Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Curzon Ashton v Hyde FC

Playing with "panorama" - takes y'mind off the football !!!

 ... my God that was grim - thank Christ it was only a friendly.  Hopefully the two Managers got something out of tonight's "spectacle" - because I'm damn sure the 190+ crowd (at a fiver a time) got very little (apart from the usual "Eeeh Heck it's a bit nippy on Ashton Moss ... even in July !!" sort of thing).  A 0-0 draw - I can say no more really - scraped together a few pictures for now at 

... and that was hard work too - tonight's jaunt means tomorrow @ Mossley (v FC Halifax Town) is now "out of bounds" - one can only do so many and keep Mrs Smiffy sweet !  Next stop (hopefully) is Stalybridge on Friday night (but I'll have to be good for the rest of the week mind !!!)

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