Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Day to Go ...

... and then 24+ years goes out the door (literally !) with a whimper rather than a bang - although I have plans for setting fire to the company tie (y'know, just like what kids do at 16 when they leave big skool - promise to video it too - tee hee !). Brought my last bag of "stuff" home tonight - clearing out 24 years of cr*p by train has taken a while - just got a phone charger left I think !)

One last jobbie to sort out in the morning - then the "Penny Black" (pub over road) beckons - one thing that comes to mind is the number of "collections" I've put into over the years for leavers - when there were a fair number of people there (400-500) - won't get much (if any) tomoz as there's next to bugger all people left !!

Hey ho - that's recession - been there done it - got made redundant then (1985) - last time it was Thatcher's fault - this time it's the Bankers and the "Moneymakers" - who are in effect "Thatcher's Children" in the mindset/greed stakes - who are at fault - unlike many I ain't blaming Gordon Brown and Labour even though they are as close to Toryism as to make little difference these days ... it's the b*st*rds at places like Goldman Sachs who should be shot (who invented "bonuses for failure" - I'd love to know) .. still depressing though to see a once big respected company like Simon Carves reduced to this (try buying a toner cartridge - it's gone that far down the pan !) - I've got the names I've got the reasons - but they stay extremely "schtum" - on here - until I've had my last payment of any sort from them (which may not be until next February !). However feel free to talk to any Simon Carves employee past or present - they know as well - and I can talk "off the record" as well !!!

Expect little/nowt tomorrow night - I ain't going mad on the "leaving sesh" that's for sure - got to be "on my toes" for Saturday's football - Stafford Rangers vs Stalybridge Celtic. May have said it before (can't remember - can't be *rsed to check) but they've (Rangers) set up a "community link" with Sir Graham Balfour School - which is my old school - and I believe there's "stuff" going on tomorrow (maybe just free tix - don't know the full sp) - but a trip on an "Executive Coach" from Stalybridge sounds good - even though I'm only going "one way", as I have to be in Belper in the evening (so apres-game .. train(s) Stafford-Stoke-Derby-Belper - there for 9 !).

That'll do for now ...

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