Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Latest Good News from Hyde ...

... again courtesy Steve Hartley ...

I have just received the good news that at the deferred hearing of the winding-up petition in the High Court today, HMRC confirmed that the petition debt and related costs had been paid in full, and the petition was therefore dismissed.

Our proceedings in court are therefore finished, and we can concentrate on taking the club forward.

Thanks again to everyone who helped us achieve this over the past couple of weeks.

I would reiterate however that we still need to continue our fundraising efforts so that we can clear the outstanding debts since the petition was issued, which total around £50,000. I will be talking to HMRC with a view to establishing an agreed timetable to achieve this. I am pleased to report that our latest VAT return for the quarter ended 31 August 2009 has been submitted and paid on time.

The battle is over - but the war continues - so a quick plug for their next fund-raiser - a Q&A session with Steve Wyeth (United reporter) and Ian Cheeseman (City reporter) of BBC Radio Manchester on Monday October 19th - £10 inc potato pie supper ... strangely the Manky Premier Cup game at Irlam Town which should have been on the Tuesday night has been switched (by Irlam) to the Monday - miserable toerags - I mean Moneychester United play UEFA Champions on the Wednesday - Liverpool play on the Tuesday - is Irlam nearer to Anfield than Old Trafford ? I think not ! Wonder why then ......

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