Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mossley v Garforth Town - Pictures ...

Happy Mossley Manager Shaun Higgins

... and not much else (it's been a long hard day at the "letter face") - so it's a bit of a "rush jobbie" - my apologies. Good to see a home league win - should have scored more of course - it made the last quarter a teeny bit jumpy - but if you've been watching Mossley long enough, you get used to that sort of "sqeaky bum" feeling !!) - so ...

Mossley 2 Garforth Town 1

Yep - that's y'lot - if you need more info check out Mossleyweb !


Usual Stuff ...

Tonight's MOM - Mike Oates - worked his socks off, and well deserved !!

... pix etc from the Mossley v Garforth game tomorrow - suffice to say Mossley won 2-1 (a welcome first home league win of the season) ... and Gazza was nowhere to be seen (which probably hacked off the gaggle of paparazzi "hanging around" the gate just before kick-off !!).

Mossley now up to the "dizzy heights" of 13th in the table ...

Monday, September 27, 2010

FA Cup ...

Draw for the 3rd Qualifying Round ...

Lincoln Moorlands Railway v MOSSLEY
Bamber Bridge/Warrington Town v STALYBRIDGE CELTIC/Alfreton Town

Hmmm ... all teams away (should they progress) - but Mossley at Lincoln - since getting home from work, I've done the calculations (81.8 miles - 1hr 57mins according to the AA website. A quick word with Mrs Smiffy, and I've got the use of the car - (should hopefully finish work about 1230/1300, so it'll be tight - probably turning up in Royal Mail uniform !!).

Work - well it's been an interesting day which started at 0300 hours this morning with a mercy dash to Tameside Hospital for small boy (he's had a chest infection for a few days, which led to severe breathing difficulties) - a couple of hours watching him sucking on the nebulizer/oxygen etc followed by the usual "hanging around" meant we all got home about 0730 - quick change and brekkie and out to work at 0815. Mondays are meant to be light, but naturally today was a bit of a bugger (lots of flats - cellophane-wrapped Christmas Catalogues, SkyMags, National Trust Magazines etc for the uninitiated !). Finished just about on time mind - and now home prepping a couple of meals for the poorly boy and his birthday "family meal". Large boy has arrived at Manchester Victoria and is waiting for the 1927 train - daughter has arrived (fresh from holiday in Fort William/Ben Nevis) - I'm probably going to keel over later - and I'm in early again tomorrow - more O/T (!!) - but I'd better not be too late at Mossley tomorrow night, just in case Gazza (new Garforth Manager) turns up ...

Back to the kitchen ...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Gentle Sunday Walk ...

... around Pilsley, Edensor, Chatsworth and Baslow - just over 6 miles i.e. a bit like a normal day at work (without the packets !!) Nothing too unusual picture-wise, but here goes ...

Old road sign - presuming a old pack horse route

Edensor church spire with the Hunting Tower @ Chatsworth in the background

Chatsworth House

Strange sculpture - entitled "Swarm" - in Chatsworth grounds

Home - and the pork shoulder is braising away merrily in cider and honey - mustard to go in later.

Looks like the Droylsden/Hyde replay is a "no-no" - small boy is having birthday tea tomorrow - large boy is coming down from Lancaster for the occasion - and daughter coming too (from Ashton !). Still - Tuesday up at Mossley should hopefully see a bigger than expected crowd turning up ... because it was announced today that the new Manager of Garforth Town (Mossley's opponents) is none other than ... Paul Gascoigne !

(Not forgetting of course the draw for the next round of the FA Cup, due about lunchtime tomorrow - fingers crossed for a Mossley HOME draw !).

Now back to the kitchen (with a can of pop and a copy of the "Non League Paper" !).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stalybridge Celtic v Alfreton Town - FA Cup

Finished work at a reasonable time today (but STILL not reasonable enough to be able to get over to Hyde for the Droylsden game Mr Anonymous (!) - that one finished 0-0 - maybe can make the replay on Monday - dunno yet - epends on boy/ju-jitsu etc etc !). Anyway I digress - made it to Stalybridge Buffet Bar to find a couple of guys with nowhere to go (football-wise) - yes it was Sean and John(Travel Sec) from Ilkeston. I thought they'd possibly come up for the Alfreton game , but no - just a pub crawl round Manchester/Bury/Stalybridge. Had a good natter about the "state of play" in Ilkeston at the moment (obviously not good, but plans are being made for next season - at some level of football, so here's hoping ...), before they shot off to Manchester - I then "cuddled up" to the Alfreton fans (and managed to scab a lift up to Bower Fold on their coach - handy to know peeps innit !!). On arrival, found that the "Hare and Hounds" was shut !! Apparently has been since Thursday - no doubt nasty evil breweries or nasty evil landlords are to blame, but no-one knew the real reason. Never mind - we all went into the Social Club which allowed the Alfreton fans time to "admire" the large pictures on the wall - which were taken by yours truly at the Alfreton Town v Stalybridge Celtic game last season !

