Friday, August 31, 2007

Better than any wheel clamp !!

Friday night - and in after the orgy of football-related stuff this week - need a rest before embarking on two more days of football-related stuff i.e. Hyde v Redditch tomorrow and Woodley v Mossley on Sunday - with a Glossop Beer festival in between !!

Before tonight's period of relaxation there was a "bit of fun" @ Stalybridge Buffet Bar on the way home. This morning some "bright spark" parked their "bourgemobile" very adjacent to the cellar drop - thus cocking up the beer delivery. Solution - put big heavy 9/18 gallon barrels all around the car !!!!!!

I was there when the (lady) driver appeared - and Sylvia gave her hell !! Fair-do's though - she (driver) was very apologetic and a few of us moved said barrels - and she (driver) bought a beer for Mick !!!
So tonight - I've already watched "Mossley go to Wembley" a Granada TV DVD documentary of the 1980 FA Trophy Final (before my time up here - I was there in 1979 watching the mighty Stafford Rangers stuff Kettering !) (copies available from Mossley FC only a fiver) - a trip to the local "convenience store" - do this bit of a blog - and then settle down in front of the box to watch "Tales from Earth Sea" - the newest Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki film (note - this one is "young" Miyazaki as in Goro rather than Hayao) - looking forward to seeing if he's up to his Dad's standards.
Have also noticed that Hayseed Dixie are playing in Manchester tomorrow night - ooooh soooo tempting - and Mrs Smiffy not back till Sunday teatime ??? We'll see how tomorrow pans out .....

Thursday Night - Quiz and stuff..

..well we didn't win (sulk emoticon) - but baby camera is now working again (smiley emoticon) - and we did beat SJNR's team (extra mega smiley emoticon)....but here's "The Shamrocks" - tonight victors ...

.... and I caught a glimpse of the new Mossley "engine room" (Bob, Steve and Mick) ... with a nice reflection showing the mighty hills on the other side of the valley ...

(and I've NO IDEA what this little bit is either .... !!)

And I caught a snippet of a training sesh - and a much smiley sesh it seemed as well (Kitson - have you played basketball in your past ????)

Oh and the flaming piccy is from last Friday's "barbie" in Whitworth - I've had probs with "babycam" that now seem to be sorted - hence the delay ... (trust me the cooking was LONG over when this pic was took !!)

. I've listened to the "Big Baby Ernie" CD (see Lancaster post) on arrival home - if you like the Commitments - and that genre - you'll like BBE..

Thursday, August 30, 2007

DragonForce vs PowerQuest

One for you music afficianados this one ..... have spent the last few days listening to "Neverworld" by PowerQuest - (and yes I know Sam from DragonForce played on it) despite the fact that my copy is an evil internet ripoff purloined by middle boy - having heard what I've heard I'll now go out and buy the real thing.

Anyway - my point - knowing the toons like I know the toons - and listening to the toons - I now have come up with the premise that ....

1) DragonForce go into battle with a "grrrr" on their face....

2) PowerQuest go into battle with a smile and a cheery disposition ..

discuss ....................

PS I love them both and am counting the days to the "Black Crusade" tour in November .. fingers crossed DragonForce can get the sound right (Download 2007 nightmare returns !) And if they feel they need assistance, our Michelle (as in BSc (Hons) in Music Technolgy and Audio Systems Design) should be back in the country in late October - if the DragonForce crew aren't reading this maybe the Manchester Evening News Arena peeps are....

Our Mich will sort you - any other bands looking for solid Sound Engineer experience leave a note for me - I'll pass it on..

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bristol City v Manchester City

Three games in three days ?? Yes you're absolutely right - Mrs Smiffy is away on the "last week of the skool hols world tour". It's ironic that tonight she finds herself in Bristol - a part of which was earlier infested with "proper Mancs".

Thus I found myself at the "Railway" in Greenfield watching said game. Quick resume (don't know how to put the accent on the "e" - sorry !).

City looked good first half - stringing stuff together pass-wise and certainly worth the 1-0 lead at half-time - nice goal from Mpenza. Second half - they were crap - really - in my eyes anyway - hoof ball - couldn't string one pass together let alone none....Bristol equaliser summed it up - two for the ball in the air - both missed and sloppy stuff on the ground.

