Sunday, October 31, 2010

A WIN for Mossley !

... and if you're looking for the result of the Manchester FA Youth Cup game between Mossley Youth and FC United of Manchester Youth ... this is NOT the place. I offer up the following ...

Ho ho ho ...

(EVENING UPDATE- Make that "TWO WINS for Mossley !" - the Youth team beat FCUM Youth 4-1 this afternoon ... nice one !)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mossley v Nantwich Town

... and it all started so well ...

... end of October ... end of Mossley's interest in all Cups for the season ... unlike last week though, the game finished with 22 players on the pitch (and a substitute goalkeeper on the Mossley bench !).

Personally thought Mossley gave a good account of themselves today - but a combination of bad luck, missed chances (really need more of a killer instinct at times) and some very questionable offside decisions meant that another "beatable team" went away with the honours. We've shown we CAN compete with teams from a higher level - the next step (in "now we can concentrate on the league" mode) is to transfer the good bits from the last month - and hopefully to learn from some of the bad bits. We're EIGHT games behind AFC Fylde (!) and six behind most of the others - time to start moving up that league. In the meantime- some pictures from today at

Mossley 2 Nantwich Town 3 (FA Trophy)

(One notable result from today was Curzon Ashton putting one over FC Halifax Town today to the tune of 2-1 ...)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun Friday ??

suicide computer animation blood pictures, backgrounds and images

Wonder if this animated gif will work ?

... "de-lousing" small boys pc which was awash with "win32/callitwhatyoulike" type viruses (virii ??). In the end it boiled down to a "sod it ALL off and start again" type of 'fix' - and have now spent the last few hours attempting to re-build (it's an XP machine so we're starting from several years ago and working forwards ...) - we're getting there !!

FA Trophy versus Nantwich Town tomorrow - hoping to be there for 1500 hrs - but first some work - and I've also offered to "help out" with a touch of overtime- just hope I'm not inundated on my own walk first !

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Escape to Windermere - Part 2

Orrest Head

... went up on Wednesday straight after work - well almost - first job was to clean up a pile of cat sh*t (our aged cat is slowly going loopy - Catzheimers Disease or something - and had managed to "download some brownware" behind the TV - as in all over the four-way plug and its constituent pluggage - a right royal mess !!! Ended up driving through monsoon conditions after leaving the M6 near Kendal arriving about 2000 hrs in time for food etc ... Today a gentle five miler to the top of Orrest Head and down towards the Troubeck valley before turning sharp left back towards Windermere. Lazy afternoon watching people make tea - before eating it (!) and catching the 1815 train back home (left car up there with Mrs Smiffy) together with small boy who also came back. Finally got round to buying him his 18th birthday alcoholic beverage (only one month late) at Stalybridge Buffet Bar before getting home about 2100 ... some pix from today at

Orrest Head Windermere - 28Oct10

Notice that Darlington "did the double" over Mossley by beating our Youth Team 3-0 in the FA Youth Cup last night - hey ho ... other than that, it might be worth seeing what's happened in the world today - so I'm off to the BBC website - now ...


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mossley v Curzon Ashton - Presidents Cup

Matty Kay goes close ...

... our second meeting in 7 days ... and our third cup exit in a similar time ...
A much-changed side from the Darlington "episode" went behind after 10 minutes when Danny Shannon find both time and space to put Curzon 1-0 up ... and after that, many chances were created - but many chances were missed before Shannon made it 2-0 right at the death. It's late - again - so I'd wait for the official word ( for more words ... here's some piccies to keep you busy though ...

Mossley 0 Curzon Ashton 2 (Presidents Cup)

Later today (Wednesday) the Mossley Youth team have a chance to atone for the failure of "big team" when they visit Darlington in the FA Youth Cup - I wish them well. Me - work and then back up to Windermere for another 24 hour "whistle stop visit" (day off on Thursday).
October's "cup month" ends on Saturday with the visit of Nantwich Town in the FA Trophy - let's hope for a positive in this one eh what ?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mossley v Darlington - Pictures - Eventually ...

... OK - looks like I lied a bit about only finding half-a-dozen ... still not best pleased mind (probably watching Mossley concede six goals and lose three players didn't help duting my "initial consulatation") - but what do you expect when you're doing it "on the cheap" (relatively speaking - that's camera-speaking !). Anyway - take it or leave it - I offer up

Mossley 2 Darlington 6 (FA Cup 23Oct10)

Back down to earth tomorrow ... albeit STILL a cup-based earth ...

