Sunday, October 17, 2010

Curzon Ashton v Skelmersdale United - FA Trophy

... well, I couldn't make it to Shepshed (where Mossley had a comfortable 4-1 win apparently) - but I did make it to the rather nippy Tameside Stadium to see Curzon Ashton and Skelmersdale United in the same competition - it's been another long day (0530 until now - eek !) so words are at a premium, but I did expect a more evenly matched game given the league positions of both teams. As it was, I saw a comfortable win for the home side - who now visit Mossley on Tuesday night for a Manchester Premier Cup First Round game. Here are the pictures from today ...

Curzon Ashton 3 Skelmersdale United 1 (FA Trophy 1Q)

(and yes I did miss the consolation goal for Skem - I was wandering round looking for somewhere warm to sit !)

One other Trophy that does deserve a mention though - Matlock Town 10 (ten) Bedworth United 0 (nil) - where Ross Hannah scored 7 (seven) for the Gladiators - possibly a record ??

Time for bed now I feel ...

(Morning memory addition following the B&Q trip - Curzon now run out to a version of "Kashmir" - unfortunately not the Led Zepp one; and for the first two goals we had "Glad All Over" - Dave Clark Five - before reverting to the usual "I Feel Good" by James Brown - I felt you all ought to know that !!!)

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