Fortunately Rolando Bianchi pulled them out of the .... with a late winner - god he'd missed a few throughout the game (should have stuck to selling furniture in Macclesfield with his brother Arighi - sorry that goes down as a fairly local (North West) joke).

And why did all the Bristol players have their "Christian" names on their shirts ???? And why were they all called Blackthorn ?? And yes I spotted Stalybridge reject Lee Trundle ....

So - no extra time/pens gave me the chance to come home (fairly) sober and sort out the Curzon/Radclife pix (see thread below).

If anyone knows of a game in the Tameside area tomorrow evening - let me know - otherwise it's the Mossley AFC Quiz Night......actually sod it - Quiz Night sounds good !!

Curzon Ashton v Radcliffe Borough

Promise to sort this one out when I get home after work !! A 1-1 draw - and Radcliffe did really well, closing down Curzon and looking dangerous themselves....

Until later.....

2246 i.e. later pix now up at ..

I'd have been earlier - but while Mrs Smiffy is away (ironically tonight in Bristol) I continue my "orgy of football" watching the Bristol City v Man City game ...worth another post - hell yeah !

Monday, August 27, 2007

Lancaster City v Mossley


Tonight will be tricky - cus I've had a few beer type things in honour of Mossley's 2-0 win @ Lancaster today - a well deserved win as well - a good first goal and then we kept the magical 41/42/43/44/45 minute bit CLEAN !!! Here's a little tempter - Kitson celebrates the first goal - as does Nigel and John Wharmby, Orph and Jaya !!

Second half - looked so comfy it's untrue - we stuffed 'em - and they beat FSCUM ???

Pix will be going in

soon !!!!!

at 2343 - And there's a lot !!!!!

@0013 - I could have done more ( but I'm a picky bugger with pics - so enjoy what you see !!) ...but hey let's just say - well chuffed at today's performance - we are truly "getting there" - a grand day out and a grand result. God I'm so so so pleased.

And here's a pic of "Big Baby Ernie" who were playing at "The Pub" in in Lancy central on our slow way back home - I have the CD if anyone wants a bit - we caught them toward the end of their set playing "Call Me the Breeze" (JJ Cale - Lynyrd Skynyrd - you choose)...this pic does NOT show their hairy singer.

But this one does - don't mention "Magic Numbers" - he'll probably hit you !!!!

and the train to think that my Manfrotto monopod looked good as an air guitar while I was doing "Valley of the Damned" by DragonForce - seemed to keep the non-footy punters happy as well - cus I was !!!! What a good day !

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lancaster City away - Preview

Actually I don't do previews...see SJNR's ... here's the Lancaster City "Barmy Army" at Stalybridge Celtic last season....
The "Mossley Eco-Warriors" are letting the train take the Bank Holiday strain - 1057 from Mossley is the "Departure of Choice".

The "Kinder Round" ...'s walk of choice It's a local delicacy - we started at Hayfield and went up William Clough before veering off the Pennine Way and heading due east following the edge round, looking down on the Snake Pass (A57) before coming round the other side (Vale of Edale) and heading back to Hayfield. 16.1 miles in the end (we took a couple of short-cuts) - again more photos to come but there's a few at the usual sort of thing viz.

I need a bath - so I'm going for one now (star date 2143)....otherwise Lancaster tomorrow will be a health hazard !!

Mossley v Bradford PA

Well - we're off the mark ! A hard earned point I feel - we did well to keep it down to 1-0 at half-time - although some woeful BPA finishing did help. Toughed it out though and in the end grabbed a well-earned equaliser. As usual more to come - pix are going into... we blog ....

Later today I'm supposed to be doing the "Kinder Round" - 18 miles or summat - so I'll aim for getting the pix up f'now - I'm sure SJNR will be already transcribing a much more eloquent view of today's proceedings as we speak - or if he's any sense he'll be in bed - anyway if all else fails...try here..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mossley v Curzon Ashton - updated

We lost 2-1 - we wern't brilliant - more to come later - including pix - they'll be in

put a few in tonight (0215) - to be going on with ..

but it'll be tomorrow /today evening now............


(For the lazy ones - loads more pix now available at the above link ....)