Sunday above Ambleside

2000 foot above Lake Windermere

... some pictures from our "big walk" around the Fairfield Horseshoe at

Fairfield Horseshoe - 24Oct10

At work today - started to make inroads on the Sky Magazines - which to the best of my knowledge appeared early last week while I was on holiday ... and never moved (not well chuffed about that - will have serious grumbles to my lino when he re-appears tomorrow after his "day off"). Still ... home (and dry more importantly !) by 1600 - to this ...

... and if you're still looking for some pix from the Darlington game ... so am I !

Hope you're not expecting too much ...

... home (0015) after a 25 hour trip to Windermere - excellent 12 miler today (the "Fairfield Horseshoe" around the top end of Ambleside) - unfortunately camera packed in halfway round due to problems with batteries ...

... which I guess leads on to the football from Saturday afternoon - not a lot to say really, apart from the fact my pictures appear to be absolutely AWFUL ... not had a real proper look, but what I've seen appears to be fairly cr*p in more ways than one. It honestly looks like some of my gear is finally showing its age (and relative cheapness - compared to some of the tackle on show at Seel Park on Saturday afternoon). Still ...
for starters ...

Red One

Red Two

And this apparently led to ...

... (a blurry) Red Three

Can't be bothered to say much about the game - the Mossley XI - then X - then VIII - worked their socks off for 90 minutes - 6-2 flattered the opposition I felt. It wasn't a dirty game - OK, one really really bad tackle for which Rowney deserved to walk - but we end up with three red cards ...

If I can rustle up the enthusiasm, I'll try and find half-a-dozen pictures worth sharing - but I might struggle ... don't hold your breath ...

Friday, October 22, 2010

I Beered !!

... yep, bobbed down to Stockport to give it a try - poss turned up a "touch early" - but then I got home early which is good really innit ?? A couple of pix from tonight ...

The beers ...

The entertainment - an oompah band called "The Von Krapps" !!

But answer me this - why the hell was Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead there tonight ???????????

So - home early doors really - up and ready for the big game tomorrow (all batteries charged etc etc). Can Mossley win ? I am strangely confident - seriously - that they can get a result out of this one. Let's see - but first a quick five hours of graft - followed by football - followed by drive to Windermere. No idea when I'll be back on - maybe - just maybe - about 2330hrs on Sunday night ... at the earliest - we'll see ...

To Beer or not to Beer ...

... October Beer Festival in Stockport starts at 1700 hrs this evening - and there may be a few of the old Simon-Carves crew there (both "ex-employees" and "poor buggers still there"). In work tomorrow morning before the big FA Cup game in the afternoon - and straight after the Mossley/Darlington clash, I'm driving up to Windermere for a "brief stay" - as pointed out before, I was unable to get next week off work, and Mrs Smiffy has rented a cottage "up there" for a week's worth of family and friends "dropping in and out" for a few days at a time. I'm obviously back on Sunday night for work on Monday morning - boo hoo ... (also worth pointing out that there won't be any pictures from the Darlington game until late Sunday night/early Monday morning at the earliest !)

So ... if I'm not drinking on Saturday afternoon with having to drive later ... think I WILL take in a couple of hours at Stockport this early evening ...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday "Railway Walk"

... some time off from household chores - a bus into Oldham and - basically - walk home down the old railway line to Grotton - next project will probably be to find the "other end" of Grotton Tunnel and finish it off by heading to Greenfield - and maybe carry on towards Delph. A few (!!) pictures from today (including some more of that unexpected urban fox !) at

Railway Walk - 20 Oct10

Back to the housework etc tomorrow - but I think I'll leave that plastering skim coat until Friday though ! In fact - if the weather's up to scratch I might even get round to pointing the top patio - the mortar is sitting in the garden shed - and has been for a few months - otherwise a kitchen wall to repaint and a couple of sockets to replace ... for starters anyway ...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Railway Walk" - an Appetite Whetter ...

More to come - I'm cooking tea at the moment ...

