Saturday, October 24, 2009

Leigh Genesis v Mossley

... after last night's garbled garble some sense (maybe ?) - go straight to pix

Leigh Genesis 1 Mossley 1

That phrase "I'd have settled for a point before the game" rears its ugly blooming head I'm afraid - in the end - against 10 men for 70 minutes - with the chances towards the end - a point suddenly becomes a touch disappointing ... but it's a point away from home against a top six team ... so ... Goosenargh I guess !

Interesting stadia (!) - only one side - nay half of one side open - attendance just over 200 (apparently their best of the season). It nearly all went horribly wrong for the snapperazzi tho' - checked at reception - no press pass/advice waiting despite yesterday's "warning/courtesy e-mail" - I don't mind paying, it's the "You can't take pictures ... " from one of the many 'stewards' that I object to ... still soon sorted - no goals missed - and a blue bib to wear .. not as stylish as the Wembley Stadium efforts, but kept the chill off and allowed "access all areas" !! Wonder how the "compact brigade" got on .....

A number of chances to win it in the last 15/20 minutes - got to give credit to Leigh for 're-organising' after the red card (Matt Jansen was the "tactical withdrawal" - shame in a way ... but then again probably not !) No doubt both teams know each other well enough (two ex-Leigh in the Mossley team - Settle and Brown) to make the Presidents Cup Game between the two teams on Tuesday a 0-0 after 120 minutes ... maybe ? Who knows ? I won't be there ... or for that matter at Brackley Town next Saturday due to the last-minute "escape to Kefalonia" - it's now 2300 - taxi arrives in just under 4 hours !

Θα κρατήσει το μάτι μου σχετικά με τις εξελίξεις για Mossley κατά τη διάρκεια αυτής της εβδομάδας

Friday, October 23, 2009

Stones Tour 2009

.... whooooo ....

Britanny 2009 ...

Froggatt Edge 2009 ...

Nine Stones Close (near Bakewell) 2009 ..

Plenty more stones where these came from - just a question of trawling the external hard drive - but now ... something else .... booked tickets for "Wolfmother Tour 2010" - next January @ Manc Academy ...

Friday afternoon ...

.. Day 5 if you like of "leave de jardin" !! Some see it as an interesting - time off work, time to "relax, recharge etc"...I'm now starting to hate it .....

Fine early doors .. the magic "list of jobs to do" ... now done. Always pots to wash and clothes to wash - but they're there anyway - and they always get done ... so to do same as part of "keep you moving/alive" syndrome during the day soon starts to pale .... thank Frith I've not yet got to the "Jeremy Kyle" end of things !!

Watched "Question Time" last night - OK so Nick Griffin is now "outed" on mainstream telly as 'not very good' - but - as a Socialist meself - watching Jack Straw - pathetic .. I remember him once as a "proper Socialist" - obviously now he's part of this "Tory Labour Party" that runs the country - Baroness Warsi (so young for a Baronessty !) gave us nothing new - Chris Huhne (Lib) was given almost as little chance as Griffin to air the LibDem side of things (now there's a surprise .. all this country ever wants to do is to veer betwixt Labour and Conservative - and these days there's really no bloody difference .. is there ????)

No, the star of last night's show was Bonnie Greer .. now I DO have my views on people from "across the pond" - but here was someone who cut through the crap, got to the point and made her views perfectly clear ... and in a nicely informal/friendly way ... unlike that juddery, shaky Straw-type person or the "pseudo-pompous" Warsi person or the "give me a chance please" Huhne person. In many ways I have to agree with some points made .. it was a different format last night with a latent (?) "anti-BNP" bent throughout - even the one non-political question (Steven Gateley) was just a "tickle" to check out the BNP views on gays - Griffin even ballsed that one up as well ("creepy", "no sex education for primaries" etc ). But .. what do you expect - it would have been interesting to have had a UKIP "loon" on as well - to check out some "synchronised head nodding/shaking"...

Your past always catches up with you ... and not just Mr Griffin in this case but Jack Straw as well (now a pathetic excuse for Socialism) - yes he's part of the Government that's allowing "misdemeanours from years ago" to be regurgitated when people apply for jobs - whatever happened to the "Rehabilitation of Offenders Act" ?? Does this mean that when I finally "get off my *rse" to look for work, my "Theft of a Beer Glass" conviction (York (1981 I think) - on a college pub crawl - took half-full glass out of pub to leave it at next one - cost me a night in the cells !) will count against me - obviously because I wasn't at "Oxbridge", it won't count as "high sprits" - Sheffield Poly .... naaaah !!!

