ...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Finishing Tea ... watching Felix ...

Fingers crossed - I know exactly where I was on 21st July 1969 at about 4 in the morning - in front of the telly - good luck to Mr Baumgartner today !!

Later edit ... thanks to the beauty of bablycam, Windows Movie maker (and sound effects from George Thorogood and Mrs Smiffy) ... here's the "leap of faith" ...


Curzon Ashton v Bamber Bridge

As predicted ... I gave England a go on Friday night ... only 5-0 ? Hmmm - even Mossley got more than that on Saturday afternoon (a 6-0 thrashing of bottom club/crisis club Garforth Town) !! 

Aaah yes, Saturday - no problems at work - although I did miss the train into Ashton (that'll teach me to eat food !).  However the bus got me into 'town' early enough and a brisk walk up to the Tameside Stadium got me there in time for a pre-match lemonade (always calms the shutter finger y'know !).  Visitors Bamber Bridge got off to a flyer, taking the lead after only 6 minutes through captain Luke Atherton.  Curzon looked a touch disjointed to me, but kept plugging away and grabbing an equaliser just before half-time ... only to throw it away two minutes later with a defensive 'cock-up'.  Curzon boss John Flanagan must have had the loan of Sir Alex Ferguson's hair dryer because they came out after the break with all guns blazing equalising almost immediately after the restart (yep ... I was still coming out the club/loo !!).  Two more goals in two minutes put the home side right on top, and try as they might, Brig were unable to get back into the game.  So Curzon get back on track after their 2-1 reverse at New Mills last Monday.

This Sam Walker effort was chalked off for offside ...

However that 6-0 win mentioned earlier keeps Mossley firmly on top of the Evo Stik 1 North for now - but Skelmersdale United kept their 100% record for the season with a 4-0 defeat of Harrogate RA .... if if anyone out there is at a loose end on Tuesday night - may I recommend a trip to Seel Park to see Mossley play ... Skelmersdale United.  Now that should be a real test - for BOTH sides !

Pictures from the Curzon game can be found at
Curzon Ashton 4 Bamber Bridge 2

... and yes - it started to get a bit chilly over yonder Ashton Moss as the game progressed - gloves are a definite for the camera bag now I feel !!   Grabbed a lift back to Mossley after the game (cheers Dave !!) before getting changed and heading down to Manchester - the Royal Exchange to be exact - to see "The Country Wife".  The train into Manc was fun (not !) - but we were just glad we weren't going t'other way !!

Look out Greenfield /Marsden/Slaithwaite/Huddersfield - the "Rail Ale Bell Ends" are coming ...

An interesting play - a "Restoration Comedy" that was very rude in its day - and with me having been up since 0545 hrs, it was hard work concentrating on following the language (a bit like following a Shakespeare play when you're not much of a "language afficianado" !!) - and even the linguists in our party agreed that some of the dialogue was "a bit fast"!  

Royal Exchange last night ... sneaky snap !!

Home on the last train - not quite as bad as going down - time some some quick admiration of the plastering which had been going on all day - the rest is being done now as I type - and a quick peep round the scores ... as well as the two results already mentioned, Ashton United got a very good 2-1 win away at Hednesford Town to make up for that midweek defeat by Marine; Stalybridge went to Worcester City and won 2-1 thanks to a Kristian Platt winner three minutes from time; Droylsden continue to struggle following a 3-0 reverse at Gainsborough Trinity; and last but by no means least Hyde FC got a welcome 2-1 home win over Tamworth in their 1830hrs kick (part of the "Non League Day" wotsit) - still bottom of the Conference Prem, but they came from behind to beat a team 17 places above them - well done !

