Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Back Home ...

... after a long weekend "got longer" ... down to Belper on Friday morning - and straight down to the painting/hole filling and general "stuff" - which carried on for the next couple of days on and off. Amongst the "off" bits I managed to see a little bit of football - although being without internet (no dongle here !) for four days - and only picking up a "Non League Paper" on Monday afternoon, I felt a little bit "out of the loop" to put it mildly (although many thanks to Trotsky for keeping me "up to speed" on Mossley's "six point weekend" - which to me means that tantalising play-off place is still there ... maybe ... just maybe ...)

Still - back now and I've sorted out Part One of the three-part "non-Mossley binge football weekend" as in Friday night's "starter" ... subtitled "The Ross Hannah Show" - a quick trip back up the A6 from Belper up to Causeway Lane:

Matlock Town 5 Hucknall Town 1

(As it's only 9-15pm - part two may well be up later this evening ... stay tuned !)

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