Anyway enough of this ... football - tomorrow - Leigh Genesis v Mossley - looking forward to seeing this whole "Leigh Sports Village" setup - believe there are more officials/stewards in the place than there are Leigh fans !! So to be on the safe side I'd better send an e-mail ref 'snapping' - I've even got my own hi-vis if necessary - I used to have an Ikea one (courtesy our Michelle from her time there), but now I have one with a Simon Carves logo on ... and the words "made me redundant" inked on underneath - rebel !!!).

And then ... Sunday morning @ 0600 ... flying to Kefalonia for a week ... break out the Mythos !!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mossley v Maine Road ...

... in the Manchester Premier Cup ...

It took a bit of time - OK 39 minutes - but once the first goal went in, there was never going to be a problem. Good team performance, keeping it on the floor for long periods, sensible defending and some nicely worked chances and goals. People talk of the "first cuckoo of spring" - last night saw the "first gloves of winter" sported by a couple of the Maine Road squad (South Manchester - softies etc etc ?!?). Here's some snaps - and I'll admit it was a bit nippy last night - and YES my gloves were in my bag !!!

Mossley 4 Maine Road 0

One thing I noticed during my leisurely "photo sorting" (done this morning rather than the usual "daft o'clock on a workday" !) was this ... first check out the middle picture third row (Steve Moore controlling the ball)

- now if you blow that picture up a bit you'll see this ...

Now - as I recall, "Tulips" is the nickname of Spalding Town ... and where were Mossley last weekend ???

I won't tell if you won't tell !!!!!!!

Not Yet ....

... might as well get something out of this "non-employed situation" - and we're calling it an early night ...

Mossley won 4-0 by the way ... !

Monday, October 19, 2009

"Gardening Leave" - Day 1

.. you wait 24+ years and then - when you don't need it - this turns up at Mossley Station .....

I suppose looking on the bright side - having seen the shambles that Stalybridge's display system is/can be - it will be comforting to be able to see how late/cancelled the trains are at Mossley as well now - and yes one has to also take into account that the Stalybridge cr*p system is run by Trans-Pennine and the Mossley (jury's out) system is a Northern Rail one - same line - two different computer systems (?) .

Anyway ... day 1 - gosh busy busy - tidy up / gas man / plumber / recycling / bank / wholefood shop / doctors / cook tea / tidy ... how did I ever find time to go to work !!

Some brief words on Saturday - so sad to see the state of Marston Road now - everything looks great outside - Social Club with many rooms/Sky/Real Ale (Brains "Rev James"), new Club Shop, nice reception area (where I picked up my pass !) - and then - through the airlock into an area totally devoid of atmosphere, almost devoid of cover - that stand on the Lotus Side is soooo old - the temporary seating (the stuff that nearly took the club under) has now disappeared leaving an uncovered end (used to be the "Shed End" that - where the real fans congregated - surely it wouldn't take much money to erect "something" up there) - as it stands, if the club went down they may well struggle to pass even the Unibond/Zammo League ground grading let alone the BSN ... sad too to see a side devoid of confidence/effort/motivation .. Stalybridge Celtic barely broke sweat - honest ... a far cry from that night in 1975 when we all went to Rotherham to see the Rangers stuff 'em - I always remember - 10 minutes from the end - a guy from their Supporters Club warning us of "possible murder" at 90 minutes - we'd made 'em look stupid - so we slunk quietly back to the coaches !!! (And if any true "Boro" fan is still looking for a copy of that proggy - I've got one !!)

Tomorrow - up the road to Mossley to see the Manky Prem Cup game against Maine Road - and to discuss the "reward" for Saturday's FA Trophy win @ Spalding Town ... namely a trip to Brackley Town - don't you just luuuurv this north/south divide ... !

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stafford Rangers v Stalybridge Celtic - Pix

.. just the pictures for now - hopefully some words later (there's tea to be cooked !)