To the game - ruined I thought by a very inept set of officials who failed to clamp down on some early "physicals", which turned the whole game into a bit of an unnecessary feisty affair. Nevertheless, it was a fairly evenly-matched 90 minutes, and a 1-1 draw was probably the right result, even though Alfreton finished the game with 10 men when Aden Flint was sent off for a second bookable. There were chances at both ends, but it now goes to a replay on Tuesday (and next Saturday the visitors to Celtic in the league are ... Alfreton Town !).

Some pictures at

Stalybridge Celtic 1 Alfreton Town 1 (FA Cup)

Quiet night in tonight - small boy has some chums round (he's 18 on Tuesday so is making a week of it !!) - tomorrow, it's up at daft o'clock to drive down to Belper to pick up Mrs Smiffy and probably go for a walk in the Peak District somewhere on the way home. Then to do something fancy with a rolled Pork Shoulder joint (I'm getting cider/honey/mustard) on our return to Mossley. Yes that's Mossley who had their trip up to Dunston UTS today in the FA Cup and won 2-1 - don't know too much yet but Michael Oates got both goals - which will done wonders for his confidence I'm sure. Ashton United lost 2-1 at home to FC Halifax Town after taking the lead very early on. So - four of the Six Tame Sides go into Monday's draw. Some "crowds of note" today - over 800 at Chorley (that's what happens when you have a winning team) and nearly 700 at Salford City (God knows how their little portakabin bar coped with the Chester hordes !) - at the other end of the scale on 95 at the Tameside Stadium to see Curzon Ashton beat Woodley Sports 3-1. I must have been very close on the Alfreton Town "Guess the Gate" card today - I went for 360 - actual crowd given as 373 (p.s. 375 at the Hyde/Droylsden game).

Next week - it would be nice to get to the Droylsden/Hyde replay on Monday - but that's dependent on factors noted earlier. Otherwise it's time for Mossley to "kick start" their league season with a home game against Garforth Town on Tuesday night.

Found on the "PhoneCam"

... from Thursday afternoon when I got back to the office - not long after the amazing rain/thunder/lightning/more rain ...

Now - sleep ...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Farewell to an Old Friend ...

... that's been with me pretty much since I started "having a go" at this photography lark just over three years ago. It's been rained on no end of times; it's been to Wembley (and plenty of other less salubrious places as well !); it was even left under a pub ("John O'Gaunt") table in Lancaster for over an hour before its owner remembered about it; it's "bottom end" gave up the ghost a while back and was never replaced; and now, the top locking mechanism has "just had it" (it keeps "slipping down" at inopportune moments - ooo-errr!) and no end of gentle tightening can sort it out. It has pretty much ceased to be - it's expired and gone to meet its maker - bereft of life - it is an ex-monopod.

So it's time to say "Goodbye" to the Manfrotto 679B and, thanks to some overtime this week, it's "Hello" to a Giottos 3270B. Apart from the fact that it folds up a couple of inches smaller, one big bonus with this newbie is that, fully extended, it's about 3 inches taller than the old one - so it's a "healthy option" for my back as well ! I give you "Something Old (left) Something New (right)" ...

First outing - tomorrow at Bower Fold for the Stalybridge Celtic v Alfreton Town FA Cup tie ... until then I shall enjoy the rest of my "day off" (so far - bought monopod, bought theatre tickets - Doctor Faustus at Royal Exchange next Thursday - sorted out washing (pots and clothes), ironed work shirts and trousers - plenty of other stuff to do if I put my mind to it !) before taking Mrs Smiffy down to Stockport Bus Station this afternoon to catch bus to Belper. In work early tomorrow - so hopefully might catch Wozza and the rest of the Alfreton crew at Stalybridge Buffet Bar before the game.

