Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Latest from the DWP

Signing Off ?? I wish ....

Following today's appointment:

1) Now have to sign on weekly instead of fortnightly;

2) Have to extend my search to jobs up 90 minutes travel (by public transport) from home - you know the deal - 70% of your wages go on travel and the other 30% to the bloody Exchequer;

3) They have my CV - and their "Job Match Team" (!) will do stuff on my behalf - well, y'never know !!

So ... I've put myself forward for a possible "Work Trial" in Hyde ("Work Trial" = work for nowt for 30 days, and then they say "No" - or is that me being pessimistic ??)

So ... I've just applied for a job in Wigan ...

Tonight - looks like I'll be the only Mossley fan there shouting for the "local team" - every bugger else has been applying for "honorary Welsh passports" !!


NZ Neal said...

Hello Mr Smith, do tell me for interests sake, is the 90 min travel requirement for your meeting UB40 criteria each way? Surely not!

Mike Smith said...

Yep - each way ... Milton Keynes here I come ...

Anonymous said...

Milton Keynes?

Crash here if you want, pal!