Stafford Rangers 0 Stalybridge Celtic 2

If I was still living in Stafford and watching that on a weekly basis though ... you'd need the Samaritans number somewhere handy - dear oh dear ...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Away till Sunday ...

.... off to Stalybridge to get bus to Stafford - football - trains to Stoke/Derby/Belper - sleep - walk in morning - back to Mossley Sunday p.m. Words and pictures Sunday night - Monday ... no work ... that will be weird ...

Fingers crossed for Mossley today in the "Land of Tulips" as well today ...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Quick Train Tale from this morning ...

Here's a story in the Manchester Evening News

Closure of Oldham Line

Now earlier stories have also pointed out that not only are peeps from Oldham heading towards Rochdale for their "train fix", but also the 'other way' to Greenfield (i.e. the Huddersfield Line .. which goes through Mossley)

This morning I caught the (already crowded) 0724 to Man Vic (I always get off at Stalybridge for the Man Picc connection - so I tend to live with any sort of overcrowding for 5 minutes !). However the announcement came over the speakers on the train that "due to severe overcrowding the train will not be stopping at Ashton" - so anyone who wanted to go to Ashton was advised to get off at Stalybridge and wait for the next train ....

Now - despite this being peak time rush hour - they would have had to wait for OVER 40 MINUTES for the next Ashton train - quicker to bloody walk - and God hep those waiting at Ashton (I'm told that the train did actually stop at Ashton due to signals - and people were running down the platform and vainly pressing buttons to try to open doors - so no-one at Ashton even told them - probably to prevent a lynching of the train staff - although this may have happened afterwards ...) . Shameful, absolutely shameful - especially when you listen to the Northern Rail excuses that an extra carriage would not generate enough revenue to cover the costs (or "funding issues" - officially) - what hypocrites ! Happy to overcrowd 20+ year old trains to keep their margins up but ...

Like the story says .. this Oldham closure has been coming for a long time - yet no bugger has planned it through have they ... might cut into the profits ... and don't think First Trans-Pennine are any better - happy to trumpet their "increased passenger numbers" in the press, but you don't see any releative increase in rolling stock - I might get off a crowded Man Vic train @ Stalybridge - only to get on a similarly crowded one to Man Picc.

In short - they're all a bunch of thieving profiteering b*st*rds - and thank you John Major (yes it's not just redundancy, recession etc that can be traced back to Tory scum) for his last minute rail privatisation before getting stuffed in the General Election. Furthermore I notice that fares in London are going up - don't blame Boris (even though he too is Tory scum) - look at the moneygrabbers of MetroNet (OK the totally failed moneygrabbers of MetroNet - they grabbed the money but failed to deliver the goods) and TfL - and you the punter/customer - they don't give a sh*t. No-one even talks to you now - on trains and platforms - it's all deadpan, automated, soulless sh*t - "we are sorry" - no you're not - you recorded the stuff and probably made a nice few bob as well Mrs Announcer).

Look on the bright side - next Monday on that 0724 .. there'll be an extra two square foot of floor space - and similar on the 0735 to Man Picc from Stalybridge - yep where I used to be - one "bonus" of recession/redundancy eh customers ????

One Day to Go ...

... and then 24+ years goes out the door (literally !) with a whimper rather than a bang - although I have plans for setting fire to the company tie (y'know, just like what kids do at 16 when they leave big skool - promise to video it too - tee hee !). Brought my last bag of "stuff" home tonight - clearing out 24 years of cr*p by train has taken a while - just got a phone charger left I think !)

One last jobbie to sort out in the morning - then the "Penny Black" (pub over road) beckons - one thing that comes to mind is the number of "collections" I've put into over the years for leavers - when there were a fair number of people there (400-500) - won't get much (if any) tomoz as there's next to bugger all people left !!

Hey ho - that's recession - been there done it - got made redundant then (1985) - last time it was Thatcher's fault - this time it's the Bankers and the "Moneymakers" - who are in effect "Thatcher's Children" in the mindset/greed stakes - who are at fault - unlike many I ain't blaming Gordon Brown and Labour even though they are as close to Toryism as to make little difference these days ... it's the b*st*rds at places like Goldman Sachs who should be shot (who invented "bonuses for failure" - I'd love to know) .. still depressing though to see a once big respected company like Simon Carves reduced to this (try buying a toner cartridge - it's gone that far down the pan !) - I've got the names I've got the reasons - but they stay extremely "schtum" - on here - until I've had my last payment of any sort from them (which may not be until next February !). However feel free to talk to any Simon Carves employee past or present - they know as well - and I can talk "off the record" as well !!!

