Friday, April 30, 2010

Not me Guv !

From today's "Manchester Evening News" ...

.... because I'm only 53 !!!

Other than that - a fruitful afternoon (say no more) - a nice sirloin steak for tea - the Bank Holiday weekend has well and truly started (check out the weather - hmmm !). Tomorrow sees some serious "garden-type" shopping before afternoon footy at the Blocksages ...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quick Election Aside ...

I wonder what the descendents of Winston Churchill think of this "hi-jacking" by the British National Party ? A touch naughty I feel ..

I must say however - in the interests of fairness - that our local rag the "Tameside Reporter" has managed to exclude the BNP Candidate for our constituency (Stalybridge & Hyde) from their "Election Special" supplement today - nor is he mentioned on the Manchester Evening News "Candidate List" .... don't worry, they're certainly not getting my humble vote, but fair's fair ...

Meanwhile, back @ the TV "Mass Debate" (tee hee !) my instant reaction was:

Brown - Stolid .. but .. those bloody ears !
Cameron - Smarmy.. lousy make-up job
Clegg - Fresh .. but .. looking like a member of the "same club"

Did absolutely nowt to influence my voting intentions ... with not having to leave the house early to go to work these last few weeks (months ??), I've also suffered the slings and arrows of Radio 4 in the morning - and I'll be honest - I'm bored - we have three parties who are more interested in slagging each other off rather than sitting down and telling the truth (although I'll be honest, I don't think reporters like John Humphries do much to encourage "proper debate" either - now there's a phrase .. "proper debate" ..).

... and none of them offered me a job either ...

The Great Election Debate - Part 3

OK - I missed the first two due to Mossley's Thursday's games - it's now half-way through the third one (2120) - and all I have worked out so far is .....

Hasn't Gordon Brown got HUGE ears ?

Maybe more later .......

The Day After Wednesday ...

= Thursday !

'Twas the Conf North Play-Offs (1st Leg) last night - and a big "Well Done" to Droylsden (beating Fleetwood 2-0) and Alfreton (beating Workington 1-0) - I like to think I've friends at both of the winning teams (as well as "Docs" @ Fleetwood of course !), but it certainly opens things up for the second legs on Sunday. Couldn't attend at the Butchers last night - should have been college but it was once again cancelled "late doors" (this time - family bereavement) - getting to be a bit of a joke this college course - delays, communication breakdowns, numerous cancellations - a 17 week course that's going to take the best part of 52 weeks to complete (either that or someone "up there" is telling me that IT is NOT the way forward !!). Fingers are crossed for an Alfreton v Droylsden final ... incidentally, let me just say that Droylsden snapper Carl is "calling it a day" at the end of this season - he has his own reasons, but it's going to be a helluva loss on the non-league snapper circuit (check out here for his pix from last night) - one of my early "mentors" when taking up the DSLR route was Carl ...

Anyway ... Thursday - a total "zilch" on the job hunt front - a miserable day weather-wise - Mrs Smiffy will be well hacked off when she comes home from work - we were going to have another crack at the garden - yes that's what I ended up doing last night ... 'tis a deceptively large garden in various parts - so we're starting at the top and working down - last night was organising borders (me setting up stones and faffing with weeds and soil) and planting up ( the expert - i.e. not me !) . I took some "snaps" with babycam today in the rain ... and we had a guest star appearing as well !!

The "grassy/weedy" bit in the middle is next to sort out ...... but what's that in the tub ??

Yep - a grey bugger ... so you go closer ...

... and he runs up the tree !!

