Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mossley v Oldham Athletic ...

... and the weather stayed nice ... all Day (as in even when I was working !!!) ... so all my doom-laden predictions from last night went right out of the window !

... word was - this was a very strong (almost first-choice) Oldham team (they're working on a much smaller squad this season - as are many teams at that level I would guess).  Not sure of the pre-season training start for either team, but the Latics certainly looked the sharper on the night.  OK ... one penalty, one smart finish and one crazy rebound-type thing, but they looked like they'd played together - unlike Mossley.  Not that it's so important - a good workout for the home team and some good touches as well (although I don't recall one shot on goal in the 90 minutes !!).  Good to see some of last season's squad returning as well - although a few faces were missing - and listening to the "Ultras", chants, maybe they know something that I haven't yet picked up on !!!  (THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE - Tom Denton trialling at Alfreton Town - played a trial game for them against Sheffield FC on Tuesday night - scored 1 made 1 in a 3-3 draw - now we know !!). A very good crowd as well - obviously it's not just me who's desperate for football then !! 

So ... 3-0 to Oldham Athletic - well deserved on the night - and it was good to see that the "footy lens" is still working OK as well - didn't go "overboard" tonight, but some pics from tonight at

Next stop will be Mossley v Burnley on Saturday afternoon - my apologies to all Stalybridge and Hyde fans in advance (they're playing each other on Saturday for the Ray Stanley Memorial Shield) ... but it's a family thing (as in daughter's "chap" is a Burnley fan - and he's bringing reinforcements down as well !).  Before game - work obviously - after game - wash and brush-up before heading down to Stockport for the National Football Blogging Awards evening - must write a "winner's speech" - just in case ... !!!

Anyway ... 2012/13 is now definitely on the move ...

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