Monday, October 18, 2010

A Bit of a Sunday Walk

... following the B&Q trip me and Mrs Smiffy embarked on an 11 miler - straight out of the door and in a big loop taking in Carrbrook, Slatepit Moor, Swineshaw Reservoirs, Ogden Clough, "The Wilderness" (very boggy !!), Chew Reservoir and the home across Wimberry Moss, down to the Oldham Way and Tameside Trail before arriving home five hours later ... some pics at

Sunday Walk - 17Oct10

Roasted a gorgeous lump of topside of beef (with veg and roasties !) before collapsing in front of the box ...

Today - the job list began by filling the screen washer on the car (always fun remembering how to open the bonnet - do it so rarely !!) - this - and next on the list will be halogen bulb replacement in the front room light, before starting on the week's "biggie" - knocking the knackered plaster off the wall and redoing same (I suppose I ought to find some dustsheets first ...).

Off we go then (cuppa tea first mind !) ...

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