Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Problems Problems ...

... of the new lens variety - aargh !!

One from Saturday ...

... and one from yesterday ...

... using centre-point focussing as well.   Between the two games I did try using the "microfocus" option on the 50D but it hasn't made much difference.  Next attempt tonight !! (one idea that I has spotted on the web is to "get rid of the cheap filter" - also looking at the two sets, it appears I was actually 'closer' on Saturday than I was yesterday.).  I'll get yesterday's pics up sometime soon - I did manage to get a set together from Saturday's game - although there just seemed to be more OOF pics than normal.

Obviously - it's not just a case of "strap it on and shoot" - in fact the problem might even be with the camera body - might just try "half and half" tonight with the old 20D camera first half and the 50D after the break.

Aaah the mysteries of calibration ... any assistance gratefully received as well !!!

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