Monday, October 19, 2009

"Gardening Leave" - Day 1

.. you wait 24+ years and then - when you don't need it - this turns up at Mossley Station .....

I suppose looking on the bright side - having seen the shambles that Stalybridge's display system is/can be - it will be comforting to be able to see how late/cancelled the trains are at Mossley as well now - and yes one has to also take into account that the Stalybridge cr*p system is run by Trans-Pennine and the Mossley (jury's out) system is a Northern Rail one - same line - two different computer systems (?) .

Anyway ... day 1 - gosh busy busy - tidy up / gas man / plumber / recycling / bank / wholefood shop / doctors / cook tea / tidy ... how did I ever find time to go to work !!

Some brief words on Saturday - so sad to see the state of Marston Road now - everything looks great outside - Social Club with many rooms/Sky/Real Ale (Brains "Rev James"), new Club Shop, nice reception area (where I picked up my pass !) - and then - through the airlock into an area totally devoid of atmosphere, almost devoid of cover - that stand on the Lotus Side is soooo old - the temporary seating (the stuff that nearly took the club under) has now disappeared leaving an uncovered end (used to be the "Shed End" that - where the real fans congregated - surely it wouldn't take much money to erect "something" up there) - as it stands, if the club went down they may well struggle to pass even the Unibond/Zammo League ground grading let alone the BSN ... sad too to see a side devoid of confidence/effort/motivation .. Stalybridge Celtic barely broke sweat - honest ... a far cry from that night in 1975 when we all went to Rotherham to see the Rangers stuff 'em - I always remember - 10 minutes from the end - a guy from their Supporters Club warning us of "possible murder" at 90 minutes - we'd made 'em look stupid - so we slunk quietly back to the coaches !!! (And if any true "Boro" fan is still looking for a copy of that proggy - I've got one !!)

Tomorrow - up the road to Mossley to see the Manky Prem Cup game against Maine Road - and to discuss the "reward" for Saturday's FA Trophy win @ Spalding Town ... namely a trip to Brackley Town - don't you just luuuurv this north/south divide ... !

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Trotsky said...

Unfortunately the mis-information on the screen will come from the same computer as the one at Stalybridge! Blame Network Rail when it fails.