Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aaaargh - Elections ...

.... twas the watchword at work today - turned in to find literally hundreds (OK I counted 470 for starters) of polling cards for the "Police Commissioner" Election wotsit in mid November - and that was only on the one half of the walk.  Plus getting absolutely hammered with packets made for a very late finish today.  Fortunately Mrs Smiffy was on a "late one" tonight (doing a training course until 1830), so still had time to concoct the perfect tea (pork with leeks, onions and red peppers in a beer - yes not cider - sauce and fry-lite potatoes and soy sauce steamed brocolli). 

And then we went to the pub for a couple of hours !!!

Weekend football ... I'm looking at two choices - either Stockport County v Stalybridge Celtic (FA Cup) or Droylsden v Histon.  Mossley are away at Salford City (another tricky one against a top 10 team) - but a change is as good as a rest.  The way work is going at the moment though the best bet is finding a local pub with dodgy TV, but I promise better than that ... somehow ! Plus I ain't been to Droylsden yet this season - and if I go there I can always get in touch with my mates at the "Cambridge News" - and get some more photographic exposure/kudos/etc (cus Degsy will do the "Droylsden end" - I could concentrate on the visitors  attack/Droylsden defence !!!).  So maybe praying for a Stalybridge draw - so I can do the replay (not unlike last season - although that was "only" the FA Trophy)

Interesting to see the BBC Price of Football Survey today - it worked out for me that the best/cheapest thing to do was watch a game at Montrose, buy a programme at Inverness CT, have a cup of tea at Alloa and a pie at Brechin - only problem with that was the petrol costs driving between the grounds - and that's not including driving "oop there" in the first place.  Think I'll stick local !!

And so to Friday - about 11 minutes ...

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