Saturday, October 24, 2009

Leigh Genesis v Mossley

... after last night's garbled garble some sense (maybe ?) - go straight to pix

Leigh Genesis 1 Mossley 1

That phrase "I'd have settled for a point before the game" rears its ugly blooming head I'm afraid - in the end - against 10 men for 70 minutes - with the chances towards the end - a point suddenly becomes a touch disappointing ... but it's a point away from home against a top six team ... so ... Goosenargh I guess !

Interesting stadia (!) - only one side - nay half of one side open - attendance just over 200 (apparently their best of the season). It nearly all went horribly wrong for the snapperazzi tho' - checked at reception - no press pass/advice waiting despite yesterday's "warning/courtesy e-mail" - I don't mind paying, it's the "You can't take pictures ... " from one of the many 'stewards' that I object to ... still soon sorted - no goals missed - and a blue bib to wear .. not as stylish as the Wembley Stadium efforts, but kept the chill off and allowed "access all areas" !! Wonder how the "compact brigade" got on .....

A number of chances to win it in the last 15/20 minutes - got to give credit to Leigh for 're-organising' after the red card (Matt Jansen was the "tactical withdrawal" - shame in a way ... but then again probably not !) No doubt both teams know each other well enough (two ex-Leigh in the Mossley team - Settle and Brown) to make the Presidents Cup Game between the two teams on Tuesday a 0-0 after 120 minutes ... maybe ? Who knows ? I won't be there ... or for that matter at Brackley Town next Saturday due to the last-minute "escape to Kefalonia" - it's now 2300 - taxi arrives in just under 4 hours !

Θα κρατήσει το μάτι μου σχετικά με τις εξελίξεις για Mossley κατά τη διάρκεια αυτής της εβδομάδας

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Stan said...

Hi Mike
Sorry to hear that you had problems yesterday. Unfortunately the stadium is run by the local authority and people who don't know anything about football.
I very much hope you will visit us again and if so please drop me a mail at or 07939 238907 and I will ensure a warm welcome.
Best wishes
Stan Walker