Last night - "came out of the blocks" really well - hustled, hassled and gave Curzon no room to play/relax/do stuff - and we took the lead through some good work from Kitson.....

Trouble was - Curzon then seemed to settle down a bit - and put pressure on - and I as speccie started to worry. The biggest bugger was them getting the equaliser in stoppage time (exclusive pic to STS this one...)

Second half - never in it really were we - too much "hoof" - whereas Curzon were playing well as a unit as they say - I remember when I saw them against Sheffield - they looked much better. second half. Her'es another STS exclusive - the Curzon "pile on" after their winner..

'Twas my first League game of the season last night - missing Garforth due to engagements with rain, wind and general sh*t in Ireland - word was that the performance last night was not dissimilar to last Saturday - so obviously the right people SHOULD know where it's going wrong. Once again Mr B. Phillips (Bradford PA) was in attendance last night - in prep for Saturday - they've lost tonight to Ossett (also notice that FCUM have lost - at "home" (Bury) - to Garforth - which probably makes our Saturday result a little easier to live with).

Early days yet - at least it's Clitheroe at the bottom not us - to RoyF, LD and the guys - please excuse that tiny little bit of "nerr nerr ne nerr nerr" - as they say !

Monday, August 20, 2007

"TGSKHD 2007" - Part Two

S’pose it all started to go pear-shaped on the way to Holyhead on Tuesday morning. Got to about Warrington on M56 and some bright spark says “All got our passports then ?” Following a mad dash back to Mossley (yep it was me !) and an even madder dash back to Holyhead, we arrived at the port 10 minutes after gates closed for the 0855 ferry. Thanks to our sooper doper “Flexi” tickets we changed onto the 1430 (next available with spaces). With (a lot of) time to spare, we went into Holyhead where me and Mrs Smiffy went into a cafe - I ordered “two full English breakfasts” – oops – fortunately cafe owner was from Nottingham so no harm done there !!

Ferry arrived Dublin Port about 1745 – we were booked into a campsite 250 miles away !! We rung and made apologies. Getting out of Dublin was a nightmare – the roads were pretty well gridlocked – and where they weren’t, they were “under construction” with all the attendant tailbacks. Oh yes, it was chucking it down. We got as far as Portlaoise without finding a campsite – it was still raining. We ended up shelling out for two rooms at the “Comfort Inn” (Me and Mrs Smiffy and our Peter and friend). It was dry – and we also paid out for a decent meal – and I got my one and only pint of Guinness (OK it was two actually !) this holiday.

Wednesday morning – left hotel very late – headed off towards Cahersiveen and Mannix Point Campsite. Took most of the day but we got there – it was wet – it was windy – add to that a new tent – ‘twas tricky (!) but we got there – apparently I swore a lot. The state of the camping fields was not so good – we’d opted for shelter from the winds, but this put us at the bottom of the field. The evening/night brought what sounded like force 9 gales and heavy rain – uncomfortable to say the least …

Two Tents Suffering ...

Thursday – another late start – but we got a look round the town, the museum (Daniel O’Connell born here), got stuff required for the mountain climb and rest of the holiday. Here's a picture taken in town - for some reason I just like the picture - if you can work out why - let me know - because I'd love to know too !!

Me and Mrs Smiffy even got a walk in, to the top of Beentee, just outside the town (it began as a stroll along the water side…but one thing led to another and next minute we were 600 metres up !!!). This was the “dry day” – but weather again bad at night

Friday – supposedly the best day – the assault on Carrantouhill – got off to a bad start due to the inability of the Irish to signpost anything properly. We got there eventually (one hour later than hoped) and off we went. Yes the cloud was somewhat "low"....

Began OK – squally showers and a bit windy – then we saw the “Devil’s Ladder” – approx 1000 feet pretty sheer climb - it's that bit in the middle (sod the "Rule of Thirds" - it was wet and windy !)