Good to see - Glossop beating Blackstones in the FA Vase on Wednesday night (with a little help from Mossley "loanee" Anthony Dorney); and also Mossley Youth beating Northwich Vics Youth in the FA Youth Cup on Thursday night. Fingers will be suitably crossed for Mossley's trip to Dunston UTS in the FA Cup - aiming to get one step nearer a "big club", plus £4,500 in the bank.

Now - off to do something else ...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mossley v Trafford - League Cup

Well the road to wheever the League Cup Final is being played this season ended early for Mossley (and Belper Town too I see !) with a 2-1 home defeat at Trafford - and despite a cracking opening goal from Sam Hare to put Mossley one up, the Lilywhites got what they deserved in the end viz. nothing ... and yes I noticed the phrase "experimental side" DID crop up on the official report !! Some pictures from last night at

Mossley 1 Trafford 2 (League Cup)

Experimental side maybe - but there's still a lot of problems with putting the ball in the back of the opposition's net - something that needs sorted soonest. All very well winning games in the FA Cup - but we need to look at the league with a bit more urgency. Have to admit though - young Sam Hare is looking to be a bit of a find (notwithstanding the goal, he had an excellent game - I notice he got official MOM as well). It will be interesting to see how last night's game affects team selection for the FA Cup game up at Dunston - there have been a few tricky games "up there in the north east" in the past, so it has to be right for the day. As I mentioned before, I ain't gonna make it to this game (work commitments), but let's hope it all goes to (whichever) plan, and Mossley get at least a replay next Tuesday.

Meantime - where to go on Saturday ... Stalybridge; Hyde; Ashton United; or Curzon Ashton - an embarrasment of riches - much will depend on what time I finish work on Saturday of course. Until then - fingers crossed for Glossop North End tonight in their Vase replay against Blackstones - winners away at Gedling Town.

Enough for now - more O/T been worked today - early morning and late afternoon - need a break (and they've even asked me to work my day off on Friday - gut reaction was "No" - and it'll probably stay that way ... weighing up 5 hours O/T now against physical "knackerdness" - and poss time off later y'see ...)

Tonight's match Tomorrow ...

... I'll sort the Mossley v Trafford stuff out from tonight - suffice to say, we lost 2-1 ... and didn't play particlarly well ! Time for phrases like "experimental Mossley side" and "Mickey Mouse Cup" I feel ... until later.

(Football365 Forum is back up by the way ... now leave me alone !)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Latest Scams ...

... today ... a couple of e-mails offering jobs "delivering funds to a certain location" - yeah right - seen them before haven't we !!!

However a couple of others today entitled "Facebook Password Reset Confirmation" (with a .zip attachment) - wording as follows:


You have recently requested a new password.

You can find your new password in attached document.

Please notice that this message has been sent to all contact emails associated with your account. If you did not request a new password, it's likely that another person has mistakenly tried to log in using your login.

For more information, visit our Help Center at


The Facebook Team

Usual advice - IGNORE/DELETE ... better still why not wander down to Seel Park to watch Mossley take on Trafford - there might be football, there might be "other stuff" as well - well worth a night out !! Don't expect much in the way of pix later on - I've done 3.5 hours O/T today which, together with normal duty, probably equates to a 10+ mile walk (with weights !!) - we'll see ...


Monday, September 20, 2010

Why is Football365 Forum Down ??

Once again I am getting a lot of hits due to problems with the above bloody forum - and all they're seeing is a message I put on here back in February when I tried to join the bloody thing. Well - to keep people happy - the reason it's down is this:

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 111 in /home/pubdyn/vhosts/ on line 19

Warning: mysql_error(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/pubdyn/vhosts/ on line 19

Warning: mysql_errno(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/pubdyn/vhosts/ on line 19

Fatal error: SQL Error has occurred, please contact the administrator of the forum and have them review the forum's SQL query log in /home/pubdyn/vhosts/ on line 188

Looks like they need an SQL programmer to get it sorted - not that I care about the bloody forum anyway, as all they want are work e-mail addresses or student e-mail addresses - implying that they are probably a big reason for this country's industry and education going down the pan because people are stealing time from their employer, or students are wasting their time talking about football instead of studying ...

... and I bet it's all about that so-called Premier League rubbish - rather than real football ...

Suggestions to anyone from Football365 as follows:

1) You need to check the bind address variable in the my.cnf file. It defaults to localhost hence localhost works but not or connection from other hosts.

2) Check your /etc/hosts.deny. I bet the IP address of the host is in there.

