Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Over ...

... and a packed weekend it was !!

Football of course - and another three points for Mossley who ground out a 1-0 win against Radcliffe Borough. Like Thursday it certainly wasn't a classic, but it was a much improved performance - and it's getting to THAT time of the season where it's results that count - especially with that tantalising play-off spot still mathematically possible. Most of the other results "went our way" as well, and Mossley now sit in 7th place ... pictures from the game at

Mossley 1 Radcliffe Borough 0

Home, change and off to big city to see the John Butler Trio - and an amazing evening it was (if we take rail travel out of the equation - late into Manc and late out afterwards - trapped @ Gorton for 30 mins - broken-down train in front !). That man is a real guitar genius ... no photos, but I have got an iffy video of "Ocean" - too long for Youtube @ 11.5 mins - maybe I'll get Windows Movie Maker on the case.

Today - a wander round the Longdendale Valley - and a rare outing for the old "cheap and cheerful" 28-105 lens - and it did OK as well (even at the "macro" level) - some pictures at

Longdendale Walk

This week sees some more football (surprise surprise !) - a trip to see middle boy up in Lancaster (and some "walkies" in the Lake District) - some shopping in Manc ... and maybe, just maybe some positive vibes regarding employment ...

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