Tonight - another culinary test - we had a load of left over salmon a few weeks ago, so I created salmon fish cakes/salmon patties and attempted to freeze them in such a way that they wouldn't turn to mush once defrosted - they've been defrosting all day (in the fridge - word on t'web was "DO NOT DEFROST AT ROOM TEMPERATURE" (mush prevention I guess !!) ... we'll see !!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Curzon Ashton v Colwyn Bay

"Welcome to HELL !" - the ever genial Harry Galloway - Curzon Chairman

... in the Unibond League 1 North Play-Off Semi Final ... all in all a pretty grim game to watch as a supposed "neutral" - when Curzon took the lead on the stroke of half-time, I reckoned that would certainly open things up ... but to be honest it didn't. The Bay penalty seemed to be the cue for Curzon to completely lose their way for the next 15 minutes, during which time Lee Davey put the Seagulls ahead. There then followed 9 minutes of normal time and God knows how long added on time (officially 5 if I remember) when Curzon surged forward for that elusive equaliser - which was not forthcoming ... pictures at

Curzon Ashton 1 Colwyn Bay 2

So it's Colwyn Bay who travel up to the Giant Axe on Saturday to meet Lancaster City (2-0 victors over Skelmersdale United). Had it been Curzon, I may well have gone myself - but circumstances (OK finances really) dictate ... so, I'll be looking elsewhere ... the good money is on Dukinfield Town v Manchester Gregorians (with a 1400hrs kick-off).

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Latest from the DWP

Signing Off ?? I wish ....

Following today's appointment:

1) Now have to sign on weekly instead of fortnightly;

2) Have to extend my search to jobs up 90 minutes travel (by public transport) from home - you know the deal - 70% of your wages go on travel and the other 30% to the bloody Exchequer;

3) They have my CV - and their "Job Match Team" (!) will do stuff on my behalf - well, y'never know !!

So ... I've put myself forward for a possible "Work Trial" in Hyde ("Work Trial" = work for nowt for 30 days, and then they say "No" - or is that me being pessimistic ??)

So ... I've just applied for a job in Wigan ...

Tonight - looks like I'll be the only Mossley fan there shouting for the "local team" - every bugger else has been applying for "honorary Welsh passports" !!

Bits and Bobs ...

... some recent "oddbits" from big cam/small cam ...

Friday night "Anniversary Walk" - the 'local attraction' ...

Sunday - The old Monsal Head railway platform - now reduced to a "butty stop" ...

Today - waiting for train home after "dole appointment" - first electoral beer of the campaign ?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Major Hot Shoe Crisis - solved !!

Nothing to do with overheating trainers (!) - down to me using the external flash on Saturday - and the "old age" of the camera I guess !! Noticed yesterday that the Exposure Compensation seemed "stuck" at +2 - and the pop-up flash ... wouldn't. Seems that there is a tiny plastic (aargh !) switch in the hot shoe that drops down when you attach an external flash, and (should) pop up when you remove it (allowing use of the on-board flash) - all I was getting was a whirring noise and "ERR 05" !

Step forward Google - or more to the point Conrad Erb - an excellent article indeed (that does beg the question "How do you take photographs of your own camera - ha ha !) - so - a quick trip to the local DIY shop for some baby screwdrivers (£1-69) - a piece of paper so I didn't lose the tiny screws (free !) - and bingo - problem solved ! The plastic switch was "sticking" in the down position, so I gave it all a bit of a clean - dust and gunk - wiggled accordingly - and put it all back together again.

Success !! (although I may well stick that tiny screwdriver in my camera bag, because it may well happen again - maybe not just age of camera, but also my insistence in "not hiding in the stands" when the rain comes down - and we've had a pretty cold and wet winter - haven't we ??).

So - all sorted for tomorrow night @ Curzon Ashton ... but - before that an appointment with a "Personal Adviser" down at Chez Dole - I've hit the magic 13 week mark - maybe they start to get dirty now ... suppose I also ought to mention the job interview I had on Friday - the interview went fine - then I was given a lengthy test which unfortunately included "newer" stuff from SQL Server and T-SQL where my knowledge is next to non-existent - ouch - this was not mentioned at all in the job spec - ouch - we'll just have to wait and see - and in the meantime ... keep looking and keep trying ...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mossley v Rossendale United - Pictures

... made it before midnight !!

Mossley 4 Rossendale United 1

I'll leave the words for later ...

Yes I've Been Away !

