Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Last Day of August 2008

Well it's all over for the teachers and the pupils - summer that is - so me and Mrs Smiffy went off for a "summer is over" walk - as you will see from the pix, summer ended as it began - with some really shyte weather !!! Woke up to the sort of weather we normally see on November 6th (i.e. mornng after bonfire night).

Went for a local trudge - out the front door, turn left and 13 miles later approach front door from the other direction - heavy going too - (for those who know - Scout Green, Heyheads, Carrbrook, Swineshaw Ressies, Ogden Clough, Wilderness, Chew, Indians Head and back on the bridle path to Mossley) and true to form the mist was later joined by some incessant rain - well what do you expect in August ??

Some snaps... one man and his dog - approaching Higher Swineshaw ..

The new concrete reservoir wall at Higher Swineshaw is getting the "dry-stone wall cladding" treatment (probably the same company that did Jack and Vera's in Corrie !)

Just left Chew - going over Indians Head - a rock with a grumpy face (you can see the "easy road down" in the background)

More silhouette-type things - just to prove that we were not the only nutters out on a day like today !!

Football this week is fairly quiet as most of the lower leagues appear to have left it "free" for possible FA Cup replays - Tuesday night however sees Stalybridge Celtic take on Solihull Moors in't'"big league" - that'll do for me - the official "I'm Coming..." e-mail has been sent to the Press Sec ...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Glossop NE vs Belper Town (FA Cup)

Yes I've been quiet since Bank Holiday Monday - possibly due to the lack of games to go to and the "return to work" syndrome that happens after a Bank Holiday weekend (which of course had a week's holiday preceding it !)

What can I say about the week - the "bad boys" were First Trans-Pennine who failed to run a single morning train for me "on time " this week - in fact Tuesday - first day back - the 0735 was 30 late so I ended up going to Victoria - arrive 0747 - and then run - yes run over to Piccadilly to get the 0803 (pointless waiting for a tram - you wait 6 mins and it takes 12) - and the next three days were a mix of "8 late", "10 late" and "7 late" - whatever - they'e all only in it for the money they don't give a toss about the customers (even the pre-recorded "sorry" messages are so ... unbeleievable ..)

However - we do the week to get to the weekend - and today we went not up the road to the Mossley 3 Ramsbottom 1 game - but off to Surrey Street to the Glossop take on my good friends from Belper - and by God, the "big boys" from the Unibond were given a mighty scare today, only sneaking a win in about the 93rd minute.

Good to see the "Belper Crew" both on and off the pitch (I'll be down there several times between now and Christmas I'm sure) - and of course the "Belper snapper" Tim - my mentor in the early days of DSLR (well it was his 'cast-off' camera wot I purchased !!!).

Here's Tim's pix

and here's my efforts

So £1500 in the bag for Belper - and Mossley too - now need to check the already "pre-drawn" next round ....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Harrogate RA v Mossley

To begin with - it was good to realise the gobsh*te that was Vince Brockie would not be in attendance ....

Anyway - 1147 train from Mossley - the full "eco-crew" were there (i.e. me and Jools - I'm hoping that the Bank Holiday was the excuse for the piss-poor attendance) Beers in Leeds (a natter with some of the Festival "returnees" as well - Friday night was "bad weather" but it got better apparently - this must be the first year since ... when me and our Michelle / our Duncan have not done either Leeds or Download) and then train to Starbeck - last year there were loads on the train - see

But it's 2008 - so - some pix from today - I reckon Aaron's got better views of the Mossley goals - but then again he's got a tie !!! You'll have to excuse the lack of titles on some - while everyone else was learning the name of the new guys - I was messing with the Euro thingy so I didn't get a proper pre-season @ Mossley - anyway pictures at

A not too special first half.. second half started badly - a goal down even before JF (Asst Mgr) had taken his seat !!. I have to be honest - I felt we never looked like we were going to lose - but then again we never looked like we were going to nick it at the death either - but we did !! so .. big up to the team who played for a full 90 and a little bit more, i.e. Mossley ..

Next Saturday is the FACup v Rammie - it would be nice to do this one (and maybe Tony Cunningham and Phil will be down) - but I'm leaving the pix to Aaron - and I'm heading down to Glossop ....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mossley v Warrington Town

Back to winning ways - although I didn't see 'em lose on Tuesday !! 4-1 today - and it could have been 5 or 6 - before half-time ! Pics at ..

Still on holiday so ... I'm going to do something else now ...match reports to be found elsewhere - or even tomorrrow I guess !!

In short - looking good up front - need to play for 90 minutes not 45 - a few tweaks required at the back - other than that - I'm happy ...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Back from Norfolk ...