3) Remove the "---'port'=>(number)' from the dev config - or change the number to 3306

Just some thoughts - might be absolute cr*p - sounds impressive though (you have to remember - I'm not a computer geek any more - I'm a postman) ...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anyone Noticed ?

Something old ................................Something new ....................

The change to the logo at the top ? Yep - I've finally got round to putting the "new" Hyde FC badge - resplendent in Man City blue (!) - in place ... all I need to do now is go and see them at their newly refurbished - resplendent in Man City blue (!) - stadium ...


The First Points Deductions of the Season

I suppose it's a bit like the "First Cuckoo in Spring" ... anyway it's Warrington Town and Durham City who look set to lose three points and one point respectively for playing unregistered players on the opening day of the season - although neither deduction will affect Mossley (or Curzon Ashton for that matter). Once again though, it's off-field activities that start to affect standings - all we need now is someone to go into administration I suppose !!! Must go and buy a "Non-League Paper" soon - waiting on a plumber at the moment - yawn !

Mossley v Skelmersdale United

Mossley MOM - Ben Richardson

Five late minutes of madness turned what was looking like a 1-1 draw into what looks like a 4-1 thrashing - but it couldn't be further from the truth. After conceding an early goal, you could argue that Mossley should have been out of sight by half-time - a bit more composure and confidence in front of goal was all that was missing - and unfortunately Mossley were made to pay when Skem scored three very very late goals. Some pix at

Mossley 1 Skelmersdale United 4

A game that needs forgetting about quickly ... can't complain about the effort put in by Mossley at all - they more than matched their high-flying opponents all the way - well almost all the way ... it was just a bit of a come-down after the midweek exploits at AFC Fylde. Still - no need to panic - it's coming.

Cup week next week - a League Cup game against Trafford on Tuesday (wonder if our "old friend" will be turning out for the visitors ...I'm sure many of you know who I mean !!) followed by a trip to Dunston UTS in the FA Cup next Saturday (I have a note from my boss regarding next Saturday - it says "No chance !" - that's me going - not Mossley losing ! £4,500 is up for grabs as well next Saturday - not to be sniffed at.

Enough for now - 0530 until 0140 equates to rather a long day ...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Successful Spaghetti Night ...

... of the SCART variety !!

For months now, we've had a VHS recorder sitting proudly in our TV/Sky/DVD cabinet - and I mean just sitting there - unloved, unplugged, unused. So ... I "went for it" tonight - found an unused (and unopened) SCART lead knocking about and - probably more by luck than judgment - managed to plumb the lot in together - so everything now works - even the Freeview on the telly (handy that as we're getting shot of Sky at the end of this month - at least we can say we're not subsidising the bloody Premier League any more !).

Flushed with success, I fished out a few dusty VHS recordings - and am at present watching a video of "Live Aid 1985" - I made a couple of tapes off the TV all those years ago - and they're still in very very good condition (remember - Is it Live ?? Or Is it Memorex ?? Bought a couple of new tapes especially for that day) - Bryan Adams has just finished (together with all the technical problems on the day !) and Knopfler/Sting version of "Money for Nothing" is playing as I type. Probably won't watch it tonight (gotta be up at 0530 for work - "money for something" it's called), but I will always remember the Queen set on that day at Wembley all those years ago - in my mind probably the finest 30 minute live set of all time - if you've never seen the full set - you've never lived - absolutely brilliant. Here's just a sample - Freddie Mercury in total control ...

Now - bed - work - football (well once George Thorogood has finished anyway !!!)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tameside - Hot-Bed of Crime ...

Just been reading the "Tameside Citizen" - basically some kind of propoganda mag from our local Council. Amongst the adverts and the "Aren't We Good" articles, I perused with interest the "Criminal Prosecution" section (always worth checking to see if there's anyone you know !). Anyway the 26 "high profile" cases broke down as folows:

Dropping a cigarette end - 15
Dumping controlled/household waste - 4
Benefit fraud - 2
Dropping a paper bag -1
Dropping a McDonalds straw wrapper - 1
Selling pirate CDs - 1
Not clearing up doggy-doos - 1

So ... if you fancy moving into the Tameside area - these are the type of murderous cut-throats you might come up against. I remember seeing the similar "Court & Social" page in the local free paper a while back - and noting that the total fine for dropping a cigarette end was something like £300 - whereas driving a car without insurance and using a mobile phone whilst driving was only worth about £150 - you can see where the priorities lie in this neck of the woods ...

