Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mossley v Curzon Ashton - Manchester Premier Cup

... a Mickey Mouse cup ?? Only when you lose !!! It was a cold night up at Seel Park, and the expected (by me and a few others anyway !) "Reserves v Reserves" game ... wasn't (although Curzon had a fair sprinkling of their fringe players on show, Mossley were pretty much full strength). Disappointing from a Mossley viewpoint - although having seen Curzon only three days ago, I knew that they were good ! Some supporters seemed to think the visitors were a trifle "physical" - I disagree. I felt that more than one Mossley player last night was "just holding back a touch" (for Saturday ?) which made any hard challenge look that touch worse.

So 3-2 to Curzon - a late-ish goal from Mossley set up a frantic last five minutes, although I reckon no-one (on AND off the pitch) fancied extra time. Not a brilliant night behind the lens either - missed the neat touch for Curzon's first goal, and missed Chris Rowney's goal just after half-time as I was still queuing up to get out of the warmth of the bar !! Anyway here you go ...

Mossley 2 Curzon Ashton 3 (Manchester Premier Cup)

So - Curzon get the local "bragging rights" - for seven days anyway, as the two teams meet again next Tuesday in the First Round of the Presidents Cup (more Mickey Mouse stuff ? We'll wait and see the result !).

One "flashback" moment to days gone by - if you check out the Evo-Stik website results section you'll see this (click for big) ...

Nice typo ... Chris Downey left Mossley over four years ago !!!

Right - that's the footy over with until Saturday ... mmm - Saturday ... I'm off out on my "Industrial Heritage Walk" today - starting at the site of Oldham Clegg Street Station and finishing somewhere in Grotton. Pictures etc. later on ...

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