We scrambled to the top of that and were told the summit was about another 30 minutes. However - by now it was thick mist, hailstones and gale force winds that were quite literally knocking people over. We “went for it” for about 20 minutes, but had to stop/turn back – it was too dangerous – the GPS reading – when compared with the map later – showed we were about 500ft from the top – so near and yet ….Now we had the 1000 feet scramble down – and the weather on top was working its way down the mountain as well – it was a miserable return. Grabbed a cuppa in the cafĂ© at the bottom of the mountain (and watched the Sky weather on their TV for the next few days – sh*te, sh*te, sh*te). The four of us were completely sodden – and I think I knew then that the end was close. An 30 mile drive back to the campsite was followed by the worse night of the holiday – wind like I’d never seen it, rain like I’d never seen it – I reckoned the field was like Glastonbury – Mrs reckoned more like the “bloody Somme !”. The kids’ tent was suffering – gravity was taking its course with the water…

Saturday morning – council of war – “cut and run” was the decision – and we weren’t the only ones on the campsite either. Thanks to our sooper dooper “Flexi” ticket we amended our ferry booking from Tuesday @ 1800 to Saturday @ 2115. Packed up in as quick a time as possible and then headed towards Dublin. 50 kms outside Dublin the traffic ground to a halt on the M7 – a fatal crash had closed the motorway – and probably caused many people to miss ferries ! Luckily we had that extra time to spare, and by going up and around the ring road and through the toll tunnel we avoided the sh*te that is driving through Dublin. Apparently a “choppy crossing” arriving in Holyhead about 0045. Drive back to Mossley through more (Welsh/English) wind and rain arriving home at 0330.

Big up to Stena Line – that little extra money for the “Flexi” tickets helped us out on both legs of the journey in the end.

Today was mostly spent washing stuff, drying stuff (still got the big tent to sort out yet – aargh !) and generally recovering from what will be remembered as ….something. We’ll laugh about it in years to come – as they say …and we never had to show our passports once !

Might go to work tomorrow/today…

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"The Great South Kerry Holiday Disaster 2007"

It's 0445 on Sunday morning - we got back about one hour ago - i.e. three days early ! More to come, but I need a kip (having just driven the best part of 380 miles today to escape.....).

Here's training night at St. Mary's GAA for starters - Football of the Gaelic variety...

And here's part of our very own "Glastonbury in Ireland" ... the campsite ...

Back later with more horror stories - promise !!

Monday, August 13, 2007


Hello - you're through to the blog of MossleySmiffy ...

I'm sorry, but I'm away on annual holiday at the moment, climbing big mountains in Ireland and drinking copious amount of Guinness.

Please feel free to leave your name and comment - I'll get back to you on my return (22nd August).

Bleep ....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Curzon Ashton v Sheffield FC

The last of the "Six Tame Sides" to be seen this season by yours truly....

But first - 'twas the start of the season for many today - in time-honoured fashion I wandered into Stalybridge Buffet Bar on my way to Curzon today - the Mossley trains were - once again - going Stalybridge --->Piccadilly, thus missing out Ashton. Never mind a couple of beers before catching the "Rail Replacement Bus". The Buffet bar was busy - it contained Kettering fans (@ Stalybridge), FCUM fans (friendly @ Ashton United), and Bradford City fans (@ home to Macclesfield - these guys live in Ashton !). Many chats were had (FCUM Gary - see you later this season) before I got to Ashton and walked over to the "Tameside Stadium" for the 2pm kick-off against Sheffield FC.

Met Colin and little Callum at the ground before watching 45 minutes of "rough house football" from the home team - that just about sums it up. Arms, elbows, and general "non football". Unfortunately Sheffield got into the swing of it and became the "hard done by" side and made rough challenges look like GBH. They didn't need to - they looked a good footballing side - direct and with some good front runners. However it was Curzon who went into the break 2-0 ahead.

One of several "incidents" - no Mickey Norton (9) is NOT being congratulated - he is being held back...

In the bar at half-time - two other Mossley fans turned up saying "There's no-one on the turnstiles - what's going on ?". We advised them that it was half-time and it had been a 2pm kick-off !!!!!

Second half - with Curzon having roughed up Sheffield in the first 45, they then proceeded to play a bit of football - and Sheffield just seemed to capitulate and Curzon eventually ran out 5-1 (6-1 ?? I only take the pix - and I did not count the number of "James Brown" samples !!!) winners.

