Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Curzon v Robins ...

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It was a bit of a stroll for the away team really - Curzon appear to be missing something "tall" at the back at the moment - apparently one's injured and one's working in China - I'm talking about Andy Watson and Graham "Goose" Kay.

Still - it's only a friendly - even though there WAS some silverware at the end of it all (which I missed due to reasons explained in previous ...!) - and I'm sure John Flanagan (Curzon boss) knows where he's going.  On the other half of town though I'm sure Danny Johnson (United boss)is well pleased ...although I can see a few "bits and bobs" that need refining a touch - but that's just me - and I'm no bloody Manager !!!

Football over for the week - I've got Friday and Saturday off work - and so am off to do - yes you've guessed it - a bit of walking ! This time on the Offas Dyke Path in the Llangollen area (bits that we missed all those years ago (as in "pre-blog" time !!!)

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