Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Curzon Ashton v FC Halifax Town

Monday ... a bit of "family shopping" in Manchester - a trip to the pix to see the new Tim Burton "Alice in Wonderland" (settled for the 2D version as we'd left our x-ray spex at home) - thoroughly enjoyable - late lunch in Tampopo - and then home ... and as me and Mrs Smiffy are off to visit middle boy in Lancaster tomorrow (thus missing the Mossley trip to Colwyn Bay), I got time out to go to the Tameside Stadium to see tonight's big game, where I joined the other 802 paying customers to watch a footballing lesson ...

It might have been "Alice in Wonderland" earlier, but it became "Aspin in Wonderland" tonight - my Golden Goal ticket (49 minutes) was soon thrown away as Halifax took the lead within 60 seconds - and I have to say ... they just ripped Curzon apart tonight - simple as that. For a night match, it wasn't a bad set either - see

Curzon Ashton 0 FC Halifax Town 5

So ... Halifax now four points in front of Lancaster (who visit Trafford tomorrow night - wonder how Melford will behave !) - pressure now firmly on the Dolly Blues for that auto-promotion place ... and looking at life in a selfish sort of way - Mossley now only 7 points behind Curzon with a game in hand - and we play them on Thursday night - getting tighter and tighter in the play-off situation. Fingers (and everything else) firmly crossed for Mossley's trip to North Wales tomorrow night ... would love to be there, but ... the perils of family (and anyway they managed six points over Easter in my absence so ... see that as the lucky omen).

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Nortoner said...

Smashing set Smiffy. Particularly like the "3-0" sequence of shots.

The 2nd slide of that seems to suggest the little lass in pink behind the goal is the only one anticipating Gregory will score!

Nice One!