Friday, July 06, 2012

It's July ... It's Summer ..

my arse !!!

(and a point for Mr - it's very annoying that you apparently CANNOT manipulate photos like you used to be able to do - sizing, positioning etc)

Yes - I'm on "early doors" at the moment (0645 start) - and after 3 hours inside it was 4 hours outside - aargh !  Regular readers may remember a couple of weeks ago we cancelled a camping weekend due to impending sh*t weather - 'twas re-arranged for this weekend - you can guess the rest !!! As it stands - it's July and our gas fire is on desperately trying to dry out coat/bag/pouch bags/trousers in time for similar cr*p weather tomorrow  !)

Football tomorrow - only two I know of are Rhyl v Hyde FC - and Stockport Sports v Llanrhaeadr - however ... it might be ex-Woodley Sports, but the game is being played in bloody Skelmersdale

Woodley Sports/Stockport Sports ... it's one of those teams that are just outside the "STS Radar", yet with a 3G pitch was always an option when all else failed.  However Woodley Sports are no more - we now have a completely new brand called "Stockport Sports" - they may have been relegated down to the North West Counties League - but no matter ... we're going full-time - we're appointing Peter Withe as full-time Manager - and a "full-time cook" allegedly (whilst still begging for various 'football-important' posts to be filled "on a voluntary basis") - huge amounts of money are being spent on "Stockport Sports Village" (twas a bombsite last season even when it was still "Woodley Sports" - obviously all a done deal even then) - they've even had the gall to rename the stadium (many may have known it as Lambeth Grove - but we all knew it as the Neil Rourke Stadium ... and to remove Neil's name is to me and many others an absolute disgrace - by all means re-invent a club -- but NEVER repeat NEVER lose the history)

No doubt I'll get down to Woodley sometime this season - yes 3G has it's advantages - but I'm a little unsure about the WHOLE set-up as it stands.  I know of a certain chappie (no names - no pack drill !) who is probably more up to scratch with developments - worth checking out other areas of the blogsphere for that ...

Anyway back to thread - drying out nicely - pizza has arrived - off to watch "Bourne Ultimatum" on +1  ...

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