Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mossley v Maine Road ...

... in the Manchester Premier Cup ...

It took a bit of time - OK 39 minutes - but once the first goal went in, there was never going to be a problem. Good team performance, keeping it on the floor for long periods, sensible defending and some nicely worked chances and goals. People talk of the "first cuckoo of spring" - last night saw the "first gloves of winter" sported by a couple of the Maine Road squad (South Manchester - softies etc etc ?!?). Here's some snaps - and I'll admit it was a bit nippy last night - and YES my gloves were in my bag !!!

Mossley 4 Maine Road 0

One thing I noticed during my leisurely "photo sorting" (done this morning rather than the usual "daft o'clock on a workday" !) was this ... first check out the middle picture third row (Steve Moore controlling the ball)

- now if you blow that picture up a bit you'll see this ...

Now - as I recall, "Tulips" is the nickname of Spalding Town ... and where were Mossley last weekend ???

I won't tell if you won't tell !!!!!!!

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