Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday "Railway Walk"

... some time off from household chores - a bus into Oldham and - basically - walk home down the old railway line to Grotton - next project will probably be to find the "other end" of Grotton Tunnel and finish it off by heading to Greenfield - and maybe carry on towards Delph. A few (!!) pictures from today (including some more of that unexpected urban fox !) at

Railway Walk - 20 Oct10

Back to the housework etc tomorrow - but I think I'll leave that plastering skim coat until Friday though ! In fact - if the weather's up to scratch I might even get round to pointing the top patio - the mortar is sitting in the garden shed - and has been for a few months - otherwise a kitchen wall to repaint and a couple of sockets to replace ... for starters anyway ...

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