... after yesterday's game, a quick hour in the club to snap presentations etc - and hear the sad news about the resignation of Mossley Manager John Flanagan (will say more later) before dashing down to Manchester to catch the TransPeak "slow coach to Belper" to catch up with Mrs Smiffy ('twas her Auntie's 90th yesterday) - a brisk walk today (Monsall Dale, Tideswell Dale and a couple of other Dales) before home. Tonight is Part Two of the family "Come Dine With Me" competition (small boy), so I don't think I'll get too near yesterday's pics before 2200 tonight - and with it being the last game of the season, it would be nice to do a "bumper bundle" - please bear with me - yet again !!

A quick look around yesterday's other results has turned up a nice local game for Tuesday night - as in Curzon Ashton v Colwyn Bay in the Unibond 1 North Play-Offs - that was TOTALLY unexpected - and then next Saturday ... who knows ???

Back later - or early tomorrow - with "the goods" ...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mossley v Skelmersdale - Pictures

at ...

Mossley 1 Skelmersdale United 1

For words - I (just this once - it's been a busy 24 hours or so !!!) lazily refer to SJNR's view

Last game in 13.5 hours time ... then it's a case of "spot the game" for a few weeks ...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mossley v Skem - quick one

Got a job interview later today ... so can't bugger about with pictures too much now - got a deserved 1-1 draw in the end - and here's the equaliser from Andy Russell (click for big) ...

Will try to get more up later - but as well as job interview, 23rd April is also Wedding Anniversary (26 and counting !!) - so I may well struggle !! Please bear with me !

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Two for One ...

... of the Orange variety tonight - me and Mrs Smiffy gave Gurinder Chadha's "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" a go down at the Ashton Multiplex flea pit. Having done one review this week ... why not another ??

Overall impression was ... rather weak. A bit of a muddle between humour, horror and romance with a plot (?) that didn't really go anywhere. If you're going to cast Sanjeev Bhaskar - give him some dialogue (he was sadly underused with very few funny bits). Maybe I missed some of the jokes - there were certainly some Indian people in the audience laughing at times when I wasn't. A few nice "rip offs" mind - exploding stomach a la "Alien", the final scene was reminiscent of "Ghost", and the lengthy "Carrie" - type scene at the party was very good indeed. I'll be honest - until the credits came up at the end, I thought it was Maureen Lipman playing Mrs Goldstein - never thought it would be Zoe Wanamaker !!

So ... harmless fun I guess - no doubt people will try to compare it with Chadha's other real biggie "Bend It Like Beckham" - it's certainly not a patch on that film. Would I recommend it ? Well on a "2 for 1" night - maybe ...

Mysterious sightings over Mossley today ...

Whilst on my "constitutional dolescum walk out" today, I spotted these very strange things up in the sky - noisy as well - so out came the babycam - can anyone advise ??

Mossley v Garforth Town

A bit of a goal-fest last night at a deceptively cold Hurst Cross ...

Mossley 5 Garforth Town 2

Three up in 15 minutes - pegged back to 3-2 before a fourth goal pretty much sealed it just before half-time. Second half was a "genteel affair" with not a lot to play for (apart from 7th place in the table !!) - and only one more goal. We also had a cameo outfield performance from goalkeeper Peter Collinge (he put himself about a bit too !!) - older viewers may remember Rod Bates doing the same for Mossley up at Penrith one Sunday afternoon (as I recall he did the full 90 minutes though) !!

A crowd of only 90 though - oh dear ... Thursday sees Skelmersdale coming to Hurst Cross - revenge for the 5-2 defeat might be sweet ... and hopefully a few more through the gate as well, before the season comes to an end with a "real proper home game" on Saturday against Rossendale United. It would be nice to finish the week with 9 points - and maybe, just maybe 6th place - although if Leigh get a point or more tonight at home to Salford City we can look no higher than 7th - which would cap what has to be seen as a tremendous season considering all that has gone on !