Mossley v Curzon Ashton - Manchester Premier Cup

... a Mickey Mouse cup ?? Only when you lose !!! It was a cold night up at Seel Park, and the expected (by me and a few others anyway !) "Reserves v Reserves" game ... wasn't (although Curzon had a fair sprinkling of their fringe players on show, Mossley were pretty much full strength). Disappointing from a Mossley viewpoint - although having seen Curzon only three days ago, I knew that they were good ! Some supporters seemed to think the visitors were a trifle "physical" - I disagree. I felt that more than one Mossley player last night was "just holding back a touch" (for Saturday ?) which made any hard challenge look that touch worse.

So 3-2 to Curzon - a late-ish goal from Mossley set up a frantic last five minutes, although I reckon no-one (on AND off the pitch) fancied extra time. Not a brilliant night behind the lens either - missed the neat touch for Curzon's first goal, and missed Chris Rowney's goal just after half-time as I was still queuing up to get out of the warmth of the bar !! Anyway here you go ...

Mossley 2 Curzon Ashton 3 (Manchester Premier Cup)

So - Curzon get the local "bragging rights" - for seven days anyway, as the two teams meet again next Tuesday in the First Round of the Presidents Cup (more Mickey Mouse stuff ? We'll wait and see the result !).

One "flashback" moment to days gone by - if you check out the Evo-Stik website results section you'll see this (click for big) ...

Nice typo ... Chris Downey left Mossley over four years ago !!!

Right - that's the footy over with until Saturday ... mmm - Saturday ... I'm off out on my "Industrial Heritage Walk" today - starting at the site of Oldham Clegg Street Station and finishing somewhere in Grotton. Pictures etc. later on ...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

... so down to the kitchen ...

... and I spot this fella on the garden fence just outside - why does he/she always turn up when I've got a scruddy lens on my camera ??

Plaster still not dry enough - fire now on ...

Getting Plastered on a Tuesday Morning ...

... and so the restful holiday continues ... knocked all the perished (100+ year old !) plaster off the wall yesterday ...

... and here's the first coat of browning bunged on this morning (as you can see the cat is suitably unimpressed !!)

... and so to luncheon ... and when that plaster has gone off a bit more, I'll stick the second coat on - skim it later in the week I think. Also, after a damp start, the weather is clearing up a bit now in preparation for tonight's "local derby" 'twixt Mossley and Curzon Ashton in the Manchester Premier Cup ...

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Bit of a Sunday Walk

... following the B&Q trip me and Mrs Smiffy embarked on an 11 miler - straight out of the door and in a big loop taking in Carrbrook, Slatepit Moor, Swineshaw Reservoirs, Ogden Clough, "The Wilderness" (very boggy !!), Chew Reservoir and the home across Wimberry Moss, down to the Oldham Way and Tameside Trail before arriving home five hours later ... some pics at

Sunday Walk - 17Oct10

Roasted a gorgeous lump of topside of beef (with veg and roasties !) before collapsing in front of the box ...

Today - the job list began by filling the screen washer on the car (always fun remembering how to open the bonnet - do it so rarely !!) - this - and next on the list will be halogen bulb replacement in the front room light, before starting on the week's "biggie" - knocking the knackered plaster off the wall and redoing same (I suppose I ought to find some dustsheets first ...).

Off we go then (cuppa tea first mind !) ...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Curzon Ashton v Skelmersdale United - FA Trophy

... well, I couldn't make it to Shepshed (where Mossley had a comfortable 4-1 win apparently) - but I did make it to the rather nippy Tameside Stadium to see Curzon Ashton and Skelmersdale United in the same competition - it's been another long day (0530 until now - eek !) so words are at a premium, but I did expect a more evenly matched game given the league positions of both teams. As it was, I saw a comfortable win for the home side - who now visit Mossley on Tuesday night for a Manchester Premier Cup First Round game. Here are the pictures from today ...

Curzon Ashton 3 Skelmersdale United 1 (FA Trophy 1Q)

(and yes I did miss the consolation goal for Skem - I was wandering round looking for somewhere warm to sit !)

One other Trophy that does deserve a mention though - Matlock Town 10 (ten) Bedworth United 0 (nil) - where Ross Hannah scored 7 (seven) for the Gladiators - possibly a record ??

Time for bed now I feel ...

(Morning memory addition following the B&Q trip - Curzon now run out to a version of "Kashmir" - unfortunately not the Led Zepp one; and for the first two goals we had "Glad All Over" - Dave Clark Five - before reverting to the usual "I Feel Good" by James Brown - I felt you all ought to know that !!!)

