Thursday, October 08, 2009

Weekend Sorted !

A veritable feast of football ... Clitheroe v Mossley on Saturday (revenge for Belper !!) ... and FC United v Stalybridge Celtic on Sunday - and thanks to John (Stalybridge) and Jules (FCUM) I now appear to have sorted the "necessarys" to 'do a bit' with the big lens from pitchside up at Gigg Lane. The only problem now is - with there being no trains from Mossley on Sunday - getting to 'Bridge for the 1208 train to Man Vic ... one assumes the RRP from Mossley won't bloody miss it ! To add to the Sunday "feast" I see the Stalybridge band "This is Bracewell" will be playing in the Bury FC Social Club pre-match (1345 is the hour apparently) - should be there in time for that as well.

The whole "FCUM argument" has reared its head on the Stalybridge board over the last couple of days - I have to admit at the start, I was sceptical about the whole "ethos" of the club at the start - some early bad press and bad behaviour probably didn't help either. However, we all move on - I still find the whole thing a little "unusual" to say the least compared with say AFC Telford United and FC Halifax Town (two clubs often compared with FCUM on certain levels, but completely different in so many ways) - and unfortunately I think pure jealousy does seem to cloud many people's minds in this area (although I often wonder if some of those "non-league fans" who stir it up are actually Man City sympathisers/fans - therefore negating what is usually the main grouse viz "How can you support two clubs ?"). Everyone - be they fans of Manchester United FC or members of the Heyrod Matchbox Collectors Club look to see their organisation being run on a "professional" basis - there are examples of this all over the place out there - the FCUM comms is very well put together and you can't knock that at all (something we can all learn from)- my only real grouse is the Manchester Evening News web site link that says "FC United/Non League" - why not just "Non League" ?)

FCUM have done their apprenticeship in non-league circles - from North West Counties 2 up to Unibond Premier - the early days of expecting to win every game by lots has gone - the fans have had a few years to get involved in the "non-league scene" - they've done (financial) wonders for many clubs (one games takings = rest of season takings and the like). Now probably the "correct" level has been reached - and that can only be good for the club ( in effect "the 25 point deduction has been covered" - not the best analogy I'm sure but - you get my drift) - now it's time to move on. Next step surely has to be their own ground (to progress much higher it is a necessity isn't it ?). People may look at the crowds that FCUM get but you have to remember - they probably need about 1,000 paying customers per home game just to cover the rent of Gigg Lane (should have took the Droylsden option when offered maybe ?). I've often thought a "move in" with Salford City would have been a good option - now there's a ground with loads of potential for development - a natural bowl with loads of room - but that's just me.

But before all that (I'm going for a 4,000 crowd as a guess !) we have the Mossley "jolly boys train outing" to Shawbridge - which at the moment totals 3 (three) takers !!!!!!!!! Hopefully as the price rises from £4-99 up to £11-99 for the Internet scam which is the Ingerland game (shameful- absolutely shameful), a few more will come on board.

Work - 6 more working days to go ....

And for those FCUM fans looking for something to put on their banners for the "70s" theme on Sunday how about:

"Brice a jamais dans nos coeurs"

It might not be 70s but it would say something about the spirit of football ....

I've rambled long enough ...

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Trotsky said...


From the Vodkat League

Vodkat North West Counties League club St Helens Town have confirmed that
they've arranged a match against the Manchester City Legends team which will
take place on Sunday, 15 November 2009 (1pm kick-off) at the Regional
Athletics Stadium adjacent to the City of Manchester Stadium.

The fixture will commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Bert Trautmann's
transfer from St Helens Town to City which took place on 7 October 1949.
Admission will be GBP4 for adults and GBP2 for OAPs/under-16s. There will be
a commemorative match-day programme which will include an introduction from
Bert Trautmann.
Proceeds from the event will be shared between the Trautmann Foundation, St
Helens Town and a charity nominated by the Legends team. For further
information contact John McKiernan on 07976 059404.