Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekend in Edinburgh anybody ??

Due to a "series of unfortunate incidents", we find ourselves in possession of 4 return rail tickets from Stalybridge to Edinburgh (the "advance" type - as in "No bl**dy refund whatsoever" - d'oh !). Details below:

Friday 7th May

Stalybridge depart 1526
York arrive 1635
York depart 1646
Edinburgh arrive 1913

Sunday 9th May

Edinburgh depart 1400
York arrive 1626
York depart 1645
Stalybridge arrive 1745

All journey legs come with seat reservations ... and are obviously easily extendable from Manchester etc.

If you were booking now - they'd cost you £82 each - all we want is to recoup our "losses", so we're knocking 'em out at £35 each (or nearest offer !).

If anyone out there in "bloggerworld" fancies a weekend in "Auld Reekie" - or knows anyone who might - pleae let me know - Ta !

(That was a begging letter on behalf of the Smiffy Party)

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