Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quick Election Aside ...

I wonder what the descendents of Winston Churchill think of this "hi-jacking" by the British National Party ? A touch naughty I feel ..

I must say however - in the interests of fairness - that our local rag the "Tameside Reporter" has managed to exclude the BNP Candidate for our constituency (Stalybridge & Hyde) from their "Election Special" supplement today - nor is he mentioned on the Manchester Evening News "Candidate List" .... don't worry, they're certainly not getting my humble vote, but fair's fair ...

Meanwhile, back @ the TV "Mass Debate" (tee hee !) my instant reaction was:

Brown - Stolid .. but .. those bloody ears !
Cameron - Smarmy.. lousy make-up job
Clegg - Fresh .. but .. looking like a member of the "same club"

Did absolutely nowt to influence my voting intentions ... with not having to leave the house early to go to work these last few weeks (months ??), I've also suffered the slings and arrows of Radio 4 in the morning - and I'll be honest - I'm bored - we have three parties who are more interested in slagging each other off rather than sitting down and telling the truth (although I'll be honest, I don't think reporters like John Humphries do much to encourage "proper debate" either - now there's a phrase .. "proper debate" ..).

... and none of them offered me a job either ...

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