They'll be Dancing in the Streets of Thessaloniki Tonight !

Javito (Aris Salonika)

... what with PAOK Salonika getting a useful 1-1 draw away at Club Bruges - but more outstanding was Aris Salonika beating reigning Europa League Champions Athletico Madrid 1-0 at the Kleanthis Vikelides Stadium with a goal from Javito (ironically ... a Spaniard !!) Mrs Smiffy used to work in a small town just ouside Thessaloniki, and she remembers a Rory Gallagher concert in big town being such a success, the natives wrecked the place - apparently their idea of "having a good time" !!

(Noticed also the ref at the Aris/Athletico game was one Mark Clattenburg - so hopefully the ball DID cross the line for the goal - ho ! ho !)

So there you have it - a bit of non-non-league football for a change !!

(LATE SHOCK-HORROR UPDATE - Jo scores for Man City !!)

"That's paid about this much off my transfer fee"
(Pic from "Manchester Evening News")

Joined-up Transport - NOT !

(This post is dedicated to John Major, who, in a parting gift to the nation back in the early 1990s, broke the country's railway system up into over 100 separate companies ... thank you John.)

Small boy has started college again - previously he was at Salford College, which of course is in the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive (GMPTE) area and so was eligible for reduced rail fares using a GMPTE Student Card - that was handy ... He now finds himself at Kirklees College in Huddersfield - which of course is in the West Yorkshire Metro area - which is where the problems begin....

Some Figures:

Mossley - Manchester - Takes 25 minutes - Day Return £5-20 - Seven Day Season Ticket £20-30

Mossley - Huddersfield - Takes 25 minutes - Day Return £8-80 - Seven Day Season Ticket £32-80

Checked out for student reductions by e-mailing GMPTE, West Yorkshire and also the local (Tameside) Council. West Yorkshire got back to me almost immendiately - only available stuff is for West Yorkshire residents only - no cross-boundary options available. Tameside Council contacted me within 24 hours - only help they could give was for students up to Year 11 (i.e. 16 years old), therefore no joy there. Ten days on, I'm still waiting for a reply from GMPTE - although I'm all but certain we'll draw a blank there as well !

So - for wanting to improve his chances, we get hit by a 50% increase in his travelling costs ... thanks Mr Major.

(By the way - can't you tell I'm not working today ... it's not raining !!!)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Secret Diary of Postman Smiffy aged 53 and a bit


Went to work - it rained a lot ... did some afternoon overtime - it rained even more. Came home - hung postie stuff up to dry a bit. Went to football in the evening - it rained second half - came home - dried camera tackle out.


Went to work - it rained a helluva lot - and I mean a helluva lot (feet squelching etc etc) - went back to do afternoon overtime - sun came out for a bit and dried certain parts of body - feet still squelching though. Came home - stuffed newspaper in Magnums (boots) - hung rest of stuff up to dry a bit.


Went to work one hour early (one hour O/T prepping walk) - it rained all day - did some afternoon overtime - it rained even more - came home - wrote this - took photo of gear drying out (A-Z of Oldham is suffering badly - especially with all this overtime in places I do not know !)
- click for big (and wet !) - broken radiator just out of picture to the left - carpet now nearly dried out !


Day off - I don't care - I'm staying in if it rains - cooking nice fish dinner for Mrs Smiffy and small boy (oops forgot - will need to go out to buy "stuff" - will attempt to avoid rain ...)


Back to work - maybe overtime (don't yet know). Weather-wise, not yet looked - bet it rains though ...


Work - no car (aargh !) - hopefully finish on time for Mossley v Skelmersdale in the afternoon - wonder if it will rain ??

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ashton United v Prescot Cables - FA Cup Replay

Starting to feel like changing my name to Rob McKenna (if you've never heard of Rob McKenna read about him here !). So - rained on all day Monday at work (it got worse during my overtime - aaargh - karma !) - home and dry and up to Hurst Cross to see which team would pick up the lucrative home gig with FC Halifax Town in the next round. Prescot Cables, it has to be said, operated a pretty efficient offside trap - and Ashton struggled to get round it ... until they got a free kick in a tasty spot. Ben Smith stepped up, and scored a tasty opener. Once this "solution" had been sorted, there was only going to be one winner in the game. A second goal from a similar position (but not a dead ball) was followed by a third from a similar position (a dead ball again !). The fourth goal was very nicely worked indeed (by now the offside trap had been binned in search of goals at the other end). You could say 4-0 flattered Ashton a bit - Prescot kept going throughout - but 4-0 means three grand in the bank (always welcome), and as I mentioned earlier a tasty home tie against FC Halifax Town on 25th September.