The Unibond 1 North is pretty much sorted now - Halifax confirmed as champs (although they had to come back from 2-0 last night to get "that point") and Lancaster City, Colwyn Bay, Curzon Ashton and Skelmersdale United in the play-offs (yes I know Leigh "could" - but we are talking mathematics - and a goal difference of 14 !). Oh, and commiserations to Belper Town, beaten 2-0 at Pride Park by Matlock Town in the Derbyshire Senior Cup Final - hope they all had a cracking night out though ... enough for now ...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

County Cups ....

Best of luck tonight to Droylsden who play our good friends (!) Trafford in the Manchester Premier Cup at Ewen Fields (Hyde United FC) - best behaviour boys !!

... and also to Belper Town who will be treading the "hallowed turf" of Pride Park in their Derbyshire Senior Cup Final against Matlock Town. Me - I'll be watching Mossley v Garforth Town up at Hurst Cross ...

I see Curzon Ashton made a bit of a c*ck-up last night losing 2-0 away at lowly Harrogate RA - makes getting that third place (and a home game in the play-off semi final) that much more difficult now - unless they want to play away ?? While already 99.99999% certain of the title, FC Halifax Town should wrap it up completely at home tonight against Clitheroe (unless of course they lose about 12-0 and Lancaster smack 20 past Radcliffe Borough ... yep ... unlikely !!!).

Nearly there ...

Oh yeah - I have another job interview (this time an IT one) - Friday afternoon ...

Weekend in Edinburgh anybody ??

Due to a "series of unfortunate incidents", we find ourselves in possession of 4 return rail tickets from Stalybridge to Edinburgh (the "advance" type - as in "No bl**dy refund whatsoever" - d'oh !). Details below:

Friday 7th May

Stalybridge depart 1526
York arrive 1635
York depart 1646
Edinburgh arrive 1913

Sunday 9th May

Edinburgh depart 1400
York arrive 1626
York depart 1645
Stalybridge arrive 1745

All journey legs come with seat reservations ... and are obviously easily extendable from Manchester etc.

If you were booking now - they'd cost you £82 each - all we want is to recoup our "losses", so we're knocking 'em out at £35 each (or nearest offer !).

If anyone out there in "bloggerworld" fancies a weekend in "Auld Reekie" - or knows anyone who might - pleae let me know - Ta !

(That was a begging letter on behalf of the Smiffy Party)

Monday, April 19, 2010

"The Prisoner" (remake) - early thoughts ...

... missed it on Saturday night - too busy faffing with photos - but ITV4+1did the business tonight...

OK - only Episode 1 (but I believe only 6 to play with instead of 17) - this opener was called "Arrival" (just like the real thing) - but I'm not convinced at the moment ...

1) Remakes always fill me with dread - the obvious question is "Why ?" Only recently I mentioned on here watching the re-hash of "Assault on Precinct 13" ... and "hash" just about summed that up ... so many other remakes have either been "pants or pointless" ... so probably I went into the start with a slightly "biased" view.

2) It's been "Americanised" - another cause for concern ... "The Village" isn't a village at all ... it's bigger (and has a night club - WTF ?!) - the area around "The Village" is also "bigger" (i.e. a bloody desert) - some tokenist "Brit" slants (kept seeing a Moggy Minor floating around in the background - and the 147 taxi was certainly right-hand drive !)

3) Only seen one blazer (on the dead "93") - the whole idea of "Individual vs Collectivism" loses a lot purely on the lack of blazers/"uniform" dress - and no penny-farthing either !!

4) "The Village" people are not just "people with a secret" (ex-Government agents etc) - they just seem to be people who have had their memories wiped (OK there was a pic of the Statue of Liberty and talk of "dreams", but nowt much else - yet) - and what was with the bomb ?

5) James Caviezel (Number 6) seems to be playing the role more like Jack Bauer out of "Lost" rather than the pure anger that was Patrick McGoohan - put that down to the writer maybe ?? We don't really know where he's come from - something that was fairly obvious in the original (what with the "Danger Man" prequel and the opening credits) ... maybe this will become clearer - eventually ..

It might appeal to some - but I'm not too sure after Episode 1 - I'll stick with it mind ...

