Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Day After Wednesday ...

= Thursday !

'Twas the Conf North Play-Offs (1st Leg) last night - and a big "Well Done" to Droylsden (beating Fleetwood 2-0) and Alfreton (beating Workington 1-0) - I like to think I've friends at both of the winning teams (as well as "Docs" @ Fleetwood of course !), but it certainly opens things up for the second legs on Sunday. Couldn't attend at the Butchers last night - should have been college but it was once again cancelled "late doors" (this time - family bereavement) - getting to be a bit of a joke this college course - delays, communication breakdowns, numerous cancellations - a 17 week course that's going to take the best part of 52 weeks to complete (either that or someone "up there" is telling me that IT is NOT the way forward !!). Fingers are crossed for an Alfreton v Droylsden final ... incidentally, let me just say that Droylsden snapper Carl is "calling it a day" at the end of this season - he has his own reasons, but it's going to be a helluva loss on the non-league snapper circuit (check out here for his pix from last night) - one of my early "mentors" when taking up the DSLR route was Carl ...

Anyway ... Thursday - a total "zilch" on the job hunt front - a miserable day weather-wise - Mrs Smiffy will be well hacked off when she comes home from work - we were going to have another crack at the garden - yes that's what I ended up doing last night ... 'tis a deceptively large garden in various parts - so we're starting at the top and working down - last night was organising borders (me setting up stones and faffing with weeds and soil) and planting up ( the expert - i.e. not me !) . I took some "snaps" with babycam today in the rain ... and we had a guest star appearing as well !!

The "grassy/weedy" bit in the middle is next to sort out ...... but what's that in the tub ??

Yep - a grey bugger ... so you go closer ...

... and he runs up the tree !!

Tonight - another culinary test - we had a load of left over salmon a few weeks ago, so I created salmon fish cakes/salmon patties and attempted to freeze them in such a way that they wouldn't turn to mush once defrosted - they've been defrosting all day (in the fridge - word on t'web was "DO NOT DEFROST AT ROOM TEMPERATURE" (mush prevention I guess !!) ... we'll see !!

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