Friday, October 15, 2010

One More Day ...

... at work and then I've got a week's holiday. "Hooray !" in some ways, but "Bugger !" in others - I'd have much preferred the week after (it's called half-term by Mrs Smiffy), but holidays are booked/allocated up to 12 months in advance at Royal Mail - and being a relative "newbie", I was left picking up the scraps. Still - a job list has begun - starting with replastering the wall where the radiator fell off (!!!!) - and checking the wiring on the front room light fitting (old and very very "iffy").

Chalked up a good chunk of o/t this week anyway (including a bit early doors tomorrow) - but I won't be "driving like mad" for a second week in a row - this week it's Shepshed v Mossley in the FA Trophy - you can't do 'em all. My choice of footy will still be an FA Trophy game mind - Curzon Ashton v Skelmersdale United.

Sad to hear about the death of Malcolm Allison today - astonished to find out he was as old as he was (i.e. two years older than my Dad !) - he must have looked about 45 for at least 25 years ... trust there will be a big fedora on top of the coffin.

Talking of death (or at least someone who should be by now - I'll be arranging a street party) I heard this quip today ... courtesy Martin from Stalybridge ...

"Margaret Thatcher must be gutted...Her 85th birthday and she can't make it to her own party, she's sat at home and the only thing on telly is a load of miners celebrating!"

So - Saturday = work + football; Sunday = B&Q for plaster + walk + topside of beef; next week - we'll see ... one plan I DO have for one of the days (i.e. a nice day weather-wise) is to go into Oldham and walk back along the former railway track between Oldham and Grotton. Having been catching the bus into Oldham for work these past months, I've spotted various bits that have been turned into foot/cycle paths and the old bridges as well - not really a Mrs Smiffy-type Sunday walk - one for me and the camera I feel ...

(plus the plastering and wiring of course !!)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mossley v Lincoln MR - the Pictures

... right - done the rest - and here they are ...

Mossley 4 Lincoln MR 1 (FA Cup Replay)

That's all folks - official report here - looking forward to a heavy day tomorrow at work - have promised to do an extra half-walk after my own in exchange for 2.5 hours o/t - and may yet get the call for another 1.25 hours o/t early doors - eek !

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bring on Darlington ...

The usual "quickie" after a night match these days - think back 12 months or more - when I was in that desk-bound job working for a company that was slowly but surely dying (thanks to incompetent management followed by brutal decisions by Indian owners - who incidentally did a bit in Delhi for the Commonwealth Games - believe "their bit" worked out OK somehow), I'd think nowt about staying up till 0200 hrs to sort out the pix - those days are gone my friends !!

To the point - Mossley won 4-1 - and comfortably as well (apart from a small hiccup just after half-time) - and some pictures (rough and ready) are here - full album to follow of course (click on pix for big of course) ...

Mike Oates makes it 1-0 ...

... and slides in for 2-1 (OK Lincoln equaliser will be in full album !!)

Lee Blackshaw (out of picture naturally !) makes it 3-1

... and sub Mark Connor (under there somewhere !) makes it 4-1 ...

So - as the title says - it's Darlington at home on 23rd October in the Fourth Qualifying Round - but before all that, there's a trip to Shepshed Dynamo on Saturday in the FA Trophy (I won't be there unfortunately) - another cup where there's money to be won as well as the glory - think I'll be watching another local team in the same competition that day. The league fixture backlog is piling up nicely for Mossley (at this moment they're 5 games behind some teams already !!) - which does make the reserves/youth team setup look all the better vis-a-vis players to call on ...

Enough for tonight - more tomorrow (OK it's now today - but only just !)

90 Minutes ...

... to kick-off @ Mossley - in probably their most important game for a good few years. My "day off" has been spent wisely - household chores and prep the camera !! A good pre-match meal has been eaten (emptying the freezer has equated to a bowl of pheasant soup and a lump of cottage pie - posh freezer, no - we need to empty the tupperwares !!) - and as I type this I listen to the war cries of DragonForce on Spotify. Time to head out for the pre-match tipple - and then ... who will face Darlington on October 23rd ...

In fact - I'll take my dirty plates downstairs to the kitchen and just bung on one Todd Rundgren track from the "Arena" album as in ...


... and then - I'm "ready to rumble" ...

and for those who don't know (most of you ??) ...


Monday, October 11, 2010

Cup Fever ?