Expect little/nowt tomorrow night - I ain't going mad on the "leaving sesh" that's for sure - got to be "on my toes" for Saturday's football - Stafford Rangers vs Stalybridge Celtic. May have said it before (can't remember - can't be *rsed to check) but they've (Rangers) set up a "community link" with Sir Graham Balfour School - which is my old school - and I believe there's "stuff" going on tomorrow (maybe just free tix - don't know the full sp) - but a trip on an "Executive Coach" from Stalybridge sounds good - even though I'm only going "one way", as I have to be in Belper in the evening (so apres-game .. train(s) Stafford-Stoke-Derby-Belper - there for 9 !).

That'll do for now ...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stalybridge Celtic v FCUM (FAC Replay)

It's late - just the pix

Stalybridge Celtic 0 FCUM 1

The Celtic of the 2nd half of Sunday failed to turn up tonight at all ...................and I missed the goal to boot (a cracker from Jerome Wright !)

(And Mossley won 4-1 !)

Work ? Three days to go .....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Football Tomorrow - Decision Made ...

... yep it's Stalybridge Celtic vs FC United of Manchester - it IS the FA Cup after all - I DID see the "first half" - in effect - on Sunday - and people moan like hell about "Mickey Mouse Cups" (viz Presidents Cup) - unless you get to the Final that is !!

Some excellent "product" on the FCUM site - the photos of Andy Barker and "JacobsBladder" certainly put mine to shame - and my mate Steve's pic of Marsh's second (in the MEN today) is in focus - unlike my effort !) - and of course check out the FCUM TV video (forget the football though - I feature in the second half !!)

(PS - turn the HD option off to prevent "weird pausing effects")

Those commentators would NEVER get a job with the BBC (unless they were doing an England International, when even our most esteemed commentators go all one-sided !).

So .. apologies to Mossley v Lancaster - indeed apologies to Ashton United tonight (drew 2-2 with Whitby) and Curzon Ashton too (at home to Clitheroe - 2-2 at the moment - in extra time - yep "Mickeys Cup" again !) - can't be everywhere ... more's the pity ...

LATE UPDATE - well 2200 - it seems like all hell has broken loose tonight @ Curzon - three Clitheroe sent off apparently, two women fighting in the stand - and 3-2 to Curzon (and that's only a latest mind !). Quote from Clitheroe board "Both sides are appalled by the ref". Watch this space - I'm making French Onion Soup at the moment so have to keep dashing down to kitchen to stir ... gotta get them to caramelise properly haven't you ???

Idiot Update - "Pete and Kenny sent off" equates to Manager & Assistant - silly me ...

2220 - Now 4-2 ... and that's a final - we await the fall-out from this one ...

2305 - and damn ... first sniff on the "simmer stage" makes me think I've over-seasoned the effing soup - good job we've a big bag of onions however ... such is life (beyond football) ...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

FC United of Manchester v Stalybridge Celtic

... well - at 3-1 just after half-time I (and many others I guess) thought "game over" - but it was not to be ... and in the end I reckon FCUM were glad to take the draw as 90% of the chances were heading for FCUM 'keeper Sam Ashton. If you want to ignore the rest of the ramble head for ..

FCUM 3 StalybridgeCeltic 3

I was up against some quality oppposition in the "snapper stakes" today - including ex-workmate Steve (a victim of the February "Sack Race" @ Simon Carves) who was "doing" for the Manchester Evening News - nice work if you can get it !!

A jolly day out - made a change for a Sunday anyway !! Not often I get the chance to drink beer in a pub at 1115 (gasp !), ride on a tram, have another decent beer (Rose & Crown) and then pick up a press pass !

Celtic never really got going in the first half - and were punished accordingly - fortunately a goal 5 minutes from the break kept it interesting ... but when that third one went in - curtains ? No way - finally made it into top gear and thoroughly deserved to get back on level terms - and more to be honest. There were several late chances - a touch of woodwork - but in the end, it's "start all over again" on Tuesday night ....

