Sunday, October 11, 2009

FC United of Manchester v Stalybridge Celtic

... well - at 3-1 just after half-time I (and many others I guess) thought "game over" - but it was not to be ... and in the end I reckon FCUM were glad to take the draw as 90% of the chances were heading for FCUM 'keeper Sam Ashton. If you want to ignore the rest of the ramble head for ..

FCUM 3 StalybridgeCeltic 3

I was up against some quality oppposition in the "snapper stakes" today - including ex-workmate Steve (a victim of the February "Sack Race" @ Simon Carves) who was "doing" for the Manchester Evening News - nice work if you can get it !!

A jolly day out - made a change for a Sunday anyway !! Not often I get the chance to drink beer in a pub at 1115 (gasp !), ride on a tram, have another decent beer (Rose & Crown) and then pick up a press pass !

Celtic never really got going in the first half - and were punished accordingly - fortunately a goal 5 minutes from the break kept it interesting ... but when that third one went in - curtains ? No way - finally made it into top gear and thoroughly deserved to get back on level terms - and more to be honest. There were several late chances - a touch of woodwork - but in the end, it's "start all over again" on Tuesday night ....

... which leaves me in a quandary - the "humdrum" of Mossley v Lancaster City in the Unibond Presidents Cup, or the "glory hunting" of the replay at Bower Fold - and notice - once again - the two Ashton clubs are at home on the Monday night (one League, one Presidents Cup - crazy "fixturing" that helps neither club !)

We'll see .........

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steve bostock said...

nice to see you smiffy, glad the celtic got the draw. hopefully should be a pic or two in the news tomorrow (not that I'm bothered they still get billed ;-) )
keep the good work up mate