Friday, April 09, 2010

Sounds Promising ?

Following yesterday's job interview I got an email not 20 minutes ago containing this ...

We are delighted to confirm that you have passed your recent assessment and we are moving your application to the next stage. We will contact you again in the next few days to discuss your application further.

Fingers crossed eh what ?? Now all I need is that new eyepiece for the camera to arrive either today or tomorrow before the Radcliffe game. I managed to "lose" my eyepiece somewhere in the Derbyshire area on Easter Monday - and being a "speccy four eyes" it's a bit of a bugger getting eye to viewfinder because of the worry of severely scratching my glasses ... there you go, the perfect excuse for the "less than brilliant" sets of pictures from Monday afternoon and last night !!!

EBay came to the rescue (£3.99 post free - the RRP of a new Canon eyepiece is something daft like £13 excl p&p !), and an e-mail received yesterday said "posted" - so I should have no excuses on Saturday afternoon !

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