If you're a Mossley fan - I'd say - "comfy - roll on 21st August" - if I was a Unibond 1 referee I'd say "don't forget to pack your cards" - Mickey Norton is better than that (or so I thought - is he worrying about reaching his "level" - I won't mention Woodley Sports or anything like that of course .... but you know the incident I mean - if you were there) - and he wasn't the only one - just so bloody unnecessary - unless that's the game plan for the season.

So - disappointed with Curzon in a number of ways - if you think that's the way to cope with Unibond 1 - you won't win too many new fans that's for sure - and be honest that's what you need. When you've got your manager - the "mighty gobster" Gary Lowe - telling players to "calm down" (mentioning no names - but Giggs comes to mind) - there's something that needs looking at.

The other problem of course is that with so few supporters the "stupid inane comments" from the stand are so much more easily heard - so to the gobby one - have you ever been kicked on the leg - yes it bloody hurts, and you DO need to go down and "take five" - if you're not sure please make an appointment with me and I'll prove the point) .

See this - I needed to "take five" a couple of weeks ago - actually after this happened, I jumped on the train and was ready to go to work thinking "just a bang" - until I looked underneath the trouser leg. So "gobby man in stand" - engage brain before opening mouth...

Pictures from the game will follow at the following....

I'll put a few tempters in now - with more to follow....

...but then - I'm going down the pub, cus there's no beer (and no Mrs Smiffy) in the house !!

POSTSCRIPT - never made it to the pub - got beer came home sat in garden listening to a "Finland Rock Evening" - Turisas, Lordi and Nightwish - before the rains came. And for "gobby in the stand" - this is how the leg looks now (no doubt you'd have expected me to get up, get back on the pitch and kick some Sheffield guys - I reckon I'm now available !!)

Mossley v Marsden

Usual tale - it's late - stuff to come -believe the final score was 7-0 - a "good workout" is the best way of looking at it - the playing against supposed "inferior" opposition (no disrespect of course chaps but ..) probably has its plus points and its minus points, although to be honest by the time Gerry Quinn was confirmed as new Manager, most clubs had probably already sorted out their pre-season fixture list - photos uploading as we speak on....

Tomorrow sees the start of most leagues under the sun - apart from the Unibond. Probably the "one to go for" round here will be the beginning of Droylsden's "voyage" into the Conference National - or Blue Square Premier as it's now known - with their home game against Salisbury City. Stalybridge kick off with a home game against Kettering Town ....and Hyde are away at Worcester City (hope the football ground drains better than the cricket pitch !) - while Ashton United have a pre-season friendly against the "upstarts" of FC United of Bury.

I'm going to watch Curzon Ashton in their (2pm kick-off note !) pre-season friendly against Sheffield FC (oldest club in the known universe etc). Please don't anybody see this as a slight against the "bigger boys" - as I said, Droylsden is the "big one" tomorrow, but I don't really feel I want to "p*ss on their parade" if you know what I mean - tis a day for the true fans and the "wannabee fans" - let's hope the day goes well and the "wannabee" fans get tempted to stay (anyway Carl takes a better picture than me !!) . Stalybridge is is always a tempter - possibly due to the Buffet Bar in between !! However I'll make it simple with a trip to Curzon - can check out the "oppostion" for Mossley on the 21st August - a game I'll miss, being somewhere 'twixt Dun Laioghaire and Holyhead at KO time !

My best wishes - naturally, in "Six Tame Sides" fashion - go to all three Blue Square Boys - let's hope they can all get off to a good start. For Mossley and "the Ashtons" - another 7 days....

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mossley v Elland Athletic

A 5-1 win - but they're not a bad team - think fitness kicked in at the end - which can only be good for Mossley. Still a few mistakes / lousy ball control going on - but I'm sure the stuff is "under control" - confidence is climbing - team spirit is building....

Met Benny Phillips (Bradford PA Manager) tonight - they're over here on the "apres" Bank Holiday Weekend. We've all told him what to do with Adam Morning - remember we still have his best interests at heart - even if his agent has never heard of Mossley....(oh yes - give Danny Meadowcroft the week off !!)

Benny in the bar after the game.

Man of the Match for Elland - the one they called "Oily" - Matthew Hoyle perchamce ?? Come and join us - Halifax to Mossley - no big deal ....

