Monday, July 09, 2012

Emptying the Babycam - Food and Drink !

Some "rubbish" from the past 7 days or so ...

A Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding "Happy Meal" created for small boy (who was "eating later") !

Me trying to be creative with cucumber (oo-err missus !) on Saturday.

Love the name - wine from Saturday night (please be assured - I was drinking beer - although I DID try it - a touch sweet I thought !).

"Pimms o'clock" this evening (please be assured - I was drinking beer !!)

Football pictures coming soon - promise (better not be rained off on Wednesday night now- Mossley v Oldham Athletic that is !!).  Tomorrow's jobbie is to dust off the dust/charge up the batteries/buy a new scribbly note book - only then can season 2012/13 REALLY begin ...

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