Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Postman's Holiday Number 2

Following our 70 odd mile walk along the Ridgeway not that long ago - it was a 50-ish mile jobbie along the Cleveland Way last week - and in a break between football, I've sorted a few snaps out from same - at

 All caught up now with pictures - time to get the tea on before wandering up the road to see Mossley take on Altrincham in another pre-season friendly - wonder if Damian Reeves will get a game for the away side tonight ?  It was sad to hear about his and girlfriend's personal tragedy recently - and they both have my every sympathy (it's somewhere that Mrs Smiffy has been - it's not nice).  Great to see all the messages of support on the Altrincham Message Board -I quote from "sweetfa" - "family can be a great help, and Alty is your extended family" - and you can be sure that everyone out here in messageboard/bloggerland feels the same way.  If you're up at Seel Park tonight - even the Mossley fans will be right behind you ...

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