FA Cup fourth qualifying round draw:

Lincoln Moorlands Railway/Mossley v Darlington
Sheffield/Frickley Athletic v Radcliffe Olympic/Tipton Town
Guiseley v Redditch United
Fleetwood Town v Buxton/AFC Telford United
Altrincham v Gateshead
North Ferriby United/Vauxhall Motors v Newcastle Town
FC United of Manchester v Barrow
Workington v Nuneaton Town
Tamworth v Grimsby Town
Kidderminster Harriers v York City
FC Halifax Town v Mansfield Town
Wrexham v Southport
Stalybridge Celtic v Eastwood Town
Droylsden v Solihull Moors/Barwell
Brentwood Town/Woking v Eastleigh
Hythe Town v Bury Town/Staines Town
Eastbourne Borough v Harrow Borough
Cambridge United v Lewes
Corby Town v Salisbury City
Newport County v Crawley Town
Luton Town v St Albans City/Kingstonian
Farnborough v Dover Athletic
Kettering Town v Rushden & Diamonds
Carshalton Athletic v Chelmsford City/Bromley
Hendon v Metropolitan Police/Wealdstone
Leiston v Canvey Island/Dartford
Basingstoke Town v AFC Wimbledon
Swindon Supermarine v Bath City
Havant & Waterlooville v Histon
Forest Green Rovers v Maidenhead United
Poole Town v Hayes & Yeading United
Ebbsfleet United v Boreham Wood

Ties to be played on Saturday, 23 October

So ... Stalybridge and Droylsden are both at home ... and Mossley too if they beat Lincoln MR tomorrow night ... first thoughts see Droylsden with the best chance of progressing - although Barwell are doing well this season despite losing Manager Marcus Law to Kettering Town a few weeks back. Stalybridge have a tricky one - Eastwood blow a bit hot and cold, and there are (apparently) financial problems there as well - and they have a secret weapon - Lee Stevenson who I know from his Belper Town days - he's scoring a few at the moment now he's managed to get a fairly regular first team spot - so beware !! Mossley - if they beat Lincoln MR - get a chance to exact revenge on Darlington (who beat them 5-0 in the FA Cup 1st Round "a while back" - OK 1983). Strange also that Mossley Youth will be travelling "the other way" to play Darlington Youth in the FA Youth Cup in a couple of weeks as well !

First thoughts there anyway ... five replays tomorrow night involving Evo-Stik teams - which will start to tidy up the list above ...


Sunday Catch-up

... 'twas still blowing a gale "up our end" so we decided no high-up walk - but as we drove over towards Ladybower/Derwent we noticed the wind just ... disappear ! Hey ho - we'd gone for a low-level option near Bradfield - unfortunately it's not very well signposted off the A57, so we eneded up going too far into the Sheffield suburbs before getting it right. Just a few pix - took the scruddy old 28-105 which can be a bit "hit and miss" (but it's lightweight which is handy when out for a long-ish walk !)

Bradfield and Dale Dike Reservoir - 10/10/10

Just finished tea tonight - haggis (courtesy of daughter's Scottish holiday a few weeks ago) and stuff - getting this out of the way before concentrating on FA Cup and stuff like that - back later !!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Long Saturday Over (incl Lincoln MR v Mossley !)

Here comes autumn - a "customer's garden" this morning

... well it all began about 0530 this morning with a couple of bowls of brekkie before getting to work about 0630 - another gale force windy day in Oldham, so it was "hold on tight to your bundle" !! Finished work about 1215 and then it was straight down to Lincoln for the football this afternoon (via garage for petrol and butty !) Arrived at the ground about 1445 and snatched the last place in the car park. A quick peep in the very well-appointed Social Club (loads of rooms, TV and Greene King IPA on handpump) before shelling out a princely fiver - bargain - for some football.

The game - Mossley took the lead through a Ben Richardson screamer, before (in my eyes) sitting back a bit on this slender lead - fatal (but not terminal !) in the end. After the equaliser (an unfortunate "howler" from the usually reliable Peter Collinge), Mossley upped it a bit and were unfortunate not to grab a winner, but - like everyone else - a replay is far preferable to a long journey home after a defeat ! So it's Tuesday night at Seel Park - and by then of course we'll know who lies in wait in the 4th Qualifying Round. Some (not brill) pictures from today at

Lincoln Moorlands Railway 1 Mossley 1 (FA Cup)

After negotiating the nightmare traffic out of the Lincoln area, it was foot down up the A1/M18/M1 etc arriving home not long after seven. Eat food, fiddle with photos, check out scores (both Stalybridge Celtic and Droylsden got through their FA Cup ties at Warrington and Ashington respectively), quick hour's "nod off" in chair - and now this - the 20 hour day is coming to a close ...

