Monday, October 05, 2009

The "Never Ending Story" ..

Yes work again I'm afraid (although I'm "Twittering" Ashton United v Worksop - Ashton have just equalised thru Ian Howard (2108) - Worksop have drawn a few this season so .... still time mind (before I even finish this "rant" !)

Yep - after last Thursday's "non-meeting" I thought maybe I'll ask - being honest why should I have to put myself out - the ball is firmly in their court - I could - and would - happily just keep turning up - until they stop paying me ! Anyway a meeting - apparently - on Wednesday morning. Breath will not be held - and I'll guarantee there'll be f**k all official comes out of it as well - it would be interesting to know "who is in charge"; "who is pulling the strings" - and that's just the disorganised UK side of things - read on ...

Meanwhile I spent an interesting couple of hours with "Mr Hatchet Man" showing him some of the "basics" of Lotus Notes Administration - God I fear for the future .... my knowledge may well be a touch basic but ... all he has is a list of bullet points -apparently that's the way it has been throughout their "rape" of all things Simon Carves - tick boxes next to bullet points ... no clear plans at all - clueless, totally clueless - still waiting for the "Oracle expert" to arrive (data mapping - that's another "non-story" - ha !) - should have been last Thursday but "couldn't get visa in time" - then should have been today - no reason given for non-arrival (that's another thing - if you ask why something has not happened - or something has gone wrong - and you get no reply - it's because they've f**ked up and don't want to admit it - and that's FACT - so Punj Lloyd "jumping into bed" with the remnants of Simon Carves - seems pretty apt really) - wonder if there's a problem vis-a-vis "Work Visa" vs "Tourist Visa" - anyone from HM Customs viewing ?? Wonder if it's the same with our "Mr Hatchet Man" !!!! Or is this just me being 'naughty' ?

See City have just equalised @ Villa as well ... this is "live blogging" even though you may read it later ! So live in fact that (2135) Twitter says Ashton have gone 2-1 up !!!!!! Posting up now - maybe back later ...

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Trotsky said...

I think that before you leave the Dark Towers of Doom at Cheadle Hulme you should post some pictures of that collection of items from abroad that you have built up over the years.