... which leaves me in a quandary - the "humdrum" of Mossley v Lancaster City in the Unibond Presidents Cup, or the "glory hunting" of the replay at Bower Fold - and notice - once again - the two Ashton clubs are at home on the Monday night (one League, one Presidents Cup - crazy "fixturing" that helps neither club !)

We'll see .........

Clitheroe v Mossley

I'm not going to knock getting a point away from home .... although like many others I think the game should have been won in the first half-hour when chances were legion !! The officials were very poor however - let far too much go early doors and the first yellow was for an innocuous foul on the half-way line ! At least they were consistently bad for both sides (one penalty each ?? hmmm ...)

A "strangely muted" set of pix at

Clitheroe 0 Mossley 0

(Don't know why - only took 70 all match - sometimes that's the way it goes ...)

A jolly day out overall - we all fell asleep on the train going TO the game (something to do with Friday nights in Mossley perchance !) - I got the pork & stilton sausages from Cowman's (many thanks to Clitheroe Pie Hut for "fridging them" during the game !) and also managed a trip to Coffee Express to pick up some coffee beans (Brazilian Santos) for Tina @ Stalybridge Buffet Bar. And ... naturally ... a trip to the New Inn - Bowland "Bowland Gold", Newmans "Autumn Flower" and a Goose Eye "Can't remember the Name" (I'm NOT a ticker - honest !). Strange to read the Clitheroe programme an hour later and note the phrases "Mossley Smiffy", "Cowmans" and "New Inn" in the same sentence - Chris M is obviously psychic !!!)

And on to Gigg Lane in 10 hours time ... probably take 600 (pictures that is .. not Stalybridge fans ... although you never know) tomorrow (excluding the rock gig in the club beforehand - another 150 maybe !!)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Weekend Sorted !

A veritable feast of football ... Clitheroe v Mossley on Saturday (revenge for Belper !!) ... and FC United v Stalybridge Celtic on Sunday - and thanks to John (Stalybridge) and Jules (FCUM) I now appear to have sorted the "necessarys" to 'do a bit' with the big lens from pitchside up at Gigg Lane. The only problem now is - with there being no trains from Mossley on Sunday - getting to 'Bridge for the 1208 train to Man Vic ... one assumes the RRP from Mossley won't bloody miss it ! To add to the Sunday "feast" I see the Stalybridge band "This is Bracewell" will be playing in the Bury FC Social Club pre-match (1345 is the hour apparently) - should be there in time for that as well.

The whole "FCUM argument" has reared its head on the Stalybridge board over the last couple of days - I have to admit at the start, I was sceptical about the whole "ethos" of the club at the start - some early bad press and bad behaviour probably didn't help either. However, we all move on - I still find the whole thing a little "unusual" to say the least compared with say AFC Telford United and FC Halifax Town (two clubs often compared with FCUM on certain levels, but completely different in so many ways) - and unfortunately I think pure jealousy does seem to cloud many people's minds in this area (although I often wonder if some of those "non-league fans" who stir it up are actually Man City sympathisers/fans - therefore negating what is usually the main grouse viz "How can you support two clubs ?"). Everyone - be they fans of Manchester United FC or members of the Heyrod Matchbox Collectors Club look to see their organisation being run on a "professional" basis - there are examples of this all over the place out there - the FCUM comms is very well put together and you can't knock that at all (something we can all learn from)- my only real grouse is the Manchester Evening News web site link that says "FC United/Non League" - why not just "Non League" ?)

FCUM have done their apprenticeship in non-league circles - from North West Counties 2 up to Unibond Premier - the early days of expecting to win every game by lots has gone - the fans have had a few years to get involved in the "non-league scene" - they've done (financial) wonders for many clubs (one games takings = rest of season takings and the like). Now probably the "correct" level has been reached - and that can only be good for the club ( in effect "the 25 point deduction has been covered" - not the best analogy I'm sure but - you get my drift) - now it's time to move on. Next step surely has to be their own ground (to progress much higher it is a necessity isn't it ?). People may look at the crowds that FCUM get but you have to remember - they probably need about 1,000 paying customers per home game just to cover the rent of Gigg Lane (should have took the Droylsden option when offered maybe ?). I've often thought a "move in" with Salford City would have been a good option - now there's a ground with loads of potential for development - a natural bowl with loads of room - but that's just me.