...well about six thirty anyway ... a good break was had . Having seen the forecast for the rest of the week the decision was made to jettison the tent and go B&B - the right move in the end - we had some good weather - we had some bloody awful weather - stuck in the "middle of nowhere" yesterday during a 40 minute thunder / lightning / monsoon, watching the narrow roads flooding up to our ankles comes to mind - never mind - we dried off on the outside in the "Kings Head" in Holt whilst knocking back "Woodfordes Wherry" (mostly my drink of choice this week although I did have some Adnams and Greene King as well - in fact Mrs Smiffy was on the "Old Speckled Hen" in Holt). Big up to the barman in the "Kings Head" - when Mrs Smiffy threw her pint on the floor whilst wrestling with sodden clothing, he chucked us some towels to clean up, followed by a replacement pint - much appreciated ! So this week - Monday - 13 mile - Tuesday - 5 mile (following a 200 mile drive) - Wednesday - 15 mile - Thursday - 10 mile - today - not a lot !!

I've done a few snaps - for the railway enthusiasts, feel free to check out this lot

Some others - here's sunset over Cromer on Tuesday night ...

...and a windmill at Cley during our "Norfolk Coastal Path" walk on Wednesday ...

and the roof of the crypt at Walsingham Priory/Abbey on our way home today (Walsingham is the pilgrimage capital of England apparently) ...

Tomorrow - let's see if Mossley can carry on where I left them last Saturday with a victory over Warrington Town - yes I (now) know they lost at home to Radcliffe on Tuesday but .... obviously the big matches locally are at Stalybridge (home to Southport) and the Droylsden v Hyde local derby but ...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Holidays - Day 1

Well it's good to know that people like Northern Rail - and all the other associated "Profit Centres" - are happy to screw up your holiday travel as well as your normal everyday work travel ! Our plan today was the "Station to Station Walk" between Littleborough and Marsden. An early start from Mossley was f**ked due to signalling problems at Manchester Victoria - we finally arrived at Littleborough at 1016 - rather than 0846 - it was raining - we left the station - and NOWHERE were there any signs indicating the start of the walk - however armed with OS map and GPS we got going. When we arrived at Hollingworth Lake we nipped into the info centre in case they had any leaflets etc - nowt ... it looks like the arrival of the "Pennine Bridleway" has seen the end of the "S2S" ..(you have to remember our OS Map of the area is a touch old !) A lot of time was spent in the vicinity of the M62 - we walked under it - we admired the queues !! Anyway we made it across - about 11 miles in the end - last bit into Marsden was a bit "heavy" to say the least - weather showery and generally sh*tty throughout so camera stayed mostly in bag (still drying out from Saturday night's "MozFest" !). Arrived in Marsden to find the "Tunnel End" pub shut - d'oh ! Never mind, we got to Riverhead Brewery Tap (now an Ossett Brewery pub) and settled down for a while - me on Ossett "Silver King" and Mrs Smiffy on Riverhead "Butterley Bitter" - home to check out where to go tomorrow. Plan is Norfolk - but the weather is "Norfolk and Good" all over - throw tent in car and go .................. Some pix...

Under the M62 - do they call it Rakewood Viaduct ?

Monday lunch on the M62 - queues and queues and queues of lorries - open the bloody Woodhead Tunnel and get this sh*t off the roads .... saw this for a while on the walk - and probably covered more miles on foot than these gas guzzlers managed in the same time !!

Wonder why people do this sort of thing to waymarks ... wankers maybe ?

Heyho - tomorrow - there's a steam railway "down there" as well (NNR) so ... let's see.. should be back for a Saturday game somewhere ....

(Fingers crossed for Mossley v Radcliffe tomorrow night as well !)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Clitheroe v Mossley - Part 2

Pictures now up at:

..and this morning's brekkie included some garlic pork sausages from Cowman's !

Clitheroe v Mossley - Part 1

.. a comfy 2-0 win at Shawbridge - pictures coming soon (some time tomorrow morning I hope !) - also this evening we had the first trip to Mossley's answer to Glasto - well weather-wise if nowt else - the first day of Mozzfest08 - dreadful evening for weather (Hare & Hounds was full mind !) .... I offer up a couple ..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Unibond Begins .....

A late late view on stuff. Mossley kick off away at Clitheroe in about 14 hours - I'll be doing the normal "It's great on the train" which then enables a couple of shandies in the "New Inn" amongst others - and some "jolly flavoured bangers" from Cowman's the butchers. I think most are travelling by automobile tomorrow - a great shame, but 45 minutes against 120 does tempt a few of these "non-believers". Other starters of interest to me tomoz include Ashton United at home to North Ferriby and Belper Town taking on Loughborough Dynamo. ..

