Thursday, August 30, 2012

Curzon Ashton v Northwich Victoria ...

... in the FA Cup replay - a really really good game to watch was this.  Talking to a few Curzon fans before the start, they expected the home team to 'walk it' following the first game - reckoned Northwich were very poor.  Not what I saw on Tuesday night - they took a well deserved lead - twice - before being pegged back by a Curzon team who - once they fell behind - started to shift into gear.  At 2-2 it could have gone either way ... but it went into extra-time.  During extra-time it could have gone either way ... but it went to penalties.  Cometh the hour cometh the man - as in Curzon 'keeper Josh Ollerenshaw.  Two spectacular saves meant that Curzon went through 4-2 on penalties - with Maltby Main being the visitors to the Tameside Stadium in the next round.  Pictures from last night's game (including ALL the penalties !!!) at

Aaah the pictures - as mentioned before, I did the first half with new lens on old camera ... and even with the tiny tiny screen I was satisfied that the whole "kerfuffle" was NOT a lens problem.  Second half - and beyond - saw new lens on "newer" camera (with some different 'calibration settings') - and I think I'm finally happy - although comparisons are never perfect.  One more daytime game (Saturday natch - but where ?? dunno yet) should confirm everything.

We wait ... we see ...

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