Some other highlights from the FA Cup draw see Hyde FC at home to Droylsden (tempting !), Stalybridge Celtic at home to BSN leaders Alfreton Town (I know Wozza from Alfreton will be happy with that draw - and so will Stalybridge Buffet Bar !!), and Mossley away at Dunston UTS (ex Dunston Feds). With me working that Saturday, a trip up to the North East is out of the question, so it's prbably perm 1 from the other 2 !

Pictures from last night are a little bit late - couldn't finish them off last night - too late - and when I got home from work today (having suffered rain of monsoon proportions around lunch-time - I think a Rob McKenna rain type number 17), I find a radiator has fallen off the wall at home and there is water everywhere (including dripping through the floor, into the cellar rather adjacent to the electrical control box and meter - eek !!) Sorted that out - in a temporary sort of way (thinking "there goes the overtime money !" - and then sorted out the pictures ...

Ashton United 4 Prescot Cables 0

Looking outside - it's raining again - Mossley are away at Fylde - no updates as yet (and it must be half-time by now) - and I've an early start in the morning (more O/T - will need it to pay upcoming "repair bills" !) - off to check the weather forecast ... with pessimissm in my heart ...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mossley Youth v New Mills Youth

... from yesterday. Bit of a rush job this I'm afraid (sorry no captions) - but Mossley won 6-3 - and there's some very useful looking players out there - Joe Heap was my MOM anyway. Here's the pix

Mossley Youth 6 New Mills Youth 3

Tonight - on to Hurst Cross - 3 games in 3 days - it's all go innit !!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sneaking one in ...

... as mentioned yesterday, Mrs Smiffy is down in Belper and not due back until late this afternoon ... so ... why not ?? Tea all prepared and ready to cook - me (and gear) all dried out from yesterday...

... Mossley Youth v New Mills Youth it is - kick-off 1430hrs ... bet it rains !!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Glossop NE v Mossley - FA Cup 1st Qualifying Round

Today was sponsored by that well-known beat combo "Wet Wet Wet". This morning I got very wet - I got semi-dry - I got wet again - I got semi-demi-dry - I got wet again. Home for a quick towel down and a change of clothing before whizzing down to Glossop in the car and leaping out at Tesco, leaving Mrs Smiffy to continue down to Belper.

Game started well for Mossley and after a series of corners they took the lead when Glossop captain Yates put through his own net under pressure from Andy Watson. This early goal seemed to knock the stuffing out of the home side, and Mossley bossed it until half-time, but with only one more goal to show for it - a belter from Chris Rowney. Second half continued as before ... and then the heavens opened - quick rain cover for the camera (usual stylish DIY thing - carrier bag and postie elastic band !) - and I proceeded to get drenched for the fourth time in less than 7 hours. Never mind - two more goals for Mossley made it a comfy 4-0 win - and in all honesty it could have been double that, such was the dispirited opposition I'm afraid. Glossop are a team running low on confidence at the moment, and poor old Garry Kharas cuts a lonely figure up front - no support around him - very little service to him - and very few chances created. They need what Mossley got today - a few goals and a confidence-boosting result - remember, it's only September !! Today's pictures at

Glossop NE 0 Mossley 4 (FA Cup)

The win will certainly help Mossley, who now face a trip midweek to AFC Fylde - one of several alleged "moneybags" teams in the Evo-Stik Division One North - and unfortunately a game I cannot attend. I was hoping to go and watch Curzon Ashton take on Skelmersdale United on Monday night, but Curzon have now got an FA Cup replay after their 1-1 draw at home to New Mills today... HOWEVER - another FA Cup draw today (2-2) sees Ashton United playing Prescot Cables at Hurst Cross in a replay on Monday night - that'll do nicely !

(Meanwhile the house is awash with bits of Royal Mail gear drying out from this morning - and camera gear (and me !!) drying out from this afternoon)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ilkeston Town Wound Up

... at lunchtime today in London's High Court - check out this excellent article for more details ...

