Saturday, October 06, 2012

Saturday ...

... probably the heaviest Saturday (post-wise) for many many weeks.  Add to that Mrs Smiffy "went away" on Friday evening (friends in Longsight then on to Mums in Belper today) so ... no car to enable quick getaway.  I was (to be honest) hoping to get to Stalybridge today for their FA Cup game against Whitby Town - which they won 3-1 by the way) - because otherwise I was going to end up watching four Mossley games in a row) - however that's the way it goes - 1355 (late) train from Greenfield back to Mossley - dash home - get changed - eat summat - and by then it's 1430 ... so it was up t'hill to Seel Park.

An interesting game - Warrington reduced to 10 men fairly early, but they had the nouse to re-arrange and keep Mossley at bay - 0-0 at half-time and the early part of the second half saw Mossley unable to "get through" a well-drilled Wires defence.

... and then there were nine - another red card for the visitors ...  but Mossley still struggled despite the pressure until ... Sam Madeley pulled another one out of his magic hat to put the home team 1-0 up.  'Twas all that was needed to be honest (although give Warrington credit - they DID "get up there" a few times).  But it finished 1-0 - so Mossley still top of the table ... but I reckon there's still some "tweaking" needs doing in certain situations  - but we'll leave that to da management ... pics from today at

Mossley 1 Warrington Town 0

OK that's all outta the way - wife's away - what next ???  I was hoping to be able to sit down and watch a DVD which I ordered last weekend off FleaBay (and was "marked as despatched" on Tuesday) ... but it ain't arrived - bloody Royal bloody Mail (for those interested - it was/is "Dogma" with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon ... we have a "dodgy" CDR of same which refuses to play in the DVD player so I shelled out the grand sum of £2-48 + free p&p for a kosher version). T'other option tonight was the Saddleworth Real Ale Festival - but it's £4 in - and it's already eight -thirty !!  Plenty of jobs "to do" tomorrow so I ought to make the most of the next three and a half hours - presently listening to my collection of Finnish "Battle Metal" (Ensiferum giving it some as we type !!) - maybe I'll trawl further on't'net - large boy put me onto Manowar the other night (check out "Warriors of the World" - OK they're Yanks but not as "shouty" as the Scandinavians !!).

One thing missing - another newspaper with one of my pix in it - the "Belper News" has one of my pix from the Ilkeston/Belper game - I'll get round to "showing off" sometime soon !!!

Enough here for now ...

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