Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Game On ...

... tonight @ Mossley, despite the rain (tell me about it !!) ....

Since that lengthy (22 hour) Saturday ... up early on Sunday, and we then proceeded to take the front room apart - all wallpaper off, all dodgy plaster knocked out, all carpet/underlay removed - all ready for the plasterer.

All cr*p removed to tip (OK recycling centre as they're called in these pc days !!) - Mrs Smiffy cooked tea (small boy's birthday tea - "small" = 20 years old !), collapsed in heap later on.  Monday ... weather passable, did work, cooked tea, fitted skirting board in small boy's room, collapsed in heap later on.  Today ... weather cr*p, did work, filled skirting board "gaps", slapped a coat of paint on new plaster in small boy's room, wrote this.  Off up to Seel Park very soon to watch/snap.  Will collapse in a heap later on (maybe get some pix up first ??? we'll see !!!).

In early tomorrow - weather supposedly cr*p again - haven't decided on menu yet - might slap coat of paint on new plaster in large boy's room after work - might just collapse in heap.  

Anyhow - football - go - NOW !!!

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