Ilson Town wound up

... and yes it's strange isn't it that the "rich" (in this case Sheffield Wednesday) can STILL get away with it, while the lesser lights are forced out of business. OK, people will say that if you pay your bills whether you're a football club - or just Joe Public - you'll be fine ... but when the sums involve equate to little more than 40 trips to see a "high class lady" in a "high class hotel" (allegedly), you can see the damage that companies such as Sky TV have done to football in this country, helping to concentrate the cash at the top and causing untold damage to attendances countrywide in their own greedy pursuit of the "football pound". You get the FA wobbling on about "grass roots football" - yet you still end up with 95% of the money going to 5% of the football clubs in this country (those figures aren't official - but I bet thery're not far off the mark).

In the same way that Hyde United stayed afloat recently - I hope Ilkeston Town do as well - I've some good mates down Ilson way, and I've always enjoyed my trips down to the New Manor Ground. I suppose it's now up to the real fans to organise - whilst it might only be half-a-weeks wages to many Premiership players, £50k IS a lot for mere mortals to raise - and they've only seven days to do it. An appeal has gone in as far as I'm aware - a Facebook page has been set up - it would be nice to think there is a knight in shining armour out there (Robert Lindsay - "Citizen Smith", "My Family" etc is an Ilson boy, and I believe Spurs' Jermaine Jenas has connections as well - I may be wrong) ... but the problem sometimes with a lot of these these KISA type people is that they walk away - maybe the way forward is to regroup at a lower level and work your way back up - I believe the local Erewash Council own the ground and are fully supportive of football continuing one way or another.

Good luck to all at Ilkeston Town - my fingers are firmly crossed for a positive outcome to this whole sorry affair.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Mossley v Radcliffe Borough

... aaahh the luxury of a midweek day off (and the sun is out !).

After all the apparent promise of Saturday's performance at Warrington that I'd read about, I was looking forward to the season kick-starting last night. However - I talked to some others who'd gone to Warrington who'd seen a completely different game to that reported elsewhere ... so I watched with a now slightly more open mind.

Mossley got off to an awful start when Shaun Connor (brother of Mossley's Mark Connor) got behind a totally static Mossley "defence" to put Radcliffe 1-0 ahead after only 3 minutes - and after that Mossley struggled - and I mean struggled - to put anything coherent together. The "one touch build from deep" might look nice at times, but it just wasn't snappy enough, and by the time the penalty area was approached the Radcliffe defence had got itself well organised leaving space at a premium - too many final balls were going astray, and there was no width at all.

Still - looking at the subs bench, I wasn't overly worried - a couple of wide players who could get in behind the defence were sat there warming their butts ready for action ... however these two never made it onto the park and the second half was a continuation of the first. Then with 20 minutes to go Mike Fish conjured up a bit of "cheeky genius", curling the ball round ex-Man United keeper Nick Culkin to square the game and give hope for the final period - whilst Mossley upped the pressure late on, it just wasn't forceful and incisive enough and few - if any - clear-cut chances were created. Obviously not a night for wingers - in fact more for whingers when I got in the club afterwards !!

Some pictures from the game at

Mossley 1 Radcliffe Borough 1

Saturday sees the FA Cup returning to the fore with a trip to Glossop North End for what should be a keenly-contested local derby - let's hope last night's "formation" is kicked into touch - it just didn't look right at all to me (or ... maybe it was a ruse to confuse any Hillmen scouts who were "out and about" last night !).

Anyway - I'm off to do "stuff" - still learning how to make the most of this midweek day off - one definite jobbie though is the cooking of a nice Greek Stifado later today !!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Karma for Kats ...

... you should remember this story about the crazy woman who threw a cat into a wheelie bin ...

Well ... Tiddles fights back ...

... worthy of an Oscar !!!

Dry So Far ...

... no rain in Oldham today - but it chucked it down here in Mossley about an hour ago (AFTER I got home !) - fingers crossed for tonight - and I might get the pix up very late tonight, as it's my "day off" tomorrow.

(And for those aiming to sit on their backsides and watch a team of overpaid prima-donnas take on the Toblerone Boys - why not check out a local non-league game near you ?? They need the money far more than the FA ... or Sky TV - and you never know - they might have it on the the Social Club, so you can kill two birds with one stone - and financially benefit those who need it most ... just a thought).

Monday, September 06, 2010

Sunday Pix - plus an "exclusive ?" ...

Me and Mrs Smiffy took a trip up to Lancaster on Sunday to see eldest boy and lady in their new abode - took 'em out for Sunday lunch - a good old fashioned roast beef dinner with a mega-Yorkshire Pud involved ! Twas at the "Plough" in Galgate (just outside Lancaster), and then we "walked it off" with a trundle up the Lancaster Canal - some babycam pix ...