But before all that (I'm going for a 4,000 crowd as a guess !) we have the Mossley "jolly boys train outing" to Shawbridge - which at the moment totals 3 (three) takers !!!!!!!!! Hopefully as the price rises from £4-99 up to £11-99 for the Internet scam which is the Ingerland game (shameful- absolutely shameful), a few more will come on board.

Work - 6 more working days to go ....

And for those FCUM fans looking for something to put on their banners for the "70s" theme on Sunday how about:

"Brice a jamais dans nos coeurs"

It might not be 70s but it would say something about the spirit of football ....

I've rambled long enough ...

Just HAD to share this ...

... no pre-judging, no bias, no nothing ... just a question of how much "stuff" can be fitted into one paragraph in a newspaper - I give you page three from today's Daily Express ....

"A homosexual man tried to poison his lesbian neighbours by putting slug pellets into their curry after he was accused of kidnapping their three-legged cat".

What can you say - apart from it happened in Denton - yes one of those "Nine Boroughs of Tameside"........

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Latest Good News from Hyde ...

... again courtesy Steve Hartley ...

I have just received the good news that at the deferred hearing of the winding-up petition in the High Court today, HMRC confirmed that the petition debt and related costs had been paid in full, and the petition was therefore dismissed.

Our proceedings in court are therefore finished, and we can concentrate on taking the club forward.

Thanks again to everyone who helped us achieve this over the past couple of weeks.

I would reiterate however that we still need to continue our fundraising efforts so that we can clear the outstanding debts since the petition was issued, which total around £50,000. I will be talking to HMRC with a view to establishing an agreed timetable to achieve this. I am pleased to report that our latest VAT return for the quarter ended 31 August 2009 has been submitted and paid on time.

The battle is over - but the war continues - so a quick plug for their next fund-raiser - a Q&A session with Steve Wyeth (United reporter) and Ian Cheeseman (City reporter) of BBC Radio Manchester on Monday October 19th - £10 inc potato pie supper ... strangely the Manky Premier Cup game at Irlam Town which should have been on the Tuesday night has been switched (by Irlam) to the Monday - miserable toerags - I mean Moneychester United play UEFA Champions on the Wednesday - Liverpool play on the Tuesday - is Irlam nearer to Anfield than Old Trafford ? I think not ! Wonder why then ......

At Last - The End is Finally Nigh !

... and the date is ... Friday 16th October 2009 ... 24 years 3 months 1 day from that "heady" day when it all began. Naturally there is a "however" involved .. but at least it's in MY favour - if "everything" can't all be "sorted" by that date, or if there's any future "comebacks", I may have to return as a "Consultant" ...oh dear !!! And I faithfully believe "everything" will NOT be sorted by that date - we'll see ...

Apolgies for the quality of last night's pix - not the best I must admit, but the weather was sh*te and I did get back fairly late - and every night game involves a "triple pass" - first pick the pix - next crop and sharp - and then run the noise reduction program - and then one last run through on Photoshop just in case - hence nearly 0200 when finished - eek ! Still - there's a couple appeared on - with my name underneath (cheers Steve !). And when it's wet - the kit needs drying and TLC as well !

Sad to see Belper got turned over by Clitheroe in their FA Trophy Replay last night - I therefore go to Shawbridge with Mossley on Saturday with revenge - in my heart anyway (hoping to pick up some posh sausages from Cowmans on the way home as well !) Still hopeful for the very "big one"on Sunday, as in FC United of Manchester v Stalybridge Celtic - Celtic "owe me a favour", but I've contacted FCUM direct ref photo accreditation - just in case ! FCUM usually get around 1700/1800 for a home game - I'm reckoning on nearer 4000 for this one. Should be a cracker ... FCUM warmed up tonight with a Unibond Prem game against Nantwich Town (played incidentally at Hyde United !) which they won 4-0 - no doubt there were a few scouts from Stalybridge there as well ...

(If you've never tried - it can be useful - it does assume that someone from the home side sends the info mind, so be prepared for "nowt" at times !)

Might have an early night tonight - i.e. pre midnight ... then again ...