Never mind - I believe I made it onto Channel M tonight !! ("Face/Monopod in the Crowd" type thing I assume) . I'm now the owner of a hi-vis jacket would you believe for those "just in case" moments - it needs to be suitably adorned/annotated with scribbly things like "" and "total amateur" (I have a magic CD pen that should do the trick - maybe something to do whilst "on the train" !)

Let the Unibond begin - Frith bless all who sail in her ........

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Usual "It's Late" stuff - Glossop v Alsager

It's 0200 - bloody norah !! That game I missed last night - was played - and was a 7 goal thriller with Oldham Town edging Padiham 4-3 - "bugger" came to mind.

Never mind we got one in tonight at Surrey Street, Glossop beating Alsager 2-0 when at half-time you'd have gone the other way .... team talks are obviously not like what we at Mossley used to be used to - when Jason Beckford could turn victory into defeat with one telling remark -allegedly. Anyroad up - the pix are fun - we have the "turning point" in the first half when the Glossop custodian made a point-blank save when Alsager were well on top - we have the first goal - that wasn't - and we have the second goal which was a free-kick that Beckham would die for .....


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Great (bloody) British (bloody) Summer - Part 735

What an absolute arse !!! This is "the week" - Mrs Smiffy down at brothers in Looe, Cornshire (weather "glorious" this morning) - so it's get the footy in !! Celtic last Saturday, Ashton United last night - tonight was to be (wait for it) Oldham Town v Padiham...

The morning was spent - at home - waiting for plumbers to do their duty (they did) and "Financial Consultants" to consult - he did. Afternoon at work - then the weather went to r*tsh*t... I got the "snapper gear" - went to the station for the 1829 train - 10 late - it really started hammering it down - I thought "no" - "I don't want to go" - I rang the only contact number I had for Oldham Town - and got the immortal "beep-beep-beep" - this only confirmed my "sod it" mode - a few beers in the "Britannia" then home through the drizzle ... tomorrow is my "last chance" before Mrs Smiffy returns - Glossop NE v Alsager Town.....

... weather permitting ...

Ashton United v Stockport County

Back to pre-season friendly mode ...

Natch Stockport sent ressies (first team have a Carling Cup game in 18 hours !!) - no-one will have impressed whoever was in charge tonight enough to be even on the bench at Leicester - or am I being brutal ?? 2-1 to Ashton - they looked the hungrier tonight - despite their boss telling me that was not their best "friendly performance" - that Danny Johnson is a hard taskmaster mind !! Guest "scouting" appearances by the Mossley Managerial duo of Chris Wilcock and John Flanagan (I did mention Ben Deegan's first half performance to them (they sneaked in at half time !!) )

After the game got back to Stalybridge Buffet Bar to find "Turnstile Bob" (Stalybridge Celtic) doing the quiz - having done the Hyde game beforehand - he said "You missed nowt !!" - apparently not a great game - will check out the Hyde board soon - cus I've the morning off work for personal/small boy reasons.... in fact here I go ......

Seem to have prob with link - try it now ..


Monday, August 11, 2008

Wolfmother Split Up !

...from the site ....

After only one album, Wolfmother have announced via their website that they are splitting up. Initially, keyboardist/bassist Chris Ross left the Australian trio, citing irreconcilable personal and musical differences. Not wanting to simply fill the void and continue on in a changed line up, drummer Myles Heskett followed Ross’ exit. That leaves singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale, who said he would recruit new musicians and continue on as Wolfmother. After touring the world from 2006 to early 2007 on the strength of their self-titled debut, “longstanding frictions within the group” finally came to the forefront, forcing the band to take an extended break to consider its future in late 2007. Earlier this year, the band regrouped to start work on their new album and to “road-test” new material. But after this weekend’s Splendour in the Grass Festival in their native Australia, Ross decided he had had enough. The band said they ask “fans to please understand that in spite of their best efforts over a long period of time, they just could not find a harmonious way to work together and that has lead to the decisions announced today.” In their short history, Wolfmother sold a half-million copies of their self-titled debut album in the U.S., became a Guitar Hero favorite and even won the Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2007 for “Woman.”

Shame that - bloody good band live, very tight. Often considered Led Zepp rip-offs (tosh I say) - however we'll now see which way the talent goes ....

On the football front - tonight sees Ashton United play Stockport County in a pre-season friendly - when you consider Stockport's season began on Saturday with a 1-1 draw at Huddersfield Town - what will they send to Hurst Cross ??