It looks like Hurricane Bernard (or whatever) appears to have hit Mossley and the surrounding areas - very very windy last night (tipped over the "top patio table and brolly" amongst other stuff) and very very windy today out in the postal jungle that is Oldham ... and believe it or not still very very windy when I got back to Mossley - a post-work "lemonade shandy" in an adjacent hostelry saw me watching the new floodlights at Seel Park "rocking a bit" (and wishing I had babycam to video same - don't take it to work - it's a weight thing !!) and praying that they'll still be upright tomorrow night for the game against Radcliffe Borough ...

Oh yes - the exclusive - you may (or may not) remember that last Friday we were off to Longsight for "free meal and natter" - well whilst driving down - in fact on the Denton roundabout above the M60 - I spotted this lorry with a strange payload - excuse the crap quality of the pic but:

a) I was driving at the time ...
b) I had to get babycam out of pocket, turn it on and zoom in a bit ...
c) ... whilst still driving at the time

Yes it's our local "rocketeer", Steve Bennett from Starchaser - I believe this is the "Skybolt" rocket (there's better pix on the website), but anyway ... it must have been going somewhere ...

Different eh ??

Still windy - and wet too - so work might be fun tomorrow - and football too !!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Droylsden v Stafford Rangers ...

... or "Stadfford Rangers" (on the Sky ticker tape at lunchtime today) or "Stafford Ramgers" (in the programme).

All I can say is that there were only two goals - rather than the 8 (eight) we got in the corresponding fixture last season. Might have been a lovely afternoon, but it was a pretty drab game I'm afraid - some pix at

Droylsden 2 Stafford Rangers 0

... and as it's 0200, I'm going to leave it there for now ...

Friday, September 03, 2010

Football Tomorrow ...

... off to Longsight with Mrs Smiffy tonight - tea to be cooked for us - yum yum - and staying over. However - does mean an early start in the morning to get back for work - hey ho ... so - football - first thought was to go and watch the only one of the "Six Tame Sides" I've not seen yet this season - as in Curzon Ashton. They're at home to ... Witton Albion (last seen at Mossley 7 days ago !).

Or should I go to Droylsden ?? They're playing ... Stafford Rangers - last season when I took in this very same fixture, Droylsden battered the Boro' 7-1 - looking at current form, it surely can't be that bad again this season.

We'll have to see what time I finish work - Warrington v Mossley is a definite no-no though.

Starting to get tempted with a trip to the Butchers Arms - hang the expense (well I have done precisely one hour of overtime this week so ...) !!!

England game tonight ... anybody bothered ... really ? (At least they've got a nice new "designer strip" to wear - same old over-paid prima donnas mind !)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Glossop NE v St Helens Town - FA Cup Replay

Yes, a truly dramatic end to this one - 93 minutes gone and it looked like Mossley would be visiting St Helens Town in the 1st Qualifying Round of the FA Cup on the 11th September. However one last gasp push by the Hillmen and Glyn Barker managed to silence the "boo boys" (or at least the one in the hat just behind me !!!) by snatching an unlikely equaliser - and to be honest, extra-time was a formality for Glossop who ran out comfortable winners in the end. Pictures from the game at

Glossop NE 3 St Helens Town 1 (after extra time)

The midges were out in force as well last night ... a lot of scratching going on - and afflicted people looking jealously at the "hoodies" !!!

It's Glossop ...

... who will entertain Mossley in the next round of the FA Cup after their dramatic 3-1 extra-time win over St Helens Town last night ...

... and I'll sort my piccies out tonight - the extra-time kind of buggered up the evening's transport plans ...

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Patio Project - Finished ?

... well - sort of - still a few odds and sods to tidy up, including the old path (on the right going down - made of flagstones taken out of our cellar when it was converted - a few gaps need filling in a "crazy paving" sort of way - started on that yesterday), plus the area above it around the pond - at the moment two paths of earth (maybe more slabs - aargh !). S'pose now that the earth-moving has finished, I should clean all the slabs as well ... Oh, and there's also the "top patio" that STILL needs pointing ... anyway, as Michael Jackson said on the telly last night - "This Is It" ...

Off to work soon - looks like a lovely day for walking round with heavy bags on my shoulder as well ... and if all goes to plan (!?!), Glossop v St Helens Town tonight.