Hyde United v Salford (FACup)

Too bloody late for much - have spent a fair while drying out kit ! Pix at

Hyde United 2 SalfordCity 2

Suffice to say - Hyde "went to sleep" second half and got what they deserved ... weather may have been crap, but a disappointing crowd too - and £180 was raised from the Salford "New Clubhouse" bucket collection...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Late Stuff ...

.. Yep Ashton United stay on top with a late late late one (oggy ?) to beat Worksop 2-1 (sadly City didn't pull a late one out) - if Hyde United were not playing tomorrow (tonight ?), I'd have been @ Hurst Cross tonight ... but the "One Midweek Game Per Week except in Exceptional Circumstances" kicks in most weeks of the year (except when Mrs Smiffy is away !!) so ...

... Hyde tomorrow - a jolly train "awayday" to Clitheroe on Saturday with Mossley - hopefully a go at FCUM v Stalybridge on Sunday in't FA Cup (feelers out for a press pass - sadly needed at Gigg Lane) - and a rather complicated 17th October has tonight reared its head. It's a "Belper/Mother-in-Law" weekend ... but ... Belper are away - and I've since discovered that Stafford Rangers (home town team from the glory years of the 70s) have just set up a "community type" thing with a local school - i.e. my old school - and they're trying to put something special together for their game on the 17th ......... against Stalybridge Celtic - so .. have texted Brian @ Stalybridge to book a place on their coach down, and have checked train times from Stafford to Belper after the game (it's a "goer" - I can be there before 2100) ... got to be done I feel.

Never simple is it - just the way I like it!!!!

(and yes - another tweak on the STS logo at the top - thanks to our Michelle - the 'map' shows the 9 boroughs of Tameside for you "non-locals" by the way)

Monday, October 05, 2009

The "Never Ending Story" ..

Yes work again I'm afraid (although I'm "Twittering" Ashton United v Worksop - Ashton have just equalised thru Ian Howard (2108) - Worksop have drawn a few this season so .... still time mind (before I even finish this "rant" !)

Yep - after last Thursday's "non-meeting" I thought maybe I'll ask - being honest why should I have to put myself out - the ball is firmly in their court - I could - and would - happily just keep turning up - until they stop paying me ! Anyway a meeting - apparently - on Wednesday morning. Breath will not be held - and I'll guarantee there'll be f**k all official comes out of it as well - it would be interesting to know "who is in charge"; "who is pulling the strings" - and that's just the disorganised UK side of things - read on ...

Meanwhile I spent an interesting couple of hours with "Mr Hatchet Man" showing him some of the "basics" of Lotus Notes Administration - God I fear for the future .... my knowledge may well be a touch basic but ... all he has is a list of bullet points -apparently that's the way it has been throughout their "rape" of all things Simon Carves - tick boxes next to bullet points ... no clear plans at all - clueless, totally clueless - still waiting for the "Oracle expert" to arrive (data mapping - that's another "non-story" - ha !) - should have been last Thursday but "couldn't get visa in time" - then should have been today - no reason given for non-arrival (that's another thing - if you ask why something has not happened - or something has gone wrong - and you get no reply - it's because they've f**ked up and don't want to admit it - and that's FACT - so Punj Lloyd "jumping into bed" with the remnants of Simon Carves - seems pretty apt really) - wonder if there's a problem vis-a-vis "Work Visa" vs "Tourist Visa" - anyone from HM Customs viewing ?? Wonder if it's the same with our "Mr Hatchet Man" !!!! Or is this just me being 'naughty' ?

See City have just equalised @ Villa as well ... this is "live blogging" even though you may read it later ! So live in fact that (2135) Twitter says Ashton have gone 2-1 up !!!!!! Posting up now - maybe back later ...

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Can't go to bed without ...

... pointing this out - following their 2-0 defeat of Ossett Town today ...

Who's at the top ???

Well done to Danny and all at Hurst Cross - keep it going ... and the crowds will come as well !

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mossley v Bedworth United

.. well the title says it all - after a morning in Ashton - hair cut, pick up summat from Argos, and a fruitless trip round the phone shops looking for a "new one" (nowt floating my boat !) and a trip to the tip to recycle (mostly beer cans as usual !!) ... it was nearly midday when I got home.