Pictures to come no doubt at ...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mrs Smiffy's "new baby" - and other non-football stuff !

Swapped memory cards this morning - and found some from yesterday morning. When Mrs Smiffy arrived home yesterday morning - following inspection - this was found in the garden - her first tomato !!!

Today was "tidy up" - a fortnight's cans and bottles to recycle, a fridge and freezer to fill and a garden to tidy/cut/trim - the reward being a barbecue (starring half-decent dobbing great mega-burgers !)

Max next door shouting at the birds - as usual...

Think mine was the one on the left - ask me tomorrow (this picture being the cue for howls of horror/disgust from the "real ale" lobby !!)
Buzzed later on by a three-legged, two-propped aeroplane.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Woodley Sports v Hyde United

Twas a 1-0 for the "underdogs" if you like ...

A bit disappointed with Hyde today - they looked a lot better at Clitheroe than they did today (yet to hear anyone blame the "fieldturf" though).

Woodley - hard to say really - talking to Tony Whiteside early on, the situation at Woodley is not dissimilar to that at Mossley i.e. new Manager coming in and literally starting with a squad of ZERO (Ok at Woodley it's 3 - Mossley it's 0). I'll be brutal - Mario (Daniel) still flatters to deceive - if he concentrated on his game rather than getting involved in petty squabbles all the time ....

However if you recall my Clitheroe v Hyde post (back to "feisty", "robust" etc !!) - there was similar at Lambeth Grove today - including a "pitch invasion" from the Hyde bench after what looked like a sending-off (for dissent ??)

I think common sense was restored and the player was in effect "substituted" cause Hyde were soon back up to 11 players. I guess the referees have their "pre-season training" too - although if today's - and last night's at Mossley - are the state of things to come this year - officious, fussy - gobby even. I'd certainly be interested to read the 2007/08 "directive" that's been issued to referees (something like "Number 1 - P*ss everyone off; Number 2 - See Number 1" - maybe a little harsh but - use some bloody discretion for Frith's sake .....)

I think it's "Luke" on the Hyde board who said something like "It's only a PSF" - the Hyde fans were chanting "1-0 - in your Cup Final" - season starts for some next Saturday does it not ??? Woodley, Mossley and the rest of the Unibond still have another week....

Cracking goal to win the game mind - another Mario I believe (Brayant)

Once again...pix available at ...

Mossley v Ashton United

A good win !!. Pix @

I will put some words together later - but it's too bloody late now ....

OK - Saturday - I'd be using words like "rugged", "robust" , nay "feisty" (last used at the Clitheroe/Hyde game if I remember rightly !). Twas only to be expected, really what with the Mossley team filled with ex-Ashton players and vice versa (OK McCartney and Knight - two yellow cards - coincidence or what ?). Then it turns out it was NOT for the Willow Wood Hospice Cup at all !!

In fact what is Melford saying to the ref here ....

Only the second time I've seen Mossley this pre-season, but the progress is there for all to see - I guess there's a slight "comfy" feeling - Manager Gerry Quinn is going about things in what seems an unassuming way - and the results are happening on the pitch - Last night saw a 2-1 win (a pen for Connor and a cracking curler free kick from Gayle - there I was saying "free kick taker or goal ??" - and ending up with neither !). A late goal for Ashton United was followed by a few hairy moments but ....

Happy so far - now - where to go today ??

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Smoking Ban - One Month On .....

Well the smoking ban is just over one month old – so what “does the team think” ?? OK the total silence there gives me free rein to say my piece.

FOR - I’m sure that pubs are now that much cleaner air-wise – in the “Manchester Evening News” they did the ‘before and after experiment’ in one city centre pub showing a 60% improvement in air quality.

AGAINST – I’ve talked to a number of people who work in busy “city centre” pubs, and also people who go in same – some of them have noticed a problem with personal hygiene – i.e. the general smoky atmosphere disguised the fact that there are a lot of smelly, unwashed, unkempt pub goers out there – which to some people is actually WORSE than the smoke..

FOR – Bar staff have one less big jobby to do at the end of the evening, i.e. cleaning out loads of ash trays.

