Friday, October 15, 2010

One More Day ...

... at work and then I've got a week's holiday. "Hooray !" in some ways, but "Bugger !" in others - I'd have much preferred the week after (it's called half-term by Mrs Smiffy), but holidays are booked/allocated up to 12 months in advance at Royal Mail - and being a relative "newbie", I was left picking up the scraps. Still - a job list has begun - starting with replastering the wall where the radiator fell off (!!!!) - and checking the wiring on the front room light fitting (old and very very "iffy").

Chalked up a good chunk of o/t this week anyway (including a bit early doors tomorrow) - but I won't be "driving like mad" for a second week in a row - this week it's Shepshed v Mossley in the FA Trophy - you can't do 'em all. My choice of footy will still be an FA Trophy game mind - Curzon Ashton v Skelmersdale United.

Sad to hear about the death of Malcolm Allison today - astonished to find out he was as old as he was (i.e. two years older than my Dad !) - he must have looked about 45 for at least 25 years ... trust there will be a big fedora on top of the coffin.

Talking of death (or at least someone who should be by now - I'll be arranging a street party) I heard this quip today ... courtesy Martin from Stalybridge ...

"Margaret Thatcher must be gutted...Her 85th birthday and she can't make it to her own party, she's sat at home and the only thing on telly is a load of miners celebrating!"

So - Saturday = work + football; Sunday = B&Q for plaster + walk + topside of beef; next week - we'll see ... one plan I DO have for one of the days (i.e. a nice day weather-wise) is to go into Oldham and walk back along the former railway track between Oldham and Grotton. Having been catching the bus into Oldham for work these past months, I've spotted various bits that have been turned into foot/cycle paths and the old bridges as well - not really a Mrs Smiffy-type Sunday walk - one for me and the camera I feel ...

(plus the plastering and wiring of course !!)

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