Saturday, August 04, 2012

Stalybridge Celtic v Grimsby Town - Version 1.0

Another loooong day at the mail-face - this "overtime bonanza" is certainly eating into my eating/sleeping/drinking/football/getting to bloody football time !).  No time to check out all the pics from tonight's game - I've still got to try and sort last night's stuff from Ashton United out as well.  0600 kick off in the morning - and God only knows what time I'll get up to Hurst Cross for the Ashton United/Mossley Willow Wood Hospice Cup game - if at all (and I'm being serious here ...).

Still - tonight - a good all-round performance by Celtic against their higher league opponents - as with the Man City game a few weeks ago some half-time changes "up front" seemed to reap rewards in the quality of play - all I ca offer on pics at the moment are the two goals (or at least my take on 'em)

1-0 - Kristian Platt

2-0 - Mitchell Austin

Game finished 2-1 to Celtic - and a thoroughly deserved win it was ...

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