AGAINST – These same bar staff have been given an “extra line” in their job description, i.e. policing the non-smoking policy in the pubs – which includes checking out the bogs does it not ??? And see the next section…I’m sure it could happen to bar staff as well – remember the intolerant society we live in – on both sides of the smoking argument….

MORE AGAINST – Security guard in London club trying to sort out “illegal” smokers – gets murdered – now that was not expected. On Stalybridge Station (you cannot now smoke on ANY station platform in England – enclosed or not) we have miserable git Garry (station staff) who due to his incapability of using a bit of discretion and politeness ends up causing grief, which led to him having to call the police (who I’m sure DID have far more important things to do – murder, robbery, speeding (HA !) – but still turned up in 10 minutes flat – priorities !!)

FOR – More non-smoking people can now go out to the pub in the full knowledge that they’ll be entering a smoke-free atmosphere.

AGAINST – Before the ban these non-smokers were already going to certain pubs anyway i.e. the out-of-town pubs where smokers were already “discouraged” due to the fact that the “pub” made their money on food rather than beer. The non-smokers sure as hell are not frequenting some of the pubs that I frequent (you know the street-corner type places – the true definition of the word “pub” – yes public house) – these are the pubs that will slowly die – i.e. the true pubs. The Bar/Restaurant type of stuff will thrive – I’ve no problem with that. I used to go in places like this – and I respected the rights of the eaters – viz no fags DESPITE there not necessarily being a “no smoking” ban. Could we argue that the “actions of a few” has caused “sh*t for the many” – it’s the usual case in this nannyUK we live in a few peeps misbehave – so everyone suffers …

FOR – We’re all going to be more healthy

AGAINST – I still have to negotiate carbon-monoxide emitting, gas guzzling 4x4 monsters on my way to the railway station. Bring on the congestion charges – will probably help to pick up the tax loss caused by the non-smoking ban eh what ??

Don’t forget – I gave up the evil habit a few months ago to pay for the camera – I now see myself as an “occasional smoker” having the odd one rather than the odd 30 !! My heart is still with the smokers in their fight against intolerance, aggravation and general stupidity – although the killing of a security guard for the sake of a smoke shows you just how much intolerance can go the other way.

Talking to Bruce tonight – this whole “standing/sitting outside” syndrome is not exactly causing havoc – it might be fine in Dublin where you go out for the craic cus there’s no bugger in the pub – but it’s playing havoc with previously well ordered friendships/meetings/night outs where some “do” and some “don’t” – people are being brought together in a different sort of way - people are also being split up from their normal friendship groups – yes meet new people but ….would you leave your beer outside while you went in for a pee ?

It’s just a shame that a “status quo” – if you like – has been violated - since then we’ve heard of ideas to put 7p on a pint of beer to discourage “binge drinking” - what’s next ?

Please see this as a "discussion dicument" by the way - I've certainly had a few "rants" on various messages boards around the non-league world - tis (and always will be) a subject where I "have a view" and one which confuse the "baccy fascists" who have have a much larger platform ....

Bridge v Oldham pix

Now available @

.. but here's Bridge's first goal as a tempter - keeper one way, ball the other - deliberate or ....hmmmm !!

Oh go on then - my "show off" pic of the night as well (to me anyway....!)

Stalybridge Celtic v Oldham Athletic

2-0 to Bridge - (Chris Hall 2) - now there's "one in the eye" for the Tigers apparently !! Aaaargh - Birdseye got me ratted ! And all because of young "JFK" ....spare beer and all that from the christening here's JFK - footy pix to follow ...later !!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Droylsden v Rochdale - A Total Shambles !

..Not the game - a good looking Droylsden team beat a rather youthful Rochdale squad 4-2 tonight (no disrespect - but looking at the visitor's squad tonight I feel £6 was a touch high..)

No - the shambles appear to be my pix from tonight's game - Gawd knows what I was - or wasn't doing - they just look mostly crap. I offer up Banim's first goal and the Rochdale equaliser for 1-1 here and now .

There's a few more at the usual place viz.

but I've come home a bit p*ssed off tonight - OK it's still pre-season training for snapping as well as playing - at least Droylsden look like they're getting it right - I'll have another crack tomorrow at the Stalybridge v Oldham Athletic game.