(still going for a walk tomorrow - plan is up around the hills above Derwent Reservoir ...)

Friday, October 08, 2010

It's Going to be ...

... a long day tomorrow ... in work early doors (0630-ish sounds about good), bit of a stroll (!!) and then - trusting I finish at a realistic time - whizz down to LN6 8RT (as in Lincoln Moorlands Railway FC) to watch Mossley's best chance of reaching the FA Cup "Final Qualifying Round" since ... well the last time. And then drive home and drink (celebration ?) ale...

... and in true "postie style"... we're off out for a bit of a walk on Sunday !!!

Should be a good weekend weather-wise as well ...

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Golwg Anarferol yn Oldham

Well I am getting around a bit in the Oldham area - doing the odd bit of overtime and travelling to various areas (yesterday Hathershaw - today it was Oozewood in Royton). However this "spot" is just down the road from my normal neck of the woods - unfortunately it's only cameraphone quality. Here's a picture of a closed down pub at the bottom end of Ripponden Road (taken from the bus, hence reflections) ...

Nothing unusual there I suppose - pubs are closing down all the time (grateful thanks to the smoking ban that is slowly killing off all traditional boozers in favour of the country restaurant/pubs - but that's another rant waiting to happen) - but wait - zoom in a bit - and check out the phone box ...

Maybe they get a lot of Welsh visitors up that way ...

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mossley Youth v Lancaster City Youth - FA Youth Cup

Some pictures from last night's comfortable win can be found at

Mossley Youth 5 Lancaster City Youth 1 - FA Youth Cup

One point that has been raised elsewhere (by our esteemed "videomeister" SJNR) concerns the new floodlights - we all seem to be having a few problems with them. There are large dark patches towards the centre "strip" of the pitch and the light/dark contrast is playing hell with the piccies at times (even with the old F2.8 lens !). Don't know if it's causing the players any problems though (he says awaiting feedback !!). It might be handy if they were adjusted ... but if the players are happy that's all that really matters (maybe an 85mm f1.8 is still required !!)

Enough for now - Mrs Smiffy working late - and I'm dreaming up posh nosh - as in Spanish Pork and Chorizo Stew - time to give it a stir ...

Good Night for Mossley

One night - two wins - a great 4-1 win at Kidsgrove by "big team" in the FA Trophy replay was matched by the Youth Team notching a 5-1 win over Lancaster City in the FA Youth Cup. A couple of pix from the latter just to be going on with (had a bit of a 'mare with the camera, especially if it's goals you're looking for !!) - click for big ...

Promise a full set (and some more words) tomorrow/today evening !!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Sorry Curzon ...

... just checked the calendar - this evening we have a "Parents Evening" at Kirklees College for small boy - so I don't think I'll be back in time ... another day/night perhaps ...

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Mossley v Kidsgrove Athletic - FA Trophy

Bonus Blog Pic - Ben Richardson "having a crack"

... a draw, therefore a replay to fill in the gap caused by the Chorley postponement next Tuesday. Not really what you want a few days before an important FA Cup tie but ...

First half saw Mossley kicking uphill (pretty much a rarity these days) ... and a pretty lifeless first 45 minutes it was as well, with chances at a premium at both ends (in fact there were probably more monopods than chances floating around !!). It had to improve - and it did after the break with Mossley starting to edge it both before and after Mike Oates' cheeky little chip-cum-lob which gave the home side the lead. However Kidsgrove managed an equaliser with about 15 minutes to go ... and that was about it really. Don't know about anyone else, but not for the first time this season I felt that the substitutions seemed to unsettle Mossley - OK, Aaron Chalmers was injured, but it just seemed that the formation appears to "go to pot" a bit when subs are made - or maybe it's just me ! Some pictures from the game at

Mossley 1 Kidsgrove Athletic 1 - FA Trophy

So - a Tuesday night replay - yet another away game which I ain't gonna make -
with the winners away at Shepshed Dynamo I believe. Might make use of this midweek by journeying down to Curzon Ashton v Radcliffe Borough on Monday night to fill that "Six Tame Sides" gap this season - and if I'm really good, maybe Mrs Smiffy will allow me a second midweeker on Tuesday night when Mossley Youth entertain Lancaster City Youth in the 2nd Qualifying Round of the FA Youth Cup - winners of this one will get an away trip to either York City or Darlington in the Final Qualifying Round - certainly an incentive there !!

