Sunday, August 05, 2012

#FootballFail ... Blame the Mail !

My worst fears for Saturday were confirmed at about 0745 in the morning when I saw the amount of mail arriving at Uppermill DO. It's been early start/late finish all week, what with covering for injured colleague - and added to that, a few weeks ago I'd promised a favour to one of the other guys (who was heading off on holiday and needed to finish early) that I'd "do a bit" for him as well on Saturday, so the time I was done (approx 1545hrs) and the time I got home (1610hrs) it would have been pointless heading off to Hurst Cross (and expensive too - i.e. taxi !) so I knocked it on the head.  Pointless he says ? - found out later that the game had gone to a penalty shoot-out so I might have JUST made it for that !!!  Still - not to worry - plenty more games in the sea ...  so it was a case of settling down and watching some runnin' and jumpin' instead - picked a good night for that !   We're now up to 14 new stamps to be issued by Royal Mail (the "Gold Medal Winners" thingy)

Remember Italia 90 ... ?

I mentioned "penalty shoot-out" earlier - sad to see that perennial "bĂȘte noire" of football on this 'scepter'd isle' rearing its ugly head again for poor old Team GB - that Stuart Pearce connection no doubt !!

Hey- ho ... it's Sunday, it's a day off to rest my weary legs - and the sun is shining at the moment.  Best go and buy that "Non League Paper" before the (predicted) rain arrives ... plus a copy of the local "Tameside Reporter" - apparently I'm in it (the Blogging Oscars thingy !) - also made it onto the "Saddleworth News" website - this 15 minutes of fame is stretching out !!

P.S. Excuse the tie !!

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