Saturday, October 20, 2012

Droylsden v Histon - 20Oct12

... well I got there in the end !!!!!

A good grafting morning - and afternoon saw me finish work at about 1450 hrs - straight home in car - throw off RM fleece - throw on coat - grab camera bag (all prepped !) and drive straight down to Droylsden arriving about 1520hrs.

Just in time to get sorted and catch the Histon penalty (and the build up before).  I'd already decided to "do the game" from a Histon viewpoint because Droylsden have Degsy to do their piccies - in fact we compared notes just before half-time, as he's similarly upgraded to a Canon 70-200mm f2.8.  "How many pics have you taken ?" was one question ... I'd taken 22 ................ he'd taken 257 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  One thing at least - he told me it was 1-1 (as I'd missed the Droylsden opener due to late arrival) - and 1-1 it was at half-time.  I then spent 15 minutes avoiding the bar (well I had the car - and I'm good like that !) - it's a bit of a pain as I always reckon a pint (or two !) before the game helps my shutter finger  - but needs must on certain days I guess.

A strange game really - a lot of chances at both ends but the quality finishing was missing (maybe explains the positions of both teams in the league table) - but Histon took the lead with a cracker and then it was cut and thrust at both ends ... the board went up for 5 minutes added on - and some really concerted pressure from Droylsden - corner - cracking save - another corner - led to a late late equaliser from Nat Kerr.  

So - pictures - from a Histon viewpoint - to be found at 

Droylsden 2 Histon 2

(and in the interests of fairness - I'll put a link here for Degsy's pix when he gets them sorted).  Attendance ... 187 - oh dear ... no way of staying at this level of football with those sort of crowds ...

Now ... I'm going to cook my tea - after game it was drive home dump car and run (OK walk fast) to pub for that "shutter finger beer" - OK I had three - and then we had to sort all pics and this stuff out.  Tonight I will be mostly eating bacon, egg, sausage and mushrooms with a large slab of tiger bread - because I'm worth it !!

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