Here endeth my effort at being Barry Norman ... maybe I should stick to football !!!

Early "Fall-out" from Iceland

... phone call from Ashton College - Wednesday night computer course cancelled as tutor is "trapped" somewhere outside the UK ... and no, I didn't "blow my top" when I got the message ...

Sunday Walk - Edale

... a brisk seven miler today round Edale, Rushup Edge etc etc ... won't bore you you too many photos either (too late anyway) - just the one (double-click for big) !!!

... let's see what next week brings ...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stalybridge Celtic v Eastwood Town

... couldn't make the Mossley game ... they lost 5-2 (sounds poo, but at 3-2 down, pushing for an equaliser ... you can guess the rest). Anyway it was Bower Fold today for me - a couple of beers in the Hare and Hounds first and the chance to see Eastwood Chairman Rob Yong "in action" - a chat with a couple of Badgers told me how much this guy does for the team (i.e. a lot !) - he even travels on the supporters "Booze Bus" rather than the normal option - and I helped myself to some of the "gratis chips" he bought today - cheers ! (and I STILL have the photo of his choice of Ilkeston Town Player of the Year - obviously cannot divulge this "exclusive" until after the event !!).

Anyway ... game - bad start for Celtic when Barry Keeling got a red - a typical "by the book" decision by the ref who is of course hidebound by the refs rule book (you know that book ... it's the one where the phrases "discretion" and "common sense" have been deleted ...) - however a quick regroup (move Michael Carr back a bit) and to be honest over the next 89 minutes Eastwood threatened very little, and when they did the Celtic defence coped with ease ... and when the winner came it was a bonus I reckon ... nice for Celtic to finish their home games on an "up" though ... it's certainly been an "interesting" few months at Bower Fold since the departure of previous Manager Steve Burr ... for many Celtic fans the season end cannot come quick enough ... but if you look at today's performance - there's something there ... something that just might carry over to next season ...

Some pictures from today ... given the excellent weather, I was a touch disappointed - put that down to the cameraman I guess - bugger all else to blame - even got the new eyepiece up and running ... anyhow they're here ...

Stalybridge Celtic 1 Eastwood Town 0

... might be a game or two next week as well ...

Friday Stroll

Took advantage of the good weather this afternoon for a gentle stroll up the Huddersfield Canal to Uppermill and back home via a quick slurp in the "Railway" @ Greenfield (Copper Dragon Golden Pippin to be exact !) - and saw quite a mixed bunch on the way ...

Ducks and Stuff !

... and so back to football - unable to get to Skelmersdale v Mossley tomorrow so a more local choice has to be made - mind will be suitably made up later ...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mossley v Curzon Ashton

Brief ... well beaten ... no complaints ... play-off dreams all but gone .. just a few snaps from the night (including a controversial "lens change" at 3-0 down !) to be found at

Mossley 1 Curzon Ashton 4

You can guess which team recovered best from their defeat earlier in the week ... but with everyone on three games a week due to the rigid "season end date" ... it's just getting very silly ...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ups ... and Downs ...

... and that's not just today's quick walk around Ambleside, Wansfell Pike and Troutbeck - maybe some pictures later ... got home about 1830 ... dutifully checked e-mails - to see this ... the follow-up to this

We are pleased to inform you that you have passed your assessment, unfortunately on this occasion we are unable to offer you the position you applied for.

At present there are no further vacancies within your area but we would like to keep your name on our waiting list for any future vacancies.

Oh ... and the camera eyepiece has yet to arrive - what I DO have is a postcard from the Post Office saying that a parcel is waiting for me down in Ashton - because the sender didn't put enough postage on it - so I have to pay £1-10 (including £1 "handling fee") - so much for free postage ...

Several words come to mind - mostly beginning with "a" and ending with "rse" ....

2045 - Update - some pictures from today - Belper Town 1-0 up against Stamford in the Presidents Cup Final at half-time !

2050 - Update - 1-1 straight from the kick-off apparently ...