The game - played in a howling gale with the odd raindrop - Mossley comfy throughout is the best way of putting it - played on the ground and just too strong for the boys from the Zamaretto - it could have been more, but credit the "Greenbacks" for sticking at it for 90 minutes and getting some consolation.

Pictures at

Mossley 5 Bedworth United 2

Onwards to Wembley - interesting to note in the Trophy that Curzon Ashton were beaten 2-1 at home to Brigg Town - Belper got a draw @ Clitheroe (no doubt the photographers will be back for the replay !) - and Woodley Sports drew 2-2 at home to Harrogate RA - meaning the Mossley game is now off on Tuesday...

... so it looks like Hyde United on Tuesday then, for their "delayed" FA Cup game against Salford (they - Hyde - got beat 3-0 today @ Farsley Celtic in the "Battle of the Previously Bust" as they say).

Friday, October 02, 2009

This needs publicity ..

For supporting your team ...

I can say no more ...



... yep still "umming and aahing" about tomorrow - and notwithstanding (great word !) my earlier thoughts on Mossley v Beduff or Farsley Celtic v Hyde United, another "hat" has been thrown into the ring as my mate "Belper Snapper Tim" (and Ken as well - with Tim the Belper "50D double act") can't make their game @ Clitheroe tomorrow ... and of course Stalybridge Celtic @ home to Redditch, Ashton United @ home to Ossett Town, Curzon Ashton @ home to Brigg Town, Glossop @ home to Bootle - aaaaaarrrrghhh - AFC Telford v Droylsden is "out the window" though (at least one less decision !!!) ...

One thing's for sure - haircut @ Figaro's in Ashton tomorrow morning - take it from there !

New Logo - Part 2

... designed by our Michelle during a "quiet spell" at work ... enjoy !

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Just a work rant tonight ...

... which I've not done for a day or five !!! Try this ...

Yesterday an "informal" chat with HR (hope she enjoyed her holiday - I didn't ask) - my boss had seen her earlier and - to my subsequent discomfort - had mentioned my "health problems" - so there was much "concern" (ha !) in said meeting. The phrase "I know you're going through a lot at the moment and with this as well ......." etc etc etc - the caring side of HR (ha !) To cut a (boring) story short - "You will be receiving a phone call later today (as in yesterday)"... I didn't.

HOWEVER today said person (who should have rung me yesterday) was in the office - he had a meet with my boss - and he's now sorted (finishes tomorrow - in the "Penny Black" pub at lunchtime as they say). Boss tells me "They'll be in touch before lunch as they know you're going to the hospital (for chest x-ray) in the afternoon". Yes you've guessed it - absolutely, precisely ... nothing ...

So I left work and "trained/bussed it" to Tameside Hospital - they took snaps (one portrait and one landscape believe it or not - 11 stone weakling and they can't fit my chest on one pic !) before .. home - and thanks to Gaz for passing over a rather "rare" Mossley badge - I believe it goes back to the 1940s/1950s - needs checking out. I also picked up a book "off the pile" at Stalybridge Buffet Bar - "Arguments for Socialism" by Tony Benn - written in 1979 - should show up the "New Labour" crap for the latent Toryism/Fascism that it really is - top man Tony - shame there's only him and Dennis Skinner left in the socialist world - I can remember Harriet Harman as a fiery "leftie" when I was at Sheffield Poly back in the 80s - look at her now - and don't get me on Jack Straw for Frith's sake .......

What's the odds that the guy who should have spoken to me today is "on site" tomorrow - and therefore unavailable for comment - my fiver is already on that scenario. So the "caring sharing" side of things yesterday reverted to type today ... i.e. usual crap/incompetence/etc - you choose - I've already chosen !

Some football news ("at last" you all say !!) - there might be some new wallpaper on the Stalybridge Celtic Social Club walls in the not too distant future (sshh .. just a rumour ! ). Next - what do I do on Saturday ?? Mossley v Bedworth in the FA Trophy or Farsley Celtic v Hyde United (the meeting of the two "close to bust" clubs - ironic really that Hyde's first game after their reprieve is against Farsley - who "went bust" for 24 hours not that long ago) - tis a tricky one ...

Has anyone noticed a couple of changes on the blog by the way ? - a new banner (I WILL improve it - honest - it's "work in progress !") and a few links to good blogs (OK mates !) at the top. A change is as good as a rest as they say ...