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fun-Filled Friday .... NOT

Into work in Uppermill at daft o'clock - no probs - a "Manager" turned up and said "Need to check your satchel" ... apparently "satchel" is a good old-fashioned phrase for "big red postie bag" !!!  Apparently a lot of security checks going on in the OL area at the moment, bags and cars - and (off the record QED etc) a few peeps have been 'found wanting' (read into that what you will !!).  Anyway ... I was clear/clean/whatever you like to say, and I dutifully did my early morning overtime before heading over to Greenfield ... to an office with no electricity !!!  They were prepping by candlelight - honest !!!  Think naked flames/paper/cardboard etc - a health and safety nightmare ...  naturally made everyone late (overtime suitably booked - in my case overtime on top of overtime !).  Finished late - natch - and then went for the apres-work shandy.  Checked out phone to tweak into pub wi-fi (I'm so cheap !!) to find "no O2 network - emergency calls only".  here we go again.  Got home - straight onto web (Orange !!).

... but the phone still said ....

... last time this happened (July ???) I was given a 10% discount of my monthly bill (whoo-hoo ... £1-35 !!!).  We await developments this evening ...

Anyways ... Friday ... Mrs Smiffy on "works do" in the big bad city of Manchester ... might just wander out and see if Ingerrrlund can do what they ought to - as in get into double figures against the mighty San Marino !

Because of all this "international football type rubbish" tomorrow has been designated "Non League Day" - check out Aaron's blog for a very well-argued view on the same.  Round here, there's the option of an 1830hrs game between Hyde FC and Tamworth - however I find I'm due at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester at approx the same time - bugger !!  Hey ho - will just have to make do with a normal Saturday afternoon-type game (as in Curzon Ashton v Bamber Bridge).

Tomorrow also sees (hopefully) the next stage in the "Get the House Replastered" Saga.  The plasterer (our second effort) has promised to turn up at 0830hrs tomorrow (psshhh - I'll have done two hours graft before then !!) to "go" for doing the computer/front room ... viz ...

(well a pic of two of the four walls he's doing anyway !!).  So if I want to 'relax' in the TV room to watch the footy at home - it looks like this ....

Reckon the pub is the best bet tonight - with it being on terrestrial, I'm sure many peeps will be relaxing in their less-than-cluttered TV rooms - please note that we DO have a bigger telly than the tiny portable shown in the pic (there was apparently a remote control/battery scare on Wednesday night whilst I was at Ashton United).

It's all good fun ...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ashton United v Marine Pics ...

... now up and running at 

Ashton United 2 Marine 4

My "90 minutes in 5 words" remains as per last night's post ...

Wednesday ....

... yes - went up to Hurst cross tonight - and saw a cracking game between two "top of the table" sides.  4-2 obviously flattered Marine - they may have looked comfy at 2-0 up in the first 20 minutes ... but Ashton came back big style,got one back and looked the much better side for the rest of the half.  Caught cold in the first minute of the second half but came back, made it 3-2 and were pushing on for an equaliser  for the best part of the second half - but then a comedy goal (!!) made it 4-2 right at the death.

No disgrace from the home team - they were up against a very good team tonight - and took 'em pretty much all the way  Can only pass on one phot0 for now - it's 1150 and I've gotta be up at 0545hrs tomorrow !  Anyway ... here's Peers ....

Rest tomorrow .....

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Having a "Night Off" ...

... so please don't be expecting a view of tonight's Mossley v FCUM Manky Cup game. 'Twas getting silly - too many Mossley games - and me getting flak for the same (if you look thru the blog ... I've not even made it to Droylsden this season - something I really need to sort).

Until then (errr when ) footy tonight (although I will keep eyes o the scores.   As regards "real" footy - I'm going to Hurst Cross tomorrow night to see if Ashton United can get "league revenge" over Marine ...

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Saturday ...

... probably the heaviest Saturday (post-wise) for many many weeks.  Add to that Mrs Smiffy "went away" on Friday evening (friends in Longsight then on to Mums in Belper today) so ... no car to enable quick getaway.  I was (to be honest) hoping to get to Stalybridge today for their FA Cup game against Whitby Town - which they won 3-1 by the way) - because otherwise I was going to end up watching four Mossley games in a row) - however that's the way it goes - 1355 (late) train from Greenfield back to Mossley - dash home - get changed - eat summat - and by then it's 1430 ... so it was up t'hill to Seel Park.