FINAL UPDATE - two in the last five minutes ... Belper Town 3 Stamford 1 - first Unibond trophy of the season sorted !

Good to finish this post on an "up" ...

Wednesday Wetherspoons WiFi ...

... 0930 hrs - Lancaster Wetherspoons - sensibly sipping tea and eating a bacon butty (while the rest of the clientele are recharging their alcoholic batteries !). Needed to check e-mails so here we go .... and also last night's football - looks like Mossley's 5th game in 8 days was a game too far, losing 3-1 at Colwyn Bay. HOWEVER ... it's obviously hitting everyone - Radcliffe lost again, Skelmersdale lost again - and with Curzon losing on Monday, no real ground has been lost. Notice also that Lancaster lost their second game in a row, at Trafford last night - the title could well be Halifax's by Saturday. Off for a wander around the Lakes today - home in time for Thursday night though - the next six-pointer of 2009/10 against Curzon Ashton (another "home game" @ Hurst Cross) ...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Curzon Ashton v FC Halifax Town

Monday ... a bit of "family shopping" in Manchester - a trip to the pix to see the new Tim Burton "Alice in Wonderland" (settled for the 2D version as we'd left our x-ray spex at home) - thoroughly enjoyable - late lunch in Tampopo - and then home ... and as me and Mrs Smiffy are off to visit middle boy in Lancaster tomorrow (thus missing the Mossley trip to Colwyn Bay), I got time out to go to the Tameside Stadium to see tonight's big game, where I joined the other 802 paying customers to watch a footballing lesson ...

It might have been "Alice in Wonderland" earlier, but it became "Aspin in Wonderland" tonight - my Golden Goal ticket (49 minutes) was soon thrown away as Halifax took the lead within 60 seconds - and I have to say ... they just ripped Curzon apart tonight - simple as that. For a night match, it wasn't a bad set either - see

Curzon Ashton 0 FC Halifax Town 5

So ... Halifax now four points in front of Lancaster (who visit Trafford tomorrow night - wonder how Melford will behave !) - pressure now firmly on the Dolly Blues for that auto-promotion place ... and looking at life in a selfish sort of way - Mossley now only 7 points behind Curzon with a game in hand - and we play them on Thursday night - getting tighter and tighter in the play-off situation. Fingers (and everything else) firmly crossed for Mossley's trip to North Wales tomorrow night ... would love to be there, but ... the perils of family (and anyway they managed six points over Easter in my absence so ... see that as the lucky omen).

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Over ...

... and a packed weekend it was !!

Football of course - and another three points for Mossley who ground out a 1-0 win against Radcliffe Borough. Like Thursday it certainly wasn't a classic, but it was a much improved performance - and it's getting to THAT time of the season where it's results that count - especially with that tantalising play-off spot still mathematically possible. Most of the other results "went our way" as well, and Mossley now sit in 7th place ... pictures from the game at

Mossley 1 Radcliffe Borough 0

Home, change and off to big city to see the John Butler Trio - and an amazing evening it was (if we take rail travel out of the equation - late into Manc and late out afterwards - trapped @ Gorton for 30 mins - broken-down train in front !). That man is a real guitar genius ... no photos, but I have got an iffy video of "Ocean" - too long for Youtube @ 11.5 mins - maybe I'll get Windows Movie Maker on the case.

Today - a wander round the Longdendale Valley - and a rare outing for the old "cheap and cheerful" 28-105 lens - and it did OK as well (even at the "macro" level) - some pictures at

Longdendale Walk

This week sees some more football (surprise surprise !) - a trip to see middle boy up in Lancaster (and some "walkies" in the Lake District) - some shopping in Manc ... and maybe, just maybe some positive vibes regarding employment ...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Today's Post-Match Entertainment

... is a trip down to Manchester Academy 1 with our Michelle and friend to see the John Butler Trio - I'm sure I've mentioned them before but here is one hell of a guitarist - just a shame it has to be "in that big shed" - I reckon he's worthy of the Bridgewater Hall myself !