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not Enough Hours in the Day

Here's today's pix for starters

It's after 3 (another "3 in the morning" - aaarrrgghhh !!) - so the rest will follow ..... I've not even seen how Mossley got on in their friendly @ Duki Town yet...see what Sunday brings ....albeeback ..

Saturday, August 09, 2008


..well it is three o'clock !! It has to be Celtic v Telford I think...I'll say no more !

Friday, August 08, 2008

Back Home ....

...they'll be thinking about us, de-dah-de-dah-de-dahhhh (England World Cup Squad 1970)

No - home from Wales- Wednesday weather OK - few spits and spots but nowt too bad - a long (OK 13 miles in the end) walk from Carrog to Llangollen and a couple of pints of Flintshire Bitter in the "Cotton Mill" (strange this - Facer's Brewery used to be based in Salford - moved "over the border" a couple of years ago) -very refreshing indeed.

Today it was Llandudno - and the weather was crap ! I left wife, m-i-l, 2 s-i-ls and 1 cousin to return to the mother country (work tomorrow - eek today !) - home about 8 - clear up bombsite (actually not that bad ...!) - hole in pavement outside house again - and it looks like this time United Utilities have connected to a different pipe (maybe the right one this time !!). Whatever - I got to have a go with some new software tonight - you've seen the Monday pix from the Curzon/Hyde game I guess - and seen my remark about "noisy" pictures - now see here...I downloaded a demo of NeatImage and within minutes "that picture" of Phil Edghill turned from this ....

to this ...

(Double-click on pix to see them in all their glory - the difference shows up so much more) Now that's neat ! Trouble is - tis only a demo, and I'm loathe to buy any new software etc until I can get off this goddam pc at home (that's been used and abused by the entire family since 2005) and onto "a machine of my own" - it's on the shopping list (and has Mrs Smiffy approval too !!)

Weekend football - I'll get round to thinking about it tomorrow (eek today) night - still got work to do (plus phoning United Utilities & Plumber - when this is all over - there WILL be a tale to tell - but not just yet)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Monday - oh bugger Tuesday .. to Welsh Wales this afternoon after work - train Crewe, train Chester, bus Corwen (nearly 4 hours I think !).

But first - you'll need pix from tonight's Curzon 3 Hyde 0 game - I need to pack bags - - tell you about the morning rail shambles @ Mossley (0654 cancelled 0724 cancelled 0757 arrived 20 late) - tonight not much better - but hey that's privatisation for you (how's y'gas bill by the way ?!?!)

Enough of this shilly-shally - it's 0020 and not even been thru the pix yet - apart from this one I took with BabyFuji - part of the "snapper takes pic of snapper" series maybe (but "snapper takes pic of self" - a touch weird !!). Stick with me - I'll get t'other buggers up soon....meanwhile ...aargh ... blogger decides not to upload direct ("Internal Error" - hides a multitude of sh*te that ...) - so it's off to Photobucket - more time down the pan - grrrr - and it's probably not worth it anyway it's 0032

0200 - well - we got there in the end ... some of them VERY noisy - in the ISO sense - something else to learn (or something else to run 'em through - Noise Ninja is it called ??) - anyway it's far to late to fuss much more ..

Back at end of week !

Monday, August 04, 2008

Sunday - oh bugger Monday

..not much really - been to Stalybridge (and Tesco too !) - Mrs Smiffy in Llangollen-ish so what do you expect - as in "No Walk" today ..

Still well chuffed with yesterdays's pix mind

Saturday, August 02, 2008

England v Holland - the Final - Pix now up

...for those who don't know - Holland won 3-1 - match turning probably on something called "half-time" - England down to 10 men (awful challenge by Scott Curley - lucky to come out alive - seriously !) - yet they took the lead - 1-0 @ half-time - we all reckoned "next goal would win it" - and it did ....the future's Orange ....or should that be Oranje ?

(was almost tempted to watermark this pic - nice isn't it ??!!??)

It's 2215 - Pix coming soon

0130 - OK I lied about the "soon" but here they are anyway - and I'm pleased with them... so nerrrrrrr !


Poland v Hungary

The 3rd/4th Place Play-Off tonight @ Stalybridge Celtic - finished 5-1 to Poland - well-deserved - and yet ANOTHER red card for Hungary (they certainly don't help themselves !) Pix at

Guess what - it's 0200 - Final later today @ Boundary Park - England v Holland - admission free ..

(Updated Saturday with some "sharper" efforts (i.e. a dabble with Photoshop !!))