Looking out of the window - still hammering it down with rain as it has been all day - bringing back memories of my 'orrible Friday at work ! Still - another day off tomorrow and then it's "back in the jug again" on Tuesday morning - yet to check the weather forecast for next week, but early impressions are not good ...

Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Long Wet Friday

As predicted - it was the day from hell. It began well though (I was indoors for 90 minutes) - and went downhill from thereon. Drenched in the first five minutes of walking, so it didn't really matter too much after that (i.e. for the next 4 hours 55 minutes !!) although the boots got squelchier and squelchier until I was almost aquaplaning within my own footwear ... Some of the damned "households" (y'know - those things that come through your door and get immediately consigned to the blue bin !) were quite literally turning into papier mache - here's one example (poor old Ricky Tomlinson and his FarmFoods offers !!):

Everything got wet - and when I got home at 1730 I said "bugger it", dried myself off and cooked the pheasant instead - very nice in a red wine sauce with veg and mash. Today so far - been to the tip - always so many cans and wine bottles to dispose of - and then it was "dry off postie stuff" time as in ...

Clobber is in the washing machine as well !

Next stop - not the "freebie" @ Stalybridge (first 1,000 through the gate not only go free, but they get a complimentary scarf - might be a few on EBay later with seller's address = Alfreton !!), but the "Other Road to Wembley" - the FA Trophy 1st Qualifying Round 'twixt Mossley and Kidsgrove Athletic - a team Mossley have not met for a while since the Unibond/Evo-Stik Leagues went into North/South mode. After that - home and then off to Rochdale for food (so piccies won't be up until sometime tomorrow - weather apparently poo, so no walkies arranged).

So that was Friday - today is looking OK weather-wise ... so far ... take nowt for granted mind !!

Friday, October 01, 2010

A Long Long Thursday ...

... in fact so long it's now Friday !!

Another heavy heavy day "at the frame" - we've had three different types of Sky Magazine this week - and a helluva lot of them as well !! And that's just one of the many heavy-ish catalogue-type efforts that have ruined my life this week (others include Screwfix, Caravan Club and National Trust) - just for fun, here's a sneaky pic from my cameraphone earlier today - and this ain't the completed frame either - I shoved a load more Sky Mags in, just to get rid of the nasty pile building up underneath !!!
607 residences and one business for anyone who's interested ...

Needed to finish "on time-ish" as we were out in Manchester early evening for meal followed by theatre ("Doctor Faustus" by Christopher Marlowe at the Royal Exchange). A quick pic of the rather spartan set ...

Like they say - definitely a poor man's Shakespeare was Mr Marlowe (dare I say he tends to over-soliloquise !) - but good enough for a Thursday night. When Mrs Smiffy told me the basic story (selling soul to devil etc), all I could think about was Robert Johnson at the crossroads !! Apparently it's a recurring theme so ...

Making sure of the early-ish finish has unfortunately left me with a truckload of stuff to get out tomorrow - can't leave it until Saturday because it's my "day off" - as is Monday (at last another "long weekend" !!!) - so in early with a poss late finish (weather is meant to be a bit grim too - aargh !). One of the big problems are the "Special Delivery" items which need to be delivered - or attempted to be delivered - before 1300hrs - I had a couple today towards the end of my walk, which entails the "jigging stuff about", leaving it as late as you dare (!) - and a lot of what is called "dead walking" - walking for 15 minutes to get to the addresses and then walking 15 minutes back to continue where you left off - can be a real pain. Same happened on Wednesday as well !

Definitely a quiet night in tomorrow - being posh (of course !) I've just taken a pheasant (bought off Mossley Farmer's Market about a month ago) out of the freezer to defrost - I'm getting red wine and winter vegetables in a big pot ... if it's any good, I might take advantage of said Farmer's Market again - first time I've tried it (there was some nice looking quail and venison there as well).

Until tomorrow ...