But first - some very important football to be done - obviously the "biggie" in the Unibond One North is at the Shay between FC Halifax Town (2nd) and Lancaster City (top) - this game will obviously have a big bearing on who gets the automatic promotion slot, and should pull in a big crowd. The race for the play-offs continues - and I continue to involve Mossley in that race - even if "it doesn't happen", Mossley will certainly have a big say in who DOES get into the top five ... Leigh Genesis (5th) are at home to Bamber Bridge; Skelmersdale (6th) away at Harrogate Railway; Clitheroe (8th) are "on the 3G" at Woodley Sports, while Mossley (9th) entertain Radcliffe Borough (7th) - there'll be much telephoning and "mobile internetting" come 1645 today. Quick word on the Southern Division as well - as in come on Belper (tricky awayday at Carlton Town) ... believe !!

My tip for the Grand National ("Grand National" - a very good album by ... John Butler Trio - honest !!) - obviously with Mossley on an excellent run at the moment (won 7 drawn 1 lost 2 in the last 10 games) - it HAS to be a "nod" towards our Manager Mr Flanagan ... even with a form guide of 0000 this season, I'm going for "King John's Castle" (currently 40/1) !!

I'll leave you with a "check it out" video of John Butler playing "Ocean" - watch and enjoy some amazing fretwork !!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Sounds Promising ?

Following yesterday's job interview I got an email not 20 minutes ago containing this ...

We are delighted to confirm that you have passed your recent assessment and we are moving your application to the next stage. We will contact you again in the next few days to discuss your application further.

Fingers crossed eh what ?? Now all I need is that new eyepiece for the camera to arrive either today or tomorrow before the Radcliffe game. I managed to "lose" my eyepiece somewhere in the Derbyshire area on Easter Monday - and being a "speccy four eyes" it's a bit of a bugger getting eye to viewfinder because of the worry of severely scratching my glasses ... there you go, the perfect excuse for the "less than brilliant" sets of pictures from Monday afternoon and last night !!!

EBay came to the rescue (£3.99 post free - the RRP of a new Canon eyepiece is something daft like £13 excl p&p !), and an e-mail received yesterday said "posted" - so I should have no excuses on Saturday afternoon !

Three Points is Three Points ...

... win ugly etc etc - looked grim on the pitch - then I checked my pix (lucky to find 14 really ...) - it must have rubbed off !!

Mossley 2 Woodley Sports 0

Three points is three points ... Raccy B won tonight ... so we're both closer to Leigh Genesis ... now on to beat Raccy B on Saturday ... and hopefully a much improved performance behind the lens as well as on ... !

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thursday Pre-Match Ramble ...

... well I had a (non-IT) job interview this morning - and considering it was only my second interview in 25 years ... it didn't go too badly at all (i.e. much much better than the first one !) - felt a lot more comfortable ... we wait - we see ! The sun is shining as I tap, so I reckon there'll be no problems with tonight's game against Woodley Sports going ahead (!!) - and of course it's tonight's game now when all the gate receipts will be going towards the Ashton United appeal in the Marcus Hallows court case - so if you've nowt to do tonight, why not bob along to Hurst Cross - shout for Mossley (or Woodley - you choose !) and help a very deserving cause ...

Now - off to get some nibblies before shooting off to the game (via Stalybridge Buffet Bar of course !) - pictures later - later could well mean midnight-ish if/when we win ... or much later if the unthinkable happens - after a six-point Easter weekend for Mossley (of which I saw none !), I am quietly confident ... that play-off place really is STILL within reach - one other important game tonight is Leigh Genesis v Radcliffe Borough, although I don't really know what would be the best result for Mossley - maybe a draw is the best option when you look at the "situation" ...

5th - Leigh G Played 37 Points 64 (they're in the final play-off place)
8th - Raccy B Played 35 Points 53
9th - Mossley Played 34 Points 52

...and who do Mossley play on Saturday - yep, Radcliffe Borough !

It's all to play for ...