An interesting game - Warrington reduced to 10 men fairly early, but they had the nouse to re-arrange and keep Mossley at bay - 0-0 at half-time and the early part of the second half saw Mossley unable to "get through" a well-drilled Wires defence.

... and then there were nine - another red card for the visitors ...  but Mossley still struggled despite the pressure until ... Sam Madeley pulled another one out of his magic hat to put the home team 1-0 up.  'Twas all that was needed to be honest (although give Warrington credit - they DID "get up there" a few times).  But it finished 1-0 - so Mossley still top of the table ... but I reckon there's still some "tweaking" needs doing in certain situations  - but we'll leave that to da management ... pics from today at

Mossley 1 Warrington Town 0

OK that's all outta the way - wife's away - what next ???  I was hoping to be able to sit down and watch a DVD which I ordered last weekend off FleaBay (and was "marked as despatched" on Tuesday) ... but it ain't arrived - bloody Royal bloody Mail (for those interested - it was/is "Dogma" with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon ... we have a "dodgy" CDR of same which refuses to play in the DVD player so I shelled out the grand sum of £2-48 + free p&p for a kosher version). T'other option tonight was the Saddleworth Real Ale Festival - but it's £4 in - and it's already eight -thirty !!  Plenty of jobs "to do" tomorrow so I ought to make the most of the next three and a half hours - presently listening to my collection of Finnish "Battle Metal" (Ensiferum giving it some as we type !!) - maybe I'll trawl further on't'net - large boy put me onto Manowar the other night (check out "Warriors of the World" - OK they're Yanks but not as "shouty" as the Scandinavians !!).

One thing missing - another newspaper with one of my pix in it - the "Belper News" has one of my pix from the Ilkeston/Belper game - I'll get round to "showing off" sometime soon !!!

Enough here for now ...

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Off Football ... On Spellchecker !!

.. just for fun - spotted this on my travails around the Saddleworth area this week - the "Gig List" at the Railway in Greenfield ...

 Emphasis naturally on the Sunday afternoon offering ... apparently "The Inciders" IS correct, but "Scar Reggae" ???  Wonder if they feature Slash on guitar !!!

(P.S. I put 'em right ...)

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Mossley/FCUM Replay Pics ...

... now up at

Mossley 1 FC United of Manchester 3

Saturday was definitely the "big chance" and it went ... and for me Mossley never looked in it last night - Kayde Coppin scared the living daylights out of 'em on Saturday down the middle - last night he spent too much time out wide and the two wide midfielders didn't seem to be getting as far forward as they did on Saturday ... but what do I know ...

Hey-ho - back to league action on Saturday, before FCUM return next Tuesday for a Manky Premier Cup game. 

One Decent Result Tonight ...

OK Stafford Rangers and Belper Town have won ... but ...

Virgin 1 First Group 0

That's a good 'un !!!

Mossley well beaten on the night - no complaints to be honest - officials were really poor but it wouldn't have made that much difference to be honest ... pix etc tomorrow evening ...

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Game On ...

... tonight @ Mossley, despite the rain (tell me about it !!) ....

Since that lengthy (22 hour) Saturday ... up early on Sunday, and we then proceeded to take the front room apart - all wallpaper off, all dodgy plaster knocked out, all carpet/underlay removed - all ready for the plasterer.

All cr*p removed to tip (OK recycling centre as they're called in these pc days !!) - Mrs Smiffy cooked tea (small boy's birthday tea - "small" = 20 years old !), collapsed in heap later on.  Monday ... weather passable, did work, cooked tea, fitted skirting board in small boy's room, collapsed in heap later on.  Today ... weather cr*p, did work, filled skirting board "gaps", slapped a coat of paint on new plaster in small boy's room, wrote this.  Off up to Seel Park very soon to watch/snap.  Will collapse in a heap later on (maybe get some pix up first ??? we'll see !!!).

In early tomorrow - weather supposedly cr*p again - haven't decided on menu yet - might slap coat of paint on new plaster in large boy's room after work - might just collapse in heap.  

Anyhow - football - go - NOW !!!