Thursday, October 28, 2010

Escape to Windermere - Part 2

Orrest Head

... went up on Wednesday straight after work - well almost - first job was to clean up a pile of cat sh*t (our aged cat is slowly going loopy - Catzheimers Disease or something - and had managed to "download some brownware" behind the TV - as in all over the four-way plug and its constituent pluggage - a right royal mess !!! Ended up driving through monsoon conditions after leaving the M6 near Kendal arriving about 2000 hrs in time for food etc ... Today a gentle five miler to the top of Orrest Head and down towards the Troubeck valley before turning sharp left back towards Windermere. Lazy afternoon watching people make tea - before eating it (!) and catching the 1815 train back home (left car up there with Mrs Smiffy) together with small boy who also came back. Finally got round to buying him his 18th birthday alcoholic beverage (only one month late) at Stalybridge Buffet Bar before getting home about 2100 ... some pix from today at

Orrest Head Windermere - 28Oct10

Notice that Darlington "did the double" over Mossley by beating our Youth Team 3-0 in the FA Youth Cup last night - hey ho ... other than that, it might be worth seeing what's happened in the world today - so I'm off to the BBC website - now ...


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