Have to finish with a couple of amazing comebacks from last night's Unibond fixtures ... Matlock were 3-1 at home to Worksop with 13 minutes left - won 4-3 with a 92nd minute winner ... but even more incredible was the FC Halifax turnaround - 3-1 away at Garforth with 2 (yes TWO) minutes left - and won 4-3 with a 94th minute winner !!! If you're in the Halifax area on Saturday, why not take in FC Halifax Town(2nd) vs Lancaster City (top) - that's going to be one helluva game ...

Right - Hurst Cross beckons ...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Back Home (Part Three) ...

The decks are cleared as they say - some pix from Belper's rather disappointing display against Chasetown on Easter Monday (and a few sneaked in from our pre-match walk just up the road):

Belper Town 0 Chasetown 2

Easter weekend now well and truly over ... bring on Wednesday ...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Back Home (Part Two) ...

Next up ... Saturday's game at the New Manor Ground where Ilkeston Town came from a goal down to beat AFC Telford United thanks to a winner from Jason Lee (yes last seen by me playing for Corby Town at Stalybridge earlier this season - now signed for Ilson).

Ilkeston Town 2 AFC Telford United 1

Naturally, a day out in Ilkeston involves a few Erewash hostelries - as in "Spanish Bar", "Observatory","Little Acorn"(pre-match) and the "DewDrop", "Good Old Days" and "Spanish Bar" (post-match) and a bit of a natter with the "usual suspects" !! The win against Telford does their play-off aspirations no harm at all (Monday's results could have worked out better for them -although Stalybridge's apparent capitulation at Vauxhall Motors has probably removed one team from the "last play off place" equation - still need to check out the fall-out from that one ...).

Two down - one to go - and it's another team with thoughts of the play-offs - i.e. Belper Town - I'll probably sort them pictures tomorrow - you'd be better off checking out the "master's collection" here. (or even Ken's set here !)I do need to get myself up to date quick-ish as there's more football on Thursday night when Mossley entertain Woodley Sports (that's assuming they let me in after my prolonged - yet enforced - Easter "absence without leave" !).

Plenty more stuff to do tomorrow - prepare for interview on Thursday - keep looking for jobs - and Easter holidays means give the house a "good bottoming" (oo-err !) - onward ever onward ....

Back Home ...

... after a long weekend "got longer" ... down to Belper on Friday morning - and straight down to the painting/hole filling and general "stuff" - which carried on for the next couple of days on and off. Amongst the "off" bits I managed to see a little bit of football - although being without internet (no dongle here !) for four days - and only picking up a "Non League Paper" on Monday afternoon, I felt a little bit "out of the loop" to put it mildly (although many thanks to Trotsky for keeping me "up to speed" on Mossley's "six point weekend" - which to me means that tantalising play-off place is still there ... maybe ... just maybe ...)

Still - back now and I've sorted out Part One of the three-part "non-Mossley binge football weekend" as in Friday night's "starter" ... subtitled "The Ross Hannah Show" - a quick trip back up the A6 from Belper up to Causeway Lane:

Matlock Town 5 Hucknall Town 1

(As it's only 9-15pm - part two may well be up later this evening ... stay tuned !)

Friday, April 02, 2010

Quick Spelling Rant !

... as part of the "Come Dine With Me" experience, I had to nip up to Top Mossley to get some extra stuff (mostly beer but ... !). Walking back I spotted this in the window of Mossley Library :

We often see "howlers" around the towns and cities of his wonderful country (it's mostly apostrophes ! ) but ... in a public library ??? Pardon me for being an old git who can spell but ... God help us all ... it puts the "Pull/Push Vigorously with Care" into the shade really ...

They Came - They Dined - With Me !


Olives & Feta Cheese
Patatas Bravas
Chorizo in Red Wine
Teriyaki Prawns
Baked Tofu Bites


Greek Stuffed Aubergines
Chinese Braised Beef with Noodles
Spanish Rice Fritatta


Greek Pears in Red Wine
Spanish Baked Bananas in Rum
Lychee & Mango Fruit Salad

Hard work - but I got